I just wanna know why if i follow Gods rules everything goes wrong....any explanation?

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I echo Traveller's comments about meaning.

The events that happen to you in life are completely neutral. It is only you that decide that things are going right or wrong.

Your question reminds me of an old Taoist story that illustrates the point...

alt text

Long ago, there lived a farmer at the edge of a small village. One day, his best horse broke through the fence and ran away. The farmer's neighbors came to visit and give him their condolences for his loss. "Such bad luck!" they said sympathetically.

"Maybe." replied the farmer. His neighbors were puzzled by his response.

The next day, the horse came back, and with it, followed two new wild horses. The neighbors, hearing the news, visited the farmer again. "Wow, such good luck you have!"

"Maybe" said the farmer.

That day, the farmer's son, while attempting to ride one of the wild horses, fell and broke his leg. "Oh, how unfortunate!" the neighbors said.

"Maybe" the farmer replied.

The following day, a military brigade marched through the village on the way to war, drafting all the young men in the village for their army. They noticed the farmer's son's broken leg, and did not draft the wounded young man. "Such good luck!" said the neighbors.

"Maybe" said the farmer.

...and the story just goes on and on, just like your life does.

One final thought for you to consider - and this was actually something that was given to me to ponder by a non-physical consciousness when I was going through some dark times many years ago.

The thought is this...

What is the difference between a problem and a challenge?


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This story makes me really stop and ponder for life is only our perception of things of how our mind perceive it to be. Depends on what view point you are looking from!

(17 May '10, 03:28) flowingwater

I think Stingray's last sentence is the crux of the matter - "What is the difference between a problem and a challenge?"

God is not trying to make everything go wrong, he is presenting you with challenges from which you can learn and grow. When you look at these challenges and perceive them as things going wrong you're not getting the lesson contained therein so the problem or challenge will show up again at another time, in a different guise, to give you the opportunity to get the lesson.

Sometimes we play the blame game or become the victim and learn these lessons the hard way.However, the more we begin to stop and perceive these problems as challenges and attempt to get the lesson contained within it, the easier we move through the challenge and the quicker it passes away. When we learn the lesson ,that particular challenge will not return.

This again takes mental work as we often need to change a lot of our habitual thinking before we can change our perceptions but any progress made along the way is never lost and a consistent effort to work on this will pay dividends, Good luck :-)


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When you breathe in your lungs fill with wonderful clean oxygen rich air and you feel wonderful and alive. but after your lungs are full of air it is time to breath out because the air is no longer clean.

It is normal to breath in clean air and breath out dirty polluted air. one is good the other is bad. they are both normal and necessary for your existence.

Things go right and things go wrong. both are completely normal and necessary. there is nothing wrong. only the meaning you give to things.

You will never get to a place where nothing will go wrong. So teach yourself to start looking at things just the way they are without attaching too much meaning to it.


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The Traveller

thanks pal....dont u drink much caffeine../

(08 May '10, 03:21) Robert

:) Thanks! I actually enjoy coffee every week day and when I drink it I don't associate the thought "this is bad for me" with that experience. It is the little innocent thoughts that add up to big, often unpleasant, events.

(08 May '10, 03:41) The Traveller

Thanks @The Traveller for "The Little Innocent Thoughts " so helpfull :-)

(04 Mar '13, 19:49) Starlight
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well first of all what do you mean by wrong? is it from your choice or from the choice of other? and what did you do with it?did you learn something from it?some time you may lose but if you learn something from it it is not a lost but a gain! if you would always win what would you learn and gain from it? everything is in balence perfect and imperfect in this world! even if it is imbalence it is for us to learn and make it more in balence! the choice you make affect you and other around you!and it is true for every one!


answered 17 May '11, 06:31

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white tiger

You and i chose our paths before we came to the life as we know it,we wanted to expierance certian things and trials.As we go through these things we have one or two chioces.If we make the wrong one,its the one we want to learn at that moment.Theres realy no right or wrong decission,its just a leason either way.Its how we except our decission that we must learn to reconize as growth.You can't grow the way you want to unless you learn to except you.Look around and smell the roses,see whats there.Nobody can give you the happiness your looking for but you and the great spirit of light.Doing all these things has got you wondering,but don't you see that without you doing these things it would be much wourse?Its good to be in touch with others,but see whats there already for you and happiness will follow.


answered 17 May '11, 17:37

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randy 7

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