Hey guys. Last year, my friend who's been practicing LOA for 4 years,showed me a letter he wrote about his own ideal love story but I found it so pathetic and unrealistic that I made fun of him without even thinking twice. You can't really judge me though, he wrote stupid things like "I bump into her occasionally" (...) "We're now living in the same building"(...)"I see her run to me...she hugs crying me and tells me she loves me"(...) "We have a forbidden love but I know we'll eventually have our happy ending" etc...I mean as a man, I had to laugh.

But some months ago he met the girl of his dreams, ALL he wrote is happening exactly like he wrote it, as if it was scripted even though it wasn't cause I witnessed most of it and it was all completely natural.

He truly believes it is the LOA but I'm a little skeptical, I was never a LOA believer... I read the whole thing and even though I don't remember everything, I know he wrote way too many things, especially "unrealistic" things, for it to be only a coincidence. He keeps saying it was the LOA because "when you truly believe something will happen, the universe will always say yes to your request" and all that BS but isn't that a little far fetched?

I mean he's like a real brother to me but as someone who's just ended a relationship filled with hurt and disappointment, I just can't believe I made all that happen to me with my thoughts as he says. But this whole "story" unfortunately gave me hope...but is this even possible? I'm so confused right now.

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@KyletheDevil - Welcome to IQ. Wonderful that you have a close friend to talk to who has such an understanding of LOA. Enjoy the ride! :)

(30 Jul '13, 09:03) Grace

Interesting - today's Abraham quote: You are the vibrational writers of the script of your life, and everyone else in the Universe is playing the part that you have assigned to them.


(31 Jul '13, 05:28) purple_iris

Ill be writing my ideal love story tonight.....I know it will come around, but I'm writing it tonight purely for one reason- enjoyment, excitement, fun and pleasure xx

(03 Aug '13, 08:29) Nikulas
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Yes, of course it's possible. I pretty much live my life that way.

If you can accept that there is some natural force at work that prevents the Earth from crashing into the Sun, or something that makes plants grow out of the ground (from seemingly nothing), or miraculously brings babies into the world even when their mothers have no particular control over the process, then surely it's not too hard to accept that there might be similar forces at work elsewhere in our everyday lives.

Just because a lot of people still think this isn't possible, doesn't make it not possible...it just means there's a lot of brain-washed people around who (ironically) believe they are not brain-washed :) ...especially when there is overwhelming evidence for the existence of the Law of Attraction if you allow yourself to be open-minded enough to see it.

If 50 million people believe a foolish thing, it is still a foolish thing

George Bernard Shaw


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Omg this question is so interesting! I'm a LOA believer but when I read this post I was ready to answer "no" until I read your comment. I truly believe the LOA but as I understood it, he's talking about some strong things here. Writing moments you'd wish to happen and actually make them happen? I have to agree with him, it sounds a little unreal. I gave it a 2nd thought after I read your comment but still, how can you make something like that happen so effortlessly?

(30 Jul '13, 21:43) Diamond93

@Diamond93 - You could start here and follow your intuition: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/8600/manifesting-experiment-guide . I don't know what your background is but if you find things like this unbelievable, it might also be worth beginning an investigation of Abraham-Hicks and also searching through the Inward Quest archives where there are massive amounts of supplementary information on subjects like this.

(31 Jul '13, 04:01) Stingray

There is a very helpful book called, "Write It Down Make It Happen" by Georgette Klauser..available at Barnes and Noble or Amazon. It features some great LOA writing techniques. I can personally tell you that this works, and well, and fast! Give it a try.


answered 30 Jul '13, 18:25

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@LeeAnn found a preview on Google books.If someone wants to browse it first (Looks good btw) here is the link . http://goo.gl/TQ26SB

(31 Jul '13, 06:28) ursixx

Good idea, Ursixx!

(31 Jul '13, 13:00) LeeAnn 1

Yes, it is possible. It is ALWAYS possible.

If you have faith you can move mountains.

Anything is possible if you believe. This is how miracles happen. This is how some people stay so "lucky" in life. It is their Faith/Belief/Trust that everything will be ok because anything is possible.


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I agree. And to add, romantic love is right at your door great when you take away the neediness.

(03 Aug '13, 08:31) Nikulas

i just read this question today and amazingly found a you tube video of a 11 year child in my country who wrote a story of his car accident for a paper.and after two days he was killed while watching a car race .



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