I have realized that when i want something, one part of me wants to get it while other part opposes it?

suppose i want popularity in public,but i feel/act as though i dont want hustle and bustle around me.

so how can i overcome this issue. and please tell me how to know my real intentions?

in above example what is my real wish? do i want to get popularity in public or do i want only selected people?

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When you put yourself in a "good-feeling" place and then contemplate the subject, you'll be inspired towards what your real intention is...for now.

By contrast, when you are in a "bad-feeling" place, the intentions that are inspired to you by default will just lead to more "bad-feeling" manifestations. So the "state of being" you are in as you consider your physical actions/intentions is key.

See When would be the best time to answer my inner call? for more information on this.

I say "for now" in the first sentence because your intentions can often change as you climb the emotional scale regarding the subject of your focus.

It's not that our intentions are actually changing, it's often just that lower down the emotional scale we were out of vibrational range of being able to hear what the true intention was. And so the initial intentions might just be nudging us into a better-feeling direction to enable us to hear more clearly rather than being an end in themselves.


answered 20 Sep '11, 12:39

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Thank you stingray and fred for your kind replies.

(21 Sep '11, 09:53) Zee

You're welcome, Zee

(21 Sep '11, 20:35) Stingray

both of your intentions are real for you,
each coming from or set off in a different side of your mind
it is a dilemma of being human, being faced with choice
do you surrender your will to the concensus denominator
or think out the consequences for you of each tack
and decide accordingly


answered 20 Sep '11, 10:29

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