During my last meditation a question popped into my head. My question is, do different people feel the same way when visualizing their desire? I always feel energy all over my skin, kind of like goose bumps only I am not cold at all and there are no physical "goose bumps" on me. Mentally, I feel completely content with my life no matter the outcome, I am also very optimistic.

I'm interested in learning what experiences others have when they feel faith, connectedness, their desire taking form, oneness etc.

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Michael 1

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Creating-- whether writing music, drawing, painting, setting up a database or spreadsheet the way I want it, writing poetry, playing music on the keyboard, finding the solution to a problem-- these things make me feel like I'm doing what I was meant to be doing. These activities (and many others like them) make me feel like I am fulfilling my purpose in life. That purpose, I believe, is to create. To create relationships. To create solutions. To create opportunities for others. To create harmony and unity. To create something beautiful and uplifting.

When I am creating, I feel alive and energetic. I feel like I'm a part of something bigger than myself. It's a great feeling-- like I'm giving something back out of the gifts I have received and the abilities with which I've been endowed.


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John , that is simply beautifull , thank you for sharing :-)

(14 Dec '12, 00:00) Starlight

When I can get into a state of flow, it feels like I am merged with what I am creating. It is like a feeling of floating. I can get tremendous amounts of quality work done at an accelerated pace when I am in this state. It is an extremely satisfying experience. Like Jai, I feel guided when I am in this state.


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Relating to all three answers. When I am in 'the flow' I feel as though i have opened up to a higher power. There is an unexplainable surge of energy which enlivens the creative process. I am tuned into the Universe and don't want it to stop......the thing is to go with it and not think about what is happening or it just might cease leaving your unfinished creation wanting and waiting for more....


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I like to do graphic art. When all is humming along, I feel incredible- uplifted by God, unaffected by pain- totally awesome!!!! And it isn't even the outcome- it is the journey there! Is this what you mean? It is as if angels guide my hands. It is a Great feeling!!!!!jai in hospital.....


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Are you saying you are in the hospital??

(13 Feb '10, 05:56) John

yes....my leg is infected AGAIN <sigh>...had surgery yesterday...thanks for asking!

(13 Feb '10, 08:53) Jaianniah

I hope you have a fast recovery! Sorry about your troubles, but I'm glad to see you're still able to participate here.

(13 Feb '10, 09:04) John

Jaianniah have them place you leg in pure oxygen is suppose to kill the bacteria. I remember you saying something about flesh eating bacteria. I cure someone I knew who had gangrene and was going to have to take his leg off so if it killed the gangrene it will kill the bacteria effecting your leg. Give this a try hopes this helps. It cured him. Hope you feel better and be out the hospital soon.

(13 Feb '10, 10:05) flowingwater

Jaianniah have them place your leg in pure oxygen is suppose to kill the bacteria. I remember you saying something about flesh eating bacteria. It cure someone I knew who had gangrene and was going to have his leg taken off so if it killed the gangrene it will kill the bacteria effecting your leg.Ask where do they do this at. The hospital you are in may not do it but it has been done. Give this a try hopes this helps. It cured him. Hope you feel better and be out the hospital soon.

(13 Feb '10, 10:19) flowingwater

they have put a wound vac on my leg...that, plus double antibiotics should work....thank you so much for your good wishes!!!! jai in hospital

(13 Feb '10, 13:20) Jaianniah
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When we are creating values we are as humans in our element, in this natural civilization state of mind we experience bliss but not only bliss we through this creating bring positive change that can lead to greater wealth for all.

It is unnatural to be a value producer like some kind of machine day in and out everyday the same until the end of the work shift then shift into lazy at home recovery until the next day. Living like that feels like you are getting nowhere, and it is true you are getting nowhere in that state of non-creating mind.

Now when we shift into that creating mindset and start seeing results all fit together to bring about goals we want to achieve, we feel alive and wonderful, our self esteem shoots through the roof, depression disappears followed by confidence and self worth. It is like seeing your pyramid being built as you look out all your workers are building it block by block as you direct it to be, you can not help but swell with pride "I made that!" think of as a child you building a machine of tinker toys or an erector set, didn't you feel great saying "look what I built?" It feels exhilarating to create, this is the real reason millionaires and billionaires never stop, it feels good to create. Think of it this way you never stopped as a child and said "look what I built, I'll put my name on it to be remembered the rest of time, my work is done I can retire happy for life now." It does not work that way contentedness does not last it is a passing moment in time, don't get trapped into being content or before you know it that content will turn into depression.

This all reminds me of the song "What have you done for me lately." by Janet Jackson, she's singing what have you done for me lately and all guys are feeling like that ungrateful women! What do you mean what have I done for you lately, didn't I do this that and the other thing? Of course her reply would be this was last month that was last week the other thing was yesterday but what about lately? This is because being content is an illusion and lie of the anti-civilization, it is a passing moment it can not be achieved and if it did you would be in a stagnate state, life moves and grows, when you are creating you are moving and growing.


answered 13 Feb '10, 18:29

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Wade Casaldi

well it is like being connected from your soul and like going out in the rain with faith and the rain stop and the light shines. also sometime it is like you feel the hair on top of your head move and vibrate. or it is like the warmth inside your chest like a burning fire.also it is like the observer becoming the observed. or the outside element connecting with you. or your though happening like a wish coming true. or thinking about something and turning around and it is all ready done. or feeling something bad coming from someone and once you stop feeling it the other person is fine.


answered 14 Dec '12, 00:14

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white tiger

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