The more i read, learn and think, the more increasingly I am finding it too exhausting living in a Western Civilisation governed by copious regulations and brainwashed through media etc..

I know that in the current state of affairs, if I want to 'succeed' and be 'happy', then I need to find some kind of employment that I enjoy, hopefully make enough money to be comfortable, and proceed from there.

However, my last employment was going really well and I was promoted quite quickly, and although that may be considered 'achieving' or 'advancing' in this society, I quit.

The industry I was in gave me a huge insight to the system (monetary mainly), and my job involved me being able to communicate with people indepth, and it shocked me how unhappy everybody is (or the majority of people I had the opportunity to connect with). Everybody knows innately that something isn't right.

Now I'm at another turning point and I don't know what to do.

I want to escape all this sensationalism, politics, hatred and materialism. Surely to find some form of escapism though I have to play the game, make some money and plan some other existence or place to exist?

Do many people feel like this? Some relatives have concerns over my inability to settle and not conform, but I suppose that thought pattern is 'normal' and I should just stay true to how I feel?

Thoughts would be fantastic!

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Western or eastern there's no difference. Sooner or later you'd find that people are all the same everywhere. There's only few of sattvas, only few tamas and majority of people in any society are rajas.

And when you look around, all you see is creation of these people. If you are closer to being sattva, then all that rajas create might make you feel hopeless sometimes.

However, you can find your peace in nature, that does not abide to ridiculously delusional laws of men.

(08 Jan '13, 08:00) CalonLan
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What are you focusing on?

If you've read some of the material here on the Law of Attraction, you know that the quality of your life is determined largely by what you choose to think about. And what you choose to think about is determined largely by what you focus on.

How do you change this focus? Well, one way is to turn off the TV and stop reading the newspaper.


How can you be upset about the world's events if you don't even know about them? Sure, we have a lot of debt, and the politicians are fighting amongst themselves. But how does that affect you on a day to day basis, really? If there's something you really need to know about, someone will tell you, won't they?

If you have a roof over your head and enough to eat, you're better off than a large percentage of people in third world countries. Why? Largely because modern technology exists. Think about what a miracle it is that you don't have to wash your clothes in a bucket, like your ancestors did. Why, you can just throw it into this magical machine and it will do it for you.

It is true that you sometimes have to work with people that are unhappy. But you don't have to let their unhappiness rub off on you. You should be hanging out with the happy people, not the unhappy ones.

One of the reasons that meditation is so valuable is that it gives you a chance to settle into a quiet place, away from all of the turmoil, and become centered again. You are not your job or your relationships with other people or any of the turmoil around you, unless you choose to identify with it. The true you is that being in the center of the quiet place you find when you meditate.

Try to remember that the people around you who are causing all of the drama are just people like you, trying to do the best that they can. You would do well by them to show a little compassion (but not sympathy) for their self-imposed predicaments (they all chose to be where they are, as did you).

Also, it would be better for your soul if you viewed work as a vocation, a way to provide service to others by exercising your talents, rather than "giving in to the system." The system is never going to be perfect; if it were, there would be nothing to strive for. But that system did put a roof over your head and food on the table, and many other things that you now take for granted.


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I agree, I don't watch the news or read the paper. When people tell me bad news, if it's not relevent and something I need to know, I tell them to please not tell me bad news. Then I ask them if they have any good news for me.

(20 Jul '11, 15:51) Fairy Princess

Well, you're halfway there then. The other half is to begin dwelling on the positive aspects of the society instead of the negative aspects, and exploring ways you can feel good about how you are participating in that society.

(20 Jul '11, 15:55) Vesuvius

Or, you could always become a Tibetian monk. Although nowadays it wouldn't surprise me if they had Internet access!

(20 Jul '11, 15:56) Vesuvius

Judging from your profile, it sounds like you know most of this stuff already. Stay true to that. Remember: you don't change the world by changing others; you change the world by changing yourself, and becoming a shining example for others to follow.

(20 Jul '11, 16:04) Vesuvius

Thank you Vesuvius, I am working on that. I am currently reading Dynamic Thought from Psi Tek. It is helping me with that part. I had a hard time at first because there are so many bad things like GMO produce and not knowing if I am eating it. Dynami Thought has helped a lot with that. Now I deny evil and affirm Infinite Good when I eat what might be GMO and other situations like that. Thanks for your support. Blessings

(22 Jul '11, 12:01) Fairy Princess

I think your answer will help me a lot right now. I have been advised against staying updated about worldly events portrayed by the media- although I struggle with it a bit as some of the circles I am engaged with discuss topics on a regular basis. Thanks so much for your input Vesuvius x

(22 Jul '11, 16:36) realityVSimagination

@Vesuvius - Yes, excellent point. Turning off the TV and refraining from the news has made a massive difference in my thinking and feeling over the years. Big time! Thank you.

