The book i'm studying at the moment "Circuits Oscillants et Forces Magnetiques" by Servranx shows how to make these bracelets. Georges Lakhovsky observed that plant growth was much stronger every 11 years corresponding to the cycle of sun hyperactivity. The sun emits radiation across most of the electromagnetic spectrum...Lakhovsky came up with the idea to equipe a few plants with simple metallic antennas...and oscillating circuits were born.

Here is an article on the subject

I'd like to know if you have any real life good or bad experiences of this, whether on humans, plants or any other living organism.

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blubird two

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interesting subject bluebird if that is the case no one would be sick because all wire are made from copper. but if i would be you i would try with silver because it is a better conductor. that is why they use copper because it is cheaper then silver. i have seen a documentary many years ago about a old man that was attack each day by succubus and he was afraid that it would stop is heart and he has been told by old witch of is village to put a silver and copper bracelt on each wrist and it would solve the problem and it did. but is it the material(bracelet copper and silver) that did it or the faith or belief of the old man?

well experience and enjoy.


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@white tiger-Servranx have done in depth studies...these circuits function best when personalized, a bit like tuning an antenna...where, when and how long to wear it;type of circuit bracelet/belt/necklace; closed or open; type of metal or % alloy; diameter and caliber; colour of the outer coating...all these parameters can be selected using a pendulum...for me, these devices are ways of putting subtle energies into motion (a radionic device if you prefer)...have a great day

(15 Oct '11, 10:35) blubird two

Were you looking for scientific evidence? I have none. I do have a personal experience....

I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome several years ago in both hands, but the right hand was much worse. I was unable to even sleep without pain medication, and was losing a lot of strength in the hand as well. At work, I could not even grip a pen to sign my name. I was scheduled for surgery and felt I had no choice other than to proceed with it.

My Father asked me if I wanted a Q-Ray bracelet to try, and I took the stainless steel one, which was "C" shaped and also had two strong magnets at the ends. The ends did not meet, but came close to each other, if you can imagine this. This was reportedly an aid in sports performance and balance, so it was not advertised for healing and I didn't even believe that was ever the purpose. Nevertheless, my hands began to heal...really pretty quickly....and the relief was marked. I postponed the surgery, of course, and all the while they continued to improve. I wore the bracelet day and night for about a year. To this day, about ten years later, I rarely have any pain at all, and if I do feel a bit, I simply wear it again for a few days until it disappears.

My doctor believed the coldness of the metal kept the swelling down and refused the believe it was the magnetic properties. I don't care if it is coldness, belief as White Tiger said, or the magnets themselves. It works for me!


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@LeeAnn-thanks for sharing your personal experience ... the bracelet seems to have brought satisfying relief ...

(15 Oct '11, 18:22) blubird two
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