Another subject I have always pondered....

Blessings, Jai

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Everything we are (from a physical standpoint) is caused by our genetics.

But because we all have different life experiences (even identical twins), we are all offered different choices, and make different choices. The sum of our life is the sum-total of our experiences, choices, thoughts and memories. All of this is heavily influenced by our genetic makeup; our genetics determine in large part our physical parameters, our intelligence, and our emotional predisposition.

This has been studied in depth by observing the lives of identical twins separated at birth. Because their genetic makeup is identical, any differences that are observed would be due to environment, and not genetic factors. What was discovered is that identical twins are far more alike than you might imagine, in areas that you would not expect, even if their life experiences are radically different.

But none of that changes the essence of who we are. We are still spiritual beings having a human experience.


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Where does experience and one's response to them fit into your scheme. Don't you think we are partly the sum of past choices? Guess I 'm trying to say, we are given the ingredients but we are what we do with them.

(19 Feb '10, 05:46) Inactive User ♦♦

@Lorraine: I stated that already in my answer: "The sum of our life is the sum-total of our experiences, choices, thoughts and memories."

(19 Feb '10, 05:52) Vesuvius

well, that proves nothing, because identical twins might have identical genetic markup, but also have an identical zodiac sign :-P

(19 Feb '10, 22:25) herzmeister
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Then all children from the same parents would be the same - and they aren't. So this is something we won't have to worry about.


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Actually, the genes from the mother and father are recombined to form new combinations of genes at conception; this is why children from the same parents differ physically. See

(19 Feb '10, 03:23) Vesuvius

LOL ... but Vesuvius you told me just yesterday that Wikipedia is not a reliable source. Big hug.

(19 Feb '10, 05:34) Inactive User ♦♦

No, I said that if you knew that 10% of the articles were wrong, that you wouldn't consider it a reliable source. It was a hypothetical.

(19 Feb '10, 05:37) Vesuvius
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well jai i do not think so. because your soul is your mind and heart and you have free will to experience annything you want. you can change your mind and your heart. if it would be dna you could not change annything. if so you would be with out soul like a little robot slave bound to always do the same thing with out learning annything. imagine that a spirit that does not have a soul(no though no feeling) trap in a body that always do the same thing.


answered 14 Nov '11, 06:29

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white tiger

is this to be a dream,
where we realize that we may be a robot
and therefore subject to the best support team,
if different from the mind that imagined me to be


answered 14 Nov '11, 23:54

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