(08 Jan '13, 10:22) figure8shape
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once you settle in yourself , you can settle in any society


answered 19 Jul '11, 08:46

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blubird two

i appreciate your thoughts although I feel any way of life here is not being true to myself?

(19 Jul '11, 11:37) realityVSimagination

once you find your true self you will settle ...

(20 Jul '11, 05:22) blubird two

that is a great point!

(21 Jul '11, 18:24) Nikki777
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I can hear you, but I think it's important to remember that a spiritual journey is not necessarily about leaving all our worldly goods behind and sitting on a meditation cushion for 16 hrs a day (although I do endorse meditation as one of the greatest tools to use for creating self awareness).

Your question brought to mind that famous quote of Theodore Roosevelt...

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

I think when we begin to wake up it becomes all too easy to blame life's emptiness on the materialistic world, when it's really a disconnection from our true nature that is causing the emptiness. It's also important to acknowledge that the material world is God's world as much as the spiritual's not the material things themselves that are the problem but rather the symbolism that we attach to them.

God is not to be sought in certain sites,in certified spots. To find him you have only to keep your eyes open wherever you are. Real good comes from allowing the forces that encircle the world to include you. Ordinary happenings are the very stuff of spiritual goods... Dudley Zuver (from a Retreat to Reality)

You are a young, bright vibrant being (and I think wise beyond your years). Just know that you're moving in the right direction but realize that it's not about escaping or conforming or even's about being the divine expression that's You right Now where you are, and making that your gift to the world:)


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Excellent advice.

(20 Jul '11, 16:11) Vesuvius

Thanks Vesuvius :)

(21 Jul '11, 11:39) Michaela

Thanks so much for this different insight Michaela, I will try and put this thought motion into practise. X

(22 Jul '11, 16:33) realityVSimagination

@Michaela - Excellent comment. Attachment to "things" often time is the culprit. Material goods are only as valuable as the value we place on them. They are are neither good or bad. It's all choice and perception. It really is up to one to decide.

(08 Jan '13, 10:32) figure8shape
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Yes, I feel like that all the time. Sometimes I dream up a place where I can go and live outside of society with like minded people. Maybe we need to send out more love to everybody and lift up all of humanity that way so that they can come up to meet us so we don't have to go live in a cave. ;)


answered 19 Jul '11, 12:50

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Fairy Princess

If you think there is a lot of rules and regulations in the USA and want an escape I can only say the USA is the freest place on Earth. With this in mind if you move anyplace else you will have to live either under Socialism or Communism, then you would be free to do what ever you are told to do by your government.


answered 22 Jul '11, 02:26

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Wade Casaldi


(22 Jul '11, 02:37) Jaianniah

Thanks for your response. I'm in the UK actually and I'm not entirely sure if I agree with your answer but I can see where you are coming from.

(22 Jul '11, 10:51) realityVSimagination

Interesting I had never heard the UK as Western society before. Every time I heard of the West it was always the USA thanks now I know the Western society is both the UK and the USA. Maybe you could try the USA I know we are losing more and more of our freedom everyday unfortunately but we live in a freedom based Capitalist society where everyone can raise up from nothing to the top, many of our millionaires did go from poverty to wealth. I wish I could figure it out but I do like reading the stories of others successes. I do wish you the best in finding your happiness! :-D

(22 Jul '11, 15:42) Wade Casaldi

Thanks Wade, I have a couple of points regarding the aforementioned: -Can you leave the USA without a valid passport? -If you do not register your child at birth would that be allowed? -Can you become employed without a social security number? -There is also more people imprisoned in America for non violent drug crimes than the whole of Europe for any crime. I am not saying that the UK is much better though, at all! My belief and experience (as cliche as it is) is money does not buy happiness. However I wish you all the best in whatever it is that you pursue. X

(22 Jul '11, 17:03) realityVSimagination

Is there any place on Earth that doesn't have these rules? I agree- we should be even freer. Look at how long Earth has existed and our governments still feel they need to keep us under the thumb.

(22 Jul '11, 19:01) Wade Casaldi
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You can start leaving the Matrix now.

I left all banks No TV Minimum internet No facebook Left high paying jobs for peace of mind Money is not necessary on this earth.

Look into Zeitgeist Movement.


answered 22 Jul '11, 18:14

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I'm having a bit of a look into it now, thank you for your response :)

(27 Jul '11, 20:45) realityVSimagination

I read this statement days ago and I have been struggling considering answering or not because I am not a regular user of this site and I didn’t want to introduce much controversy. However, not doing so would be against my nature so I’ll do the best I can to avoid controversies as I suspect that most people here will disagree. Before I start, I want to make clear that I believe there is a central energy in the universe that we call God and also in the existence of paranormal phenomena as I have experienced several events trough my life so I am convinced there is an entire dimension coexisting with us. Now, I'll start by stating that I feel the same way and totally agree with you, but I am not sure it is a matter of place, a matter of times or both. Second, I’ll lay out some principles that take me to the conclusions I’ll make;

