some times when im doing things like working hard on things after work on my own, usually what I really want to instead of my every day job. water or tears would come from my eyes without any accompanying emotion. I wonder would it be a sign from my soul im on the wrong track or the right one ?

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once, I had reiki done to me.. I didn't FEEL sad, but my eyes cried for like 24 hrs straight, I would be eating with my family and my eyes would be crying and I wasn't sad at the moment, I had gone throug a LOT that year though. The reiki master that did this to me said, that my soul was healing and the crying was a release from my soul, and even though at the moment I didn't feel like crying my body needed to release those emotions, maybe this is kinda whats happening to you.


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If it’s the same type of crying that happens to me, then there’s no emotion felt while crying, it’s more of a neutral feeling. The crying is always brought about through some kind of realization. There’s a deep knowingness associated with it and I know it’s a part of the awakening/remembering process and I just know it’s good.

From 2008 to early 2011, as I began remembering more and more of the truth concerning the nature of reality in an accelerated fashion my eyes would water frequently. I’m a lot more comfortable with all the things I’ve been learning and remembering now and this kind of crying happens less often.

Several years ago I studied the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto and discovered that water has memory and it holds and conveys information. When you bless, appreciate, love and thank water - its molecular structure changes, making it highly beneficial to drink - here’s a video of Emoto’s work.

I believe that, in a sense, it's a sign that you as a whole being are cleansing and releasing a lot of old stuff (memories/pain/beliefs) that no longer serve you. It makes sense to me that as we become clearer the water carries the redundant information out of our physical body through tears. The crying is the physical expression of the psychological changes occurring within us.

I’m not exactly sure what part our soul plays, but I believe you’re on the right track :)


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@Eddie- sorry to the bloody pain that I am....So crying is totally good?

(03 Aug '12, 12:43) Nikulas

@Nikulas - it's never a problem for me to answer a question that anyone's asking, if I have the capacity to do so :)

Whether or not crying is totally good depends upon how you define it. Remember that the world we live in is illusional in nature and thus, it doesn't contain any meaning of its own.

It's your job to provide meaning to any and every illusional state, so why not define all crying as something that will serve you, as something that's ultimately good. And don't worry about it.

(03 Aug '12, 21:08) Eddie

You do have emotions!

It is unfelt depression and sadness, spilling out of your soul!

When I experienced my first bout of deep depression, I cried for days without ceasing, without feeling a thing. I just cried and cried. It was not until I was under a psychiatrist's care that the true feelings started to come up.

You are suppressing the feelings. That is why you are crying, IMHO.




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Dear John Doe, Crying is usualy associated with emotion and it sounds to me that what you are experiancing is eye strain. Eyes water especialy after reading or computer work or any activity that involves strenuous eye use. This usualy prevents the person from consentrating as one has to wipe the eyes to be able to see clearly. There is usualy a sensation of slight irritation but this isn't always so.

The reason this happens is that sometimes our imune system is not at it's peak or we have more stress in our lives than usual but mostly because we have a slight eye inflamation or infection. Maby you need prescription glases. You will notice that it also happens when it is very windy the eyes water.

This is not a permanent condition and the best way to deal with it is to have your eyes checked by a profesional. Make sure you are not overdoing things and take a few days rest from overworking if possible. Eat well and maybe take a multivitamin and mineral supplement. Good luck.


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well john doe it might be allergy or the nervous system people that have been paralyse sometime eat and the eyes waters so it is a mix up of nervous signal sending info to the brain. it could also be irritant in the air(dust ,sand, chemical stuff, etc). or like Paulina so well said it could be eye strain.

sometime it can happen that your eyes water when you are feeling other people pains but usely you will feel the person physical pain.

well experience and enjoy.


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Treb said it is one of the many energies coming in right now, and the masculine energy is one that makes harder times easy to bear in confidence. Listen to this to explain deeper.

love n light



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