It is my personal belief our current point in civilization leaves much room for improvement across the board. For the sake of explaining this question, I will use education as an example, though the question is aimed at any aspect of human civilization (social structure, government, evolution, religion, anything). In my education example I'm trying to predict what humans would be capable of if we had the learning resources from a century or two in the future. Just as there are new advanced methods of learning math which allow in-head calculations which old dunderheads like myself cannot compute.

I think in a century, a few centuries, etc, our education system will continue to transform and adapt and grow. A consequence of this will be our students will learn at a much faster pace and reach much higher understandings than are possible today. (Just like today we are more equipped to educate about general health and biology than we were a century ago.)

What do you think the examples of the most advanced (or most advanced you're capable of contemplating yourself from where we stand) education methods will be? What benefits will these lessons have over older approaches? What will they be able to accomplish?

As an example: a more refined approach to language make result in anyone being able to become bilingual within a month, or fluently multilingual within half a year. Or another example, refined physical education may result in all students to compete at what we measure today to be "All-American" levels of fitness, and whole new standards would need to be raised to appropriately categorize the higher potential of physical performance formerly thought impossible.

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You can already become bilingual within a month, all it takes is brute force. The education systems were not developed to make people "smarter", they were developed to mold humans into whatever ideal of citizen those in control of the system wish to mold them into, the primary goal being not "independent competence" but "compliance". Schools are, have always been, and will always be, the root of all military operations which are the root of political supremacy.

(21 Nov '13, 10:58) flowsurfer

snow, perhaps what is termed the 'heavenly man'

(22 Nov '13, 06:07) fred
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current educational systems lack in a big way right now due to lack of spiritual education. Whats the point in advancing intellectually that you can send space ships outside of earth but you are spiritually in lack.

Thats why so many CEO's and very 'smart' people have burnt out from stress. Celebrities who have exceptional skills in creativity but are drug prone etc. I know not everyone is like that since some of us learn later about balancing ourselves out.

These things happen because they can't ground their successes within their real Higher Self. If you are solely focused on material aspects you will always chase for that something else to make you happy. And that something else is to go within!

There is no doubt you need to always advance in every way including intellectual and physical realms but that needs to be balanced with spirituality like meditation etc to connect with who we really are.

This needs to be taught from when you are a child. Then they can flower in every way. Kids should be taught value of love, selflessness to help others, and should be taught to be given all tools necessary to connect to you who really are.

Like math, phsyics, chemistry, spirituality should always be one subject to be continuously taught from kindergarten.

not to mention when you are connected to Higher Self, the action produced is the best kind. Its equipped the Universal infinite intelligence's force.


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Most ideal example of humanity is to live by the truth. According to Jesus, the most important truth is that God is our only Father, no one else. (Mathew 23:9) When you live in awareness that God is your real Father, hence treat all others as His children, you will have pure motive in your dealing with others, the result of which is peace and contentment! See what a shift in attitude brought forth--PURITY, PEACE and CONTENTMENT--things no amount of money can buy! Yet, they were already there inherent in your swa (Sanskrit, meaning soul). When you experience and express those qualities, you will agree you are living in swarga (Sanskrit, meaning heaven)--a condition that was once existing on this earth. What is the proof? The steadily declining conditions on earth are themselves the proof: when we go back in history, things were better, and better, and hence was obviously the best in the beginning! That time humans were in yoga (Sanskrit, meaning harmony) with everything--His heavenly Father, society and nature--hence could "be fruitful" or unfold himself, bringing all his soul's potential/creativity into fulfillment, and there was the natural exchange of the energy of love, thus there was perfect relationship with others.

However, history, religions and epics all show that man would fall from such awareness or forget that he is swa (soul) and go materialistic, thinking he is this body. This makes him feel separated and more important than others or egoistic. The egoistic will have impure motives behind his dealings with others as he now treats others as objects of his pleasure, or mere objects to fulfill his objectives. He views his desire as more important than others; the more he concentrates on his desire, the stronger it becomes and it is called lust. Lust, if obstructed, becomes anger; and if fulfilled, it becomes greed. See what a shift in attitude brought forth--"LUST, ANGER and GREED" which are typical of nar (Sanskrit, meaning man), which are the opposite of qualities that makes heaven, hence called "three gates of nark (Sanskrit, meaning hell). (Gita 16:21) As the forgetfulness increases, people will become more and more selfish [egoistic], bringing in more and more lust, anger, greed, and attachment, all of which will further reinforce one's ego. This will naturally climax at one point in time, which will be like a dead-end!

Hence why waste time? Simply shift to what Jesus said in Mathew 23:9, and enjoy life of heaven even now!


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T D Joseph

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There are many mediums to death. However if some communities in all different countries across the world make an single effort to reduce at least one medium to death that would be a greatest humanity the world can consider as "Humanitarian World".

Ideal for humanity would be complete termination of terrorism. I request all on IQ to pray all day and night for empty terrorism and complete humanism.

All the well wishes for accomplishment. Thank you.


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