Hi everyone,

I'm new here, and just started reading the Master Key. A lot of the questions & answers here have helped me through the first few chapters. I am now up to Part 4, and I'm a bit confused by the part on emotions.

In #26 & 27 we read that thought is given vitality by emotions and in order to express any constructive purpose, the emotions must be called to give feeling to the thought.

Then in the exercise, we're advised not to be controlled by emotions.

Can someone clarify this for me please?

Thank you. Caren

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yup.. thats very simple.. what a normal guy experiences is emotions coming up unwillingly.. this is the reason ppl feel hurt coz of others.., or ppl cry, or gt depressed... or react to external stimulus like hate, taunts, etc etc.. so basically here the mind works on its own, n u dnt have the choice to feel what u wnt to feel or reject what u dnt wna feeel...

bt emotions realy r a blessing, provided u bring them willinngly, as n wen reqd, preferably for manifestation... just like u gain strength in ur muscles wen u exercise, n r able to do gr8er tasks by using those muscles, similarly, meditation (actually concentration) is the exercise for the mind (not brain).. so wen u start practising concentration, u will start gaining control ovr ur mind... and feelings n emotions which now wud b coming involuntarily, u will start getting a conscious control over them... it will take time, bt it WILL happen, n u will stop recting to extrnal stimulus .. or atleast u will feel that u hav choice to not react wen u feel it undesirable,, (eg. in case wen a girl dumps u, normally u will cry etc.. will b angry.. bt wen u start gining control over ur mind, u become aware of various options.. like forgiving the girl, persuing the girl, moving.. anything excpt surrendering to those negative emotions..)... so this is what is meant by.. not gtn controld by emotions.. until u dnt hav a good control ovr ur mind, u will be controld by ur emotions.... thhis is the main reason y one develpos a phobia of smthn, coz one gts controld by the involuntary emotions.. this is the reason y one suffers from obessive compulsive disorder.. coz one is nt able to handle the involuntarey emotions.. obviously these r extreme cases... bt for a normal person.,. like u n i, we reacts wen ppl r rude, wen our ego is hurt, wen u fail... this is nothing bt not being able to control emotions..... bt wen u start gaining control, and then u willingly bring emotions wen they r needed for manifestation purpose.. etc.. then it will be a blessing......


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abhishek mishra

You are right. Thanks for a good answer.

(29 Aug '11, 11:26) Paulina 1

the pleasure is myn

(29 Aug '11, 11:59) abhishek mishra

Welcome to Inward Quest, Caren.

Our emotions are indicators of how quickly vibrational energy is flowing through us. They are like a speedometer on a car. The speedometer itself does not make the car go faster or slower, it just shows us the speed that it is going.

In the same way, our emotions don't create our realities, it is our thoughts that do that - but our emotions indicate what we are doing with our thoughts i.e. how we are focusing them in relation to what we want.

alt text

When your emotions are strongly negative or strongly positive (i.e. the car's speedometer indicates a fast speed) it indicates there is a large amount of vibrational energy flowing to what you want.

If the emotion is negative, you are resisting that energy flow.

If the emotion is positive, you are allowing that energy flow.

Now when you want to create something in your life (i.e. manifest it), it will materialize more quickly when you allow that energy to flow more quickly to it.

To get what you want, you have to find a way to look at that subject that is accompanied by strong positive emotion

What many people do, however, is look at things in a way that brings about strong negative emotion within themselves i.e. they draw forth lots of that vibrational energy but then they prevent it flowing.

And often those people unknowingly make that resistance habitual within themselves so they are naturally drawn to strong negative emotion wherever it surfaces in their lives.

It can appear in those cases that they are being controlled by their negative emotions when, in actuality, they simply have habits of thought (beliefs) that result in an indication of strong negative emotion.

I'm not sure what your background is in reality creation subjects so possibly this explanation might be too simple or too complex for you :) Let me know if anything is not clear.

There is further information about energy flow and habits of thought (beliefs) here: Good things happen when I’m feeling negative and bad things when I’m positive - WHY??


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Dear Caren,

The answer by Abhishek Mishra is a good one so read it more than once. I will give you an example of what he is trying to tell you.

Let us just say for example that you are trying to manifest a car and are using your thoughts to concentrate on acheiving this. How would you feel if you had this car? Wonderful....so feel that emotion/feeling of wonderful. Imagine this wonderful feeling and actualy feel it as if the car is already yours. Lets say you are imagining yourself driving this car. Bring the emotion of driving this car with you. How would it feel for you to drive this car? what would it feel like for your hands to be on the stering wheel? How would the leather seats feel to sit on? How would you feel doing this? You would feel absolutely amazing so bring that Emotion/Feeling of amazing with you and actualy feel as if you are realy driving this car now. This is what is ment by Give feeling to the thought.

On the other hand the emotions you must avoid being controled by are negative emotions like Hate, jelousy and such. Remember the song by the Beach Boys called Good Vibrations. Well its like that. Positive = Good emotions give good feelings and good (high) vibrations while Negative = bad emotions make us feel bad and give (bad) lower vibrations.

Wishing you good vibrations.


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Paulina 1

Thank you all for your excellent responses. I understand now the difference about emotions. Today I received Part 5 in my email, and I don't think I'm ready for it yet. I know they are sent once a week, but they seem to come so quick. thank you all once again.

(01 Sep '11, 02:50) Caren
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