The flow state is a state of calm, focused awareness where your performance and effectiveness are at their peak.

You have all experienced it. It is a state where you can get two to three times the amount of work (or play, if you like) accomplished, at a much higher level of quality, a state where your creative energies are focused and optimal.

What are some of the practical techniques you use for getting into a flow state, and maintaining it?

asked 17 Nov '09, 03:00

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be the circle. e4xperience and enjoy.

(22 Nov '11, 07:11) white tiger

It's interesting that you ask this question because I was thinking about the same thing just the other day.

I haven't been in the flow lately and I was evaluating past experiences to determine what puts me in this state.

It seems to me that pushing my comfort zone (not too forcefully but not too lightly either) is what brings me in a creative state. It's works best with things that I am interested in or that I need.

Having your basic needs met is important. Not having them met will actually also put you in the flow but you'll use all your energy for solving your basic problems

Finally daily meditation helps me to keep the state.


answered 17 Nov '09, 14:36

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Being & absorbing & generating & vibrating flow, is the constant goal, right???

The more I KNOW--meaning--the closer I am to having 100% confidence, faith, and total assurance in the Universe and my well-being, the more often I am in the flow.

This helps me stay focused: "Things that are coming into your experience are coming in response to your vibration. Your vibration is offered because of the thoughts you are thinking, and you can tell by the way you feel what kinds of thoughts you are thinking. Find good-feeling thoughts and good-feeling manifestions must follow. -Abraham


answered 17 Nov '09, 23:36

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The flow for me is being concious of what im thinking and doing. Being super aware of my thoughts, and attempting to keep a clean surface mind, to allow myself to engage with the world in presence. I find Eckhart Tolle is spot on when it comes to being in the 'flow' with life. I do try and take on bourd lots of his advise, it does seem to gel with me.



answered 19 Nov '09, 09:50

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Meditation and prayer work for me. These are techniques that help to quiet my mind and get me centered. They also help me to set aside ego-centric thoughts to allow the flow of creativity and inspiration.

The other thing that works for me is to let myself get absorbed into a project completely. When this happens, I find my focus is extreme, my energy level is high and my productivity soars. I don't do anything specific to bring on this state at such times, it just happens as I become absorbed in my project.


answered 19 Nov '09, 21:04

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Here is a good video on the concept of flow

have a flowing day :)


answered 22 Nov '11, 05:24

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blubird two

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