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Our @Jaianniah, in commenting on another thread;, reminded me of this question that I've been meaning to ask for months now. She mentioned that she wished she could have a "life report card". I suggest to us all that we write our own, but not as a report; I suggest you tell your own story, and tell it as an evolving, living myth.

This is a practice gleaned from a book of daily meditions on the living wisdom of the ancient Celts that I've had for years and recently unearthed (literally, it was one of about a hundred books that came crashing down off the shelves in a recent eathquake :)) called The Celtic Spirit by Caitlin Matthews.

"..history [is] factual and finite, an index of deeds done and words spoken." A human life could never be so limited. Your myth is the achetypal metaphor of your history, "a collection of symbols, images, and metaphors that abide beyond the context of history."

The idea is to retell your own story in this manner, in the third person. You could start it from before you were born, or, sometimes more therapeutically, from the point where you may feel something went "wrong", or started you down a path you are not enjoying, especially if it has caused confusion, blame, or pain. You can recount the myth as folklore, and do it as often as you like - about a chapter of your life, or the whole epic tale stretching far into the future.

Your myth may shed light on a dimly percieved path, it may point to a well-known pattern that is bound to lead to a rich and satisfying conclusion, it may warn clearly of a sad end if the story does not reach a turning point soon. It may even show you a hero you never knew existed. :)

Please, by all means, share your myth with us if you would like to, I for one would sincerely love to read it. I understand if it would be too personal, though. I will spare you mine, as it would bore you to tears. :)

The answer to this question may be the differences between your myth and your history, and what changed in the process of narration? New insights and clarity? I have found this an invaluable practice, as it lends persective, self-awareness, and self-acceptance at a level I had not been able to reach by other means. I also think that consistantly happy people may see themselves in this light without realizing it. :) I would love to know what answers it brings to you.

~Sorry so wordy, I had a lot to say ;) ....I think I'm channelling Xoomy.... :) :) :) :) :) !

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I am sorry Grace I would like to try but my memory of my past isn't much there. Jai noticed I do this just about everyday I forget the day before, constantly in the now. I don't know why I do that I just do. It makes it very hard when "Old friends" recognize me from school or something even a few years ago and I have no idea who they are like I am meeting them for the very first time. :-(

I do have bits and pieces of memories maybe I could try to piece together my past if I meditate on remembering, I don't know. Even when Jai says she remembers this or that that we did or said last year! I don't and it can hurt not to because she does remember this and I don't. :-(

Anyway I'll give it a try once I find some worth writing about. :-)


answered 11 Aug '12, 18:37

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Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi, I honestly can't decide if that is a blessing or a curse. I am sorry that it frustrates you so. It is probably both, so don't let it get you down. :)

(11 Aug '12, 19:01) Grace

@Wade Casaldi: Jai is really nice to understand you - I believe it :) People are great enough to understand situation like you have - though it might be difficult for those people who get angry or annoyed so easily and so quickly (and it is their problem - if I have to be rude little bit)

(12 Aug '12, 16:53) ZDCobran

I'm on the same boat with @Wade Casaldi. Often times, I don't remember what I was doing yesterday. And sometimes, someone brings up a memory of something and I'm like 'wow did I do that?'. The guy I used to be, he's gone. I don't even take photos, I get negative energy from looking at old pictures. I prefer to be right now, then any other time.

I enjoy it that way much more.


answered 12 Aug '12, 08:42

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Thanks CalonLan now I don't feel like I am the only one this happens to. :-)

(12 Aug '12, 12:21) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi, I used to remember a lot of stuff, I noticed this change when I stopped trying to remember 'data' and focus instead on logical thinking. Might be the cause of it.

(12 Aug '12, 15:18) CalonLan

@CalonLan - Good for you, this sounds healthy to me. Onward and upward!

(12 Aug '12, 15:31) Grace
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your myth may be the intuitive
individual resources
yet held at bay from being heard

while your history but the
repository of intellectual
sorting of actions taken


answered 15 Aug '12, 21:16

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"The myth about myths is that they're myths." Michael Tsarian

"History is the lie commonly agreed upon." Voltaire

"The victor will never be asked if he told the truth." - Adolph Hitler

"The victor will always be the judge, and the vanquished the accused." Hermann Goering

“History is a set of lies agreed upon by the winners." ~ Napoleon


answered 12 Aug '12, 08:27

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@crosby, thanks for the quotes! This is the second time Voltaire has come up recently, founnd some great ones looking that up.

(12 Aug '12, 15:34) Grace

"History will be kind to me for I intend to write it" - Winston Churchill

(12 Aug '12, 15:56) Eldavo

What is a myth? A myth is a story that just might be true, or partly true, or altogether false. Usually, myths contain kernels of truth in them- myths like Robin Hood and King Arthur's Court...even dragons, perhaps. (I like to think that there used to be huge lizards that human beings sought to both kill and tame and fly...It's a nice myth!.)

History is supposed to be the truth of events in the past. But often, especially in war, the victor writes the history. But our own histories we sometimes alter, especially if we are ashamed about what we might have done...

So, I could write my myth, or my history- either way, no one really has the absolute truth about what happened...even me. I have found out things that happened to me in the past that would horrify you, and make you afraid to let your children run free...but can I prove beyond a shadow of doubt that this happened? Only by the fact that I developed Multiple Personalities; you usually don't get that from making cookies with Mom.

In the end, I have discovered recently, all that really matters is what I do with N-O-W! The past is truly gone and becomes myth, at least as far as other people are concerned...I cannot produce my Straight-A report card from fourth grade, but I did have one. But to you, it will end up being a story. Perhaps a nice story, but just a story.

I believe we all create a sort of living myth about ourselves...a Persona by which we live, sometimes to our detriment. Those ideas about ourselves are hard to change. I am about to do just that; I am terribly out-of-shape and I am soon going to join the local YMCA and swim and swim...This is going to blast away at my personal myth that I am not a strong person. But I am going to try anyway. I want to look gorgeous someday (in body, at least). I would love to have abs like Wade! (But don't tell him that! TeeHee!)

It is important to look at our personal myths, and see what we do not like.

Only then can the future be better than the past.




answered 12 Aug '12, 16:20

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@Jaianniah, nice answer!

(12 Aug '12, 17:09) Grace

@Grace- TY! I thought about your question a long time, and wanted to do it justice...That was my hope, anyhow :) ♥

(12 Aug '12, 17:19) Jaianniah

@Jai, I appreciate that. Its a very interesting subject to me, bc I spent so much of my life thinking I was this awful thing, basically a sick mistake. This sort of personal journey by retelling my own story made a huge difference in how I think of myself. When I look at my feelings towards a friend or a mythical character's story...

(12 Aug '12, 17:41) Grace

...I see that they are never as harsh as they are towards myself. I really wanted to share it, hoping it could help someone else see that, too, if they judge the mirror harshly. You can also write a happy ending, and then live it!

(12 Aug '12, 17:42) Grace

I am trying to do just that! So much of my life "seems" wasted, yet...There are moments....Moments of good, moments of importance, moments that I shone out brightly...But just moments. Now, I want the rest of my life to all shine...I hope and pray, anyway!

(12 Aug '12, 17:47) Jaianniah
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