Hi, I have been using the affirmation "I can be what I will to be" from the Master Key System. How do I know when this has become part of me and I can move on to a different one? I think I may be able to move on because whenever I think about my future I always have this sense of knowing that i can accomplish anything, but I just don't know.

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It becomes part of you when you no longer question it.

(20 Apr '12, 21:19) CalonLan
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You "know" something when there is no doubt left. What you say reads like you are doing pretty good but you haven't reached the point of conviction yet:

I think I may be able to move on ... but I just don't know.

Judging from your words there is still some doubt there. That's fine, conviction will only come through actual experience. My advice would be to keep at the affirmation for a while longer until you truly feel that your thoughts, words and actions all match and support it. It really is a gradual process, although the moment in which the positive, consciously chosen idea overpowers the limiting belief, may feel like a sudden change in your thinking.

To answer your question from the title - yes, your affirmation is working - keep at it!

Hope this helps :)


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Any tool you use, be it meditation, affirmation, visualisation, power objects they are ALL just PERMISSION SLIPS, which means that by them selves they don;t really have any power. The thing that gives them power is YOU. YOU are the One that has ALL this things in you already, but what the tools do they are a safe way for your ego to accept the changes. You can't just say one day : Ok, I will levitate now because I can do ANYTHING my heart desires. It doesn't mean that you can't but in most cases you will miserably fail, because our construct of reality, which is so deeply ingrained in us, is so much diffrent then that. That's why the tools are their. Slowly, step by step you will start changing your beliefs and emotional responses to situations. Slowly, at first, you will start seeing more and more synchronicities coming into your life. As you previous view of the world becomes shattered piece by piece, a NEW and expanded vision will take its place. A view where teleportation is possible, whre seeing auras is possible, where levitation is possible. It's up to you what you choose for yourself, because that's what your going to create.

At first there might be some anticipation when it comes to those techniques. You might feel your doing something but aren't sure if you have REALLY changed. Where their is one way to messure if you really changed. The messure is, when you get a situation that made you respond in one way and you replace your belief about that situation and now you respond diffrently, it means you TRULY changed. You may think you changed, but you might be doing the same thing over and over again. It's not real change. Real change comes only when you react diffrently to the same circumstances at hand.

"I think I may be able to move on because whenever I think about my future I always have this sense of knowing that i can accomplish anything, but I just don't know." You have already changed some part of your being. You react diffrently to the thought about your future. But we got layers and layers of beliefs that pile up on each other and you need to examine ALL of them to see which ones work for you and which ones don't. After you find an emotional response to a situation which doesn;t seem congruent with your being , and ALL emotional resposnses are triggered by beliefs (in oter words you need to have a belief in order to respond to something one way or the other, ex. KABULATOREX will probably not triger any response in you, because you never heard of it, while ICE CREAM will certainly do). So when you stumble upon an emotion that you don't prefer ask:"What belief do I have to have to react this and this way?" When you find the belief it is automaticly replaced, it holds no more power over you. Automaticly, after you identify it it loses its power. So then you just need to replace it with a belief that works for you and next time the situation comes up remind yourself that that belief has been changed and ACR accordingly to the NEW belief. That will lock it in and make it valid for you.

Well sometimes you may think you changed a belief, but as I said they might be overriding beliefs that deeper and more powerful. So when you spot one you most go deeper. Examine it from every angle possible. Leave no stoned unturned. That's the way you create your reality. You change your response to the circumstances which in fact have no build meaning themselves. The meaning YOU give them is the effect you will get out of them.

And one more thing.. RELAX. Their's no way to go, no objective. Being on the journey and sticking to it IS the GOAL, IS the OBJECTIVE. You might find yourself in moments of complete bliss once you feel like you "GOT IT" or had an "AHA" moment. But it will pass and you will find yourself looking for new challenges, new experiences. And it NEVER ends. It's endless and infinite. That's the beauty of it. With that realisation comes one more, which means: EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS ALREADY INSIDE YOU. YOu just need to realise it. Affirmations are just one tool which may work better or worse depending on the individual. Remember, if their was just one way their would only be One person.


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Love this answer. Well done Wildlife and you are right everything comes from the fulness within.

(20 Apr '12, 15:09) Paulina 1

In my experience of manifestation, the key to "knowing" an affirmation is in the process of working is all in the FEEEEEEEEELing. Seriously. You know when you're connecting and vibrationally matching your desire(s) when you FEEL a sense of satisfaction, calmness, relaxation, and/or knowing. I have also experienced high level of happiness, a sense of euphoria -- almost like a buzzing/vibration moving through my body. It's a FEELING of connection that allows you to be in the moment and receptive to all good things. I can't stress how FEELING is paramount when it comes to manifesting. *FEEEEEELing***** your way to manifestation, is a super duper start.


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Great answer and true.

(20 Apr '12, 15:10) Paulina 1

"I am what I will to be.", is more powerful. If that is hard for your mind to grasp and gets a "yeah right" reaction, then "I am now becoming what I will to be.", would be good.

This is a conscious decision of acceptance and repetition. What we repeat often enough turns into our personal facts of belief and experience.


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I agree with figure8shape my experience is a feeling of unspeakable joy, energized and a sense of being all powerful and in total control. Answers to situations and circumstances begining to flow from within and come out of my mouth. Keep going with an absolute surety that what you are saying is 100% truth and you will start to experience this.


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Another great answer.

(20 Apr '12, 15:11) Paulina 1

If you are asking that question . . . . . . then you are not in a position to see yet. . . . . . . .


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