Did God create man with nipples to enhance his beauty or is there more to it? Maybe a spiritual one?

thank you

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Do nipples really enhance beauty?

(08 Oct '10, 15:37) Back2Basics

lol.. why do you like to ask this kind of questions? It's the same like asking why we have a heart, a liver, 2 lungs, etc etc....

(08 Oct '10, 16:16) kakaboo

@kakaboo This is serious stuff. I only ask questions with spiritual implications. Would like to see how much info is out there. thank you

(08 Oct '10, 16:22) daniele


(10 Oct '10, 04:19) RPuls

+1 for funniest silliest question ever

(12 Oct '10, 11:49) zvolkov
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Well, first of all, I believe the phrase "God made man in his image" is misunderstood. God doesn't look like us. We look the way we do because that's how God imagined us.

The human body is sexless when it is first conceived. In fact, it has no organs at all, at first.

The human body starts out as a fertilized egg. As it begins a process of cell division, it turns into a clump of cells. At this stage, each cell is exactly the same as the others.

alt text

But as the number of cells increases, a process begins to occur called differentiation. This process of differentiation is controlled by our DNA, and causes the cells to begin to grow into different structures and organs. Some cells become heart cells, others become bone cells, others become nerve cells, and so on.

alt text

At some point, sexual differentiation begins to take place. This is where the fetus which has an XX chromosome turns into a girl, and the fetus that has an XY chromosome turns into a boy. Prior to sexual differentiation, the various sexual structures for all fetuses are the same.

Men have nipples when they are a fetus, prior to the differentiation process. But because they are programmed to be boys, their breasts never fully developed.


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So beautiful, isn't it?

(09 Oct '10, 02:06) LeeAnn 1

@vesuvius,in your last paragraph when you say men's breasts never fully developed, are you insinuating they might/should be at a later point in life, or is it that they simply happen to be there because they were there prior to differentiation and that's it?

(09 Oct '10, 06:02) daniele

It's pretty much viewed as "they were there prior to differentiation and that's it." (By the scientific community, at least)

(10 Oct '10, 05:11) Liam

@daniele: The sex differentiation process is partially controlled by hormones. If you give a man estrogen, his breasts will grow.

(10 Oct '10, 17:48) Vesuvius

Think, if you're able to create mankind, would you have chosen to keep a tool (nipples are a very specific tool) that is useless to be so prominent in half of your population or would you have had it done after the differentiation process so it would be used as needed by females only?

(11 Oct '10, 06:49) daniele

@daniele: The appendix is a useless organ also, but we still have them, probably because our distant ancestors needed them.

(04 Nov '10, 19:28) Vesuvius

Wait this is getting weird! Are you saying when we evolve and will have fully developed breast? I don't like that thought that is just too weird for me.

(29 Mar '12, 20:58) Wade Casaldi
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When you say in His image,does this have to mean the body? Maybe in our spirits were in His image and NOT our bodies. If were made in His image is God roughly six feet tall!!



answered 08 Oct '10, 16:37

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Monty Riviera

of course in spirit Monty. i totally agree with you.

(29 Mar '12, 21:08) white tiger

I believe that many of the stories in the Bible are symbolic and not to be taken literally. I dont think God has a physical image but rather the image being referred to is the ability to create or manifest.


answered 08 Oct '10, 22:48

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I was at a boat show once where a man was giving a talk on an "unsinkable boat". A heckler in the audience began asking him why this "unsinkable" boat came with life preservers?

He explained that it was standard equipment and required by the Coast Guard. The heckler kept on and the exasperated salesman finally said, "Sir, if, tomorrow morning, while you are shaving, you notice that you have two nipples on your chest, just understand that they are also standard equipment so that in the unlikely event you give birth, the little bastard won't starve!"

And that, folks, is why men have nipples!


answered 29 Mar '12, 20:42

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Dollar Bill

I really can't conceive of any role that nipples would play in a man's spiritual growth. In the female you could say that their role is both spiritual and physical as they are used in the feeding and nurturing of babies, and I think most men find them attractive.

However, in the male body I can't say that I've ever found them to be beauty enhancing, they've just never stood out as something I've particularly paid attention to on the male body.


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What does it means for God to create man in his image, and what is God really saying when he said that? What was he really referring too? What is the message in the word image? Did God mean that he was creating man in his light, and spirit, or was he saying he was creating man to be a God to dwell with him spiritually? This is some food for thought! Man's image is a physical reflection of the work of God, but in truth, the creation of man's image is also both the spiritual and physical image of God, as he wants to present man to the physical world!

The man’s nipples, have you ever tried looking at a picture of a man’s nipple? It is the center piece of his physical attraction (shirt off) and his sexuality; as it appears the nipples stand out on the man’s chest, and are looking right back at you. It is the show-off piece on the man’s chest, and it is very sensitive to the touch. A master piece, indeed, God created man with nipples for a very valid purpose.

Have you ever looked at a man’s picture without the breast nipples on, and how hard was it for you to look at this picture? Naturally, it was not a pleasant sight and you much rather see the nipples on! So now you know the man’s nipples are the perfect finishing touches to enhance his physical body and appearance.

But let us look at it from a more spiritual objective: God created the first man with nipples, and then, he created the first woman from man with nipples also, so what is the purpose of the man’s nipples? The man’s nipples were God’s design to show a connection, between male, and female. Man the seed of life, woman the milk of life; fatherhood, and motherhood. The two is one, woman came from man. God created one from the other!

It is said that God has both male and female attributes, and Adam while he was still in the spirit form had both male and female attribute; also he had it in his physical body when he was created by God from the dust as man.

Here is something I discovered about the man’s nipples: if you take a marker, and draw a straight line from across the tip of the right nipple to the tip of the left nipple, and then you draw another straight line downwards from the tip of the right nipple down to the centre of the navel, and you do the same thing from the left side of the tip of the nipple to the navel, you will have a perfect Triangle on the man’s body! If you are an artist you can add a picture inside of the Triangle for fun. A flat stomach, clean chest no hair, will present well for a perfect picture inside of the triangle.


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Inactive User ♦♦

Very funny Vee :) We refuse to see what is right in front of us.This is a mere example of how we limit ourselves by not knowing our own bodies and how they work.It is like driving a car not knowing what most of the buttons on the dashboard are for. Thank you namaste

(11 Oct '10, 06:58) daniele

You are so right; in general, we are very limited in what we think we know, and in what we do not know. Great question and something to think about! I also enjoyed reading the other responses, and comments.

(12 Oct '10, 04:21) Inactive User ♦♦

@daniele from the buttons on my dashboard, I know that a Hebrew invented the aircondioner! Why else would these buttons be labeled "Hy, Max and Norm?

(29 Mar '12, 20:36) Dollar Bill
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