• The purpose of a person’s life on this earth is to progressively learn to become a better person and live in harmony with others and its surroundings.
• There are actions that are right others are wrong and some are matter of point of view • Individual action is a natural gift of humans • Collective concerted organize action is an issue of policy that reflect our values. • Policy is not religion an so its values and principles must be question for the better

Reading some of the answers I detected a great deal of conformism with the status quo, the current ways or paths trough statements about how to keep your head clear of the increasing garbage that comes out of the media by turning off the radio, TV and ignoring negative news. While I agree that it is a way to avoid getting drag by all the awfulness we are living as society and I accept that sometimes it is healthy to do to (I also do it occasionally) this is far from what anyone should do trying to be a better person. In my view if something is wrong we should act to correct it not just ignore it, action is a gift for the human being, we are able to design and do things in this earth that many other living beings can’t so why not use that gift for the better, meaning to become better and help others to be better. By turning away on problems we are disregarding that gift. I don’t accept the idea that the current social, political and economic system is helping us become any better as individuals or as a as collective. It’s full of greed, lies, hypocrisy, insensibility, cannibalistic competition, and cults of personalities. It creates too much poverty, rich at expense of others, ignorant, drug addicts, sick and media manufactured heroes, conversely it creates too little solidarity, justice, healthy, inspired, caring, wise and prudent people.

Corporate economics have become the purpose of this society and conformists, apologists and fanatics want the rest of us to accept this as the standard for humanity like it was religion to be followed blindly and without questioning it. Policy and society are now subordinates or hostages of the economic system of values and regulations and must yield to the “unequivocal” distribution of goods and services and the organization of societies institutions and “well being” of individuals trough the magic of markets. If you ever question any of this, you are accused of being a socialist, communist and more a recent pro-system brand label, a terrorist. Typical answers like “turn away”, “ignore news”, “meditate” “pray and have faith” means “you are no body to question”, “this is the best we can do”, “isolate yourself”, “forget about it” and “somebody else will come and change it”. Even when some of these answers and attitudes are not necessarily related to each other, in my view they contribute to the continuation of bad things happening so I consider them to be wrong because it doesn’t change things for the better.

Accepting that our material existence on earth will end some day is one thing, accepting what another human have created, such as society, the economic and political system, as "perfect" or "unequivocal" is wrong because they are not. Even anyone who is helping society victims like rape or drug addicts maybe doing a great job rehabilitating them but it would be doing some type of a “turn away” if it doesn’t do more to prevent the generation of more victims. Would it be challenging? Yes, Would it be difficult? Of course, mostly because it requires getting out of our comfort zones to do better. I can’t not condemn anybody for accepting the way things are and not doing more, but anyone who is unsatisfied with the current "ways" must do more. In my view, the universe is telling you that something is wrong, you can and must do more so go ahead and do it.

Adversity is part of life and balancing our needs and interests is also too. There are two major ways to face adversity one is to yield, accept or ignore it which all lead to personal and collective decay. On the other hand, you may accept the challenge and work your way to success. No one would have ever graduated from college or achieve anything by yielding to all adversity. Mankind would still be living in caves and the earth would still be flat if everyone of us would “turn away” from every single challenge. Of course, taking challenges is never an easy task and it does come at a price, we have to face frustrations, disappointments and our faith constantly shakes, but there is no greater way to improve yourself and become better than to overcome adversity and triumph. In my view, personal growth is measured in the magnitude of the challenges that the person accept to face. Coming back to earth to finish for now, I’ll suggest you and anyone who may feel the same way to take action, get involve in good causes, support community initiatives, help other and of course, PRAY and/or MEDITATE regularly to release some of the anxiety and negativity and constantly ask yourself how can you be better. I hope this helps!....everyone


answered 27 Jul '11, 15:59

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Peaceful Unconformable Soul

I agree with some of the things you are saying. However, there are some things that we cannot change. I read a saying that I really liked. It went something like: You can't get sick enough to heal one person. Also, the serenety prayer talks about accepting the things we cannot change. So we must use judgement at the time that thought come in, as to whether to do something about it, or let it be. Letting things cause you stress won't help you or the other people.

(28 Jul '11, 03:23) Fairy Princess

The fact is, no one knows why they exist. So there's not much point in asking others to fill you in with a load of crap about why they live, and what they believe.

To blindly follow an accumulation of ideas that have come about from a history of a majority of people, who were more limited than you (in the sense that historically, we are supposedly more advanced now than we were in the past), and were loosely focussed on the accumulation of wealth and material objects through the exploitation of others (western society); seems to me, to be insane.

To notice that these ideas do not agree with your own ideas of what life should be about (as an individual mind, one constructed by your own experiences), is quite simply, unavoidable.

What's funny, is that western society, in it's exploitative nature, constructed various ethics and models for life for it's subjects to live by, and in doing so, it has created the very mindset you have, the critical mindset, the one that asks, what is the point in (this) life.


answered 08 Jan '13, 06:54

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Bazza Debugman

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