My mother suffers from dementia and her form of dementia makes her very paranoid and unhappy all the time. Can EFT be successfully used for such patients? Also does one need to use the technique themeselves or can someone else do the tapping and say aloud the affirmations?

asked 03 May '10, 10:40

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I Think Therefore I Am

If I needed advice on EFT, I would go to

link text

straightaway. That is the main website for EFT, and will probably have the best advice on the subject. I hope you'll be able to get some information and relief for your Mom though. Best wishes.


answered 03 May '10, 13:19

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LeeAnn 1

Thanks Lee Ann. I did try and use the tapping technique on her today, I will post results here. In the meantime I am on my way to the link you sent.

(03 May '10, 19:02) I Think Therefore I Am

I am so glad you'll keep us posted, and I really hope the EFT helps!

(04 May '10, 00:26) LeeAnn 1

I think the biggest problem in using EFT with dementia patients is the set-up part of the process, acceptance of the problem is an intgral part of the process but in their case they do not even understand that they have a problem let alone accept it. However I will persist - who knows one day I might have a breakthrough?

(04 May '10, 19:38) I Think Therefore I Am

Completely agree with "I Think." EFT requires belief, since that appears to be its primary mechanism of operation.

(04 May '10, 20:28) Vesuvius

You know, it has seemed to work for me, although I didn't know much about why or how. I guess because I believe it works! I learned from a friend and just used it. I hadn't looked at the website much, but did so this morning and yesterday a little. I do think it will require belief in order to work for your Mom, Vesuvius is right. I hope you're able to hit upon something that helps....

(04 May '10, 21:26) LeeAnn 1

I had always believed tapping the meridians helped with healing, I didn't know that it worked through belief and nothing physical! Interesting.

(04 May '10, 21:27) LeeAnn 1

I'm happy to report that EFT was not completely ineffective on my mom. The set-up phrase I had her say was that "although she feels afraid and low on confidence ....". Her fear is something she does believe in so I figured let's try and use this. Well she has had less episodes of outbursts and tantrums for the past 3 days. She does get angry and irritable but the frequency is less.

(06 May '10, 08:42) I Think Therefore I Am

I am so glad to hear that!

(06 May '10, 18:24) LeeAnn 1
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I'm very new to the site... so have yet to learn many things but one thing I can help you with is help your mother with health supplements to control her dementia so it doesnt progress further or fast.

These supplements may help her mind to think better... as we get older our nutrician levels decrease and we absorb less nutrients in our diet so its imerative to take health supplements and when it comes to our time I hope this information will help us too.

I'm giving my mother who is 78 ... Omega 3, Calcium, Multi Vitamin, Vitamin C 1000 miligrams, Vitamin B complex and Vitamin E as well as zinc and lecithin. It seems likea lotta stuff but if you split it into 3/4 times a day its not so bad. My mother was totally bed bound after a heart attack and now she walks with the aid of a Zimmer frame.

She doesn't need glasses to read and is now beginning to get wrinkles which are still not prominent because she has always believed in supplementing her health products.

If its too much for your mother get her to start taking slimming shakes... preferably Amway Protein ones ... take 2 shakes a day after breakfast maybe about 11-ish and one at about 4pm this also as nutrients that will help her but if you can get her to take these as well as the above supplements it will be a bonus ... If she is overweight make it only one shake a day in addition to her 3 meals a day do not replace the meals with shakes take them in addition to them ... I hope this helps ...

Also download the book 'Blue Water' from the website and give her the blue water... Its powerful stuff ; )

This maybe hard to believe but paranoia and fear is sometimes caused with lack of Iron ... I am anemic mostly ... and when ever I dont take my iron tablets I am kinda afraid ... its odd but its true ... simple lack of iron does that to the brain because you become vulnerable so the mind makes you extra cautious to the point of fear ... even crossing the road over carefully because your body goes into self preservation mode so get her iron levels checked and give her supplements... if nothing she'll be feeling really great physically eh !


answered 10 May '10, 14:17

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Arti Joshi

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