To me earthly love is an emotion and the highest vibration we can feel here on earth but it is still an emotion with hate as i'ts opposite. Godly love on the other hand is Love with a capital L. Gods love is not en emotion and therefore has no opposite. What do you think?

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Paulina 1

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Barry Allen ♦♦

when you are in harmony with out duality even if opposite exist do you see it? is it affecting you?

(08 Sep '11, 05:56) white tiger

or should i say your right hand is the opposite of your left hand if you use them in harmony is their anny problems?

(08 Sep '11, 06:04) white tiger

Thanks White Tiger well put.

(08 Sep '11, 06:33) Paulina 1
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the conflict or differences of,
earthliness as materiality and godliness as spirituality are often viewed separately
when they may only be polar opposites of the same continuum.
our brain-minds can try to turn what is essentially a noun into an adverb
and then create a dissertation.
is it more self-centeredness or universal compassion


answered 07 Sep '11, 08:03

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Excelent answer Fred you are right all is One.

(07 Sep '11, 12:43) Paulina 1

Paulina, thanks for a thought provoking question

(08 Sep '11, 00:12) fred

well from what i know it is more deep then on earth because everything is know nothing is hidden. it is not like on earth on earth many play loving someone and are not fully sincere (hypocrites) or they love someone to get something. experience and enjoy.


answered 07 Sep '11, 21:13

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white tiger

Thanks White Tiger there is a saying love is fickle. Unconditional love however is true love and yet they both come from the same place.

(08 Sep '11, 05:46) Paulina 1

Unfortunately, earthly love tends to be conditional. However, God's Love is unconditional and shows no favortism; it is the same for all, universally.


answered 07 Sep '11, 23:09

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Good answer RPlus

(08 Sep '11, 05:47) Paulina 1

Is there really a difference between earthly love and godly love? If we are all oneness with the universe and everyone else, then that would mean "god" is part of everything including us as individuals.

Maybe it's just more of thinking that we are not enough being exactly who we are, therefore we are not really feeling connected to the universe and then all of our emotions, but especially love, are muted.

With peace and love :)


answered 09 Sep '11, 09:16

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Thanks akaVienne, yes everything and all is one.

(10 Sep '11, 07:11) Paulina 1
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