I have had a couple of people tell me about the Zeitgeist Movement. They said it sounds like the stuff I talk about. So, I have tried a couple of times to watch videos about it, but it seems cultish and negative to me. Have you heard of it? What do you think about it? Do you think it just produces more chaos from all the negativity?

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Fairy Princess

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Barry Allen ♦♦

http://dotsub.com/view/aa14042d-a091-44c0-861f-1d2acefb7c4f found this site that had many translated versions

(19 Oct '11, 07:11) ursixx

In my opinion Zeitgeist 1 & 2 were great as they showed us many things about our world and they contained a spiritual element. However, in Zeitgeist 3 they seem to have lost the plot and gone off track. They omit any spiritual element and focus on fear and lack. I feel quite strongly about this and so I wrote a web page about it.


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Thank you, Eddie! This is exactly what I was trying to explain, but without watching the whole movie because it is so fear based.

(19 Oct '11, 03:41) Fairy Princess

Thank you Fairy Princess for seeing the fear and using your discernment to not 'buy into' it. It was painful to watch that 3rd movie, so I created a web page highlighting the pitfalls.

(19 Oct '11, 04:00) Eddie

Wow, Eddie, my friend got so upset by this that she unfriended me and posted the link on her local chapter of zeitgeist and on her wall as lies. I think somebody is brainwashed. yikes!

(19 Oct '11, 14:48) Fairy Princess

well eddy i agree with you on free energy. the only reason we don't have it yet is because of those greedy people that stop it from happening.

(20 Oct '11, 01:42) white tiger

@Fairy, congratulations for weeding out a fair weather friend :) Everything anyone says is merely an opinion, if someone chooses to be upset, well, they have to unravel that :)

(20 Oct '11, 05:15) Eddie

@wt, I think that's part of the reason, but don't forget that it's a collective agreement...

(20 Oct '11, 05:16) Eddie
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Well fairy princess if it seems negative to you. Do what you think is best,as for myself I do not follow any movement. I am who I am. I am that I am and that is enough for me. I do not need any priest from any religions to come explain me the religion they are in to try to convert me to what they think. I think also and could tell them chapiter on what they are wrong about..


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white tiger

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@wt chapiter???

(19 Oct '11, 07:03) ursixx

well ursixx they are wrong when they judge people and are trying to get money from people. example: if you are not in my religion you will go to hell. if you do not buy my bible you will go to hell. you are not in my religion you are the devil. etc. if they would read their bible and respect what they have read they would not judge they would not try to get money they would not try to condam you. because they do it to them self. and the same way they judge they will be judge. those are the biggest and more important line in the book.

(20 Oct '11, 01:30) white tiger

@wt, I like you take on it - you're a free, independent thinker / entity, who is beyond all control. However, it seems as though you do let certain people get under your skin. Why not simply allow others to be as they are, without that affecting you? This is not a criticism or judgement, it's simply an observation :)

(20 Oct '11, 05:22) Eddie

Eddie if one of those priest comes to your door will it affect you? will you not tell him to go study is book because he does not understand it yet. people are who they are they have free will and are responsible for it. as for affecting me i told the truth of the matter what will happen next is not my problem it does not affect me.

(20 Oct '11, 15:42) white tiger

OK, I'm glad to hear it. I've had Jehovah's witnesses at my door and have offered my views. These people are fixed in their beliefs, they don't 'get' my view and they just repeat their gospel like parrots :)

(21 Oct '11, 04:32) Eddie

well if you get their view they should get yours all things work both ways. experience and enjoy.

(21 Oct '11, 17:02) white tiger
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Capitalistic greed is a very worrying subject. The way many are steeped in the tradition of greed from birth and the way that greed has been glorified in every day life. But greed in the end is a death to itself. Greed is very implosive,it collapses in on itself. There is a Micheal Moore film Capitalism: A Love Story. Which I think is a must see.
And the recent events on Wall street show the people are getting tired of the greed mindset. I watch/listen to about half of the movi you named and it says alot that I already had knowledge of. To the unaware it would be a eye opener many how many are unaware?


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I just posted this on my Facebook status: Don't want to be poor? Change your 'Lack' mentality. There's only abundance - abundance of prosperity or abundance of lack - up to you :)

(20 Oct '11, 05:25) Eddie

@Eddie: so true, so true

(20 Oct '11, 11:20) ursixx

Yes, but their fear mongering techniques. What affect do you think that will have on things? It starts out with yelling and screaming and fear fear fear!

(23 Oct '11, 14:59) Fairy Princess
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Don't even mess with the first two movies. Go to the main website and watch the orientation video. It lays it all out without the emotional stuff. There are big words LOL, Peter Joseph has a way of talking over some people's heads, but it's the best layout of the Zeitgeist Movement's goals.

Remember - it's not utopia, and being an atheist I know a cult when I see one, and this is no cult. No one thinks Peter Joseph is god. He is just a very very fluent speaker and understands it more than most.

If you want, you can check out my blog for Noobs here: http://zeitgeist-movement-concepts.blogspot.com/2011/09/for-noobs.html

It breaks it all down into plain English.

No one from TZM expects the world to change overnight any more than they expect racism to completely disappear over night - even 100 years after freeing the slaves. But we can at least temper the coltrol that money has over our resources. Those resources are EVERYONE'S - not the property of the 1%. The Mative Americans understood that way before the Europeans got here.


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Dale Ziemianski

Just because nobody thinks Peter Joseph is God doesn't make it not a cult. See number five http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/cult in the definition here. Also, in the summary video I started to watch, it said that TZM is the activists arm of the Venus Project wich looks very cultish to me. Everyone wearing the same clothes, in the same houses, in the same cities.

(23 Oct '11, 14:55) Fairy Princess

By the way, my question is, does this fear mongering create more fear which creates more fear which creates chaos? They very well may have some good ideas, but the screaming and horror in the movie just creates fear and I am not interested in any movement that is based on fear.

(23 Oct '11, 14:57) Fairy Princess
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