Do the richest and most powerful people in the world use the LoA? Through what methods do you think?

For example the family that owns Walmart, Bill Gates, corporations like Exxon, BP, Toyota, Samsung, professional athletes and people who seem to challenge limits or defy death, or even secret societies like the Masons, Skull & Bones, or Illuminati. Of these, or any others that may come to mind, how many do you think have business meetings / social gatherings which are completely 'normal'. How many do you think have occult-esque gatherings featuring practices, behaviors, or topics of conversation the common populace would consider abnormal or perhaps unknown?

Do you have any thoughts or ideas about what sort of practices those may be? What kind of information they have and discuss casually which is not known to the average individual?

Do you believe their use has impact on you or the average person? An example might be the symbols printed on money, do you think it has significance beyond 'this is decoration for our currency'?

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My point was more if they used this "consciously", such as consciously doing practices, using focus blocks perhaps, things like that. Structured behaviors like you'd find in the manifesting experiments, etc.

(21 Jun '13, 15:07) Snow

on that you would have to ask one of them. it seems that if they have control it could be just a matter of keeping it up. but unless their intent becomes of a universal nature, they also turn to dust and to be recycled again in the next world

(22 Jun '13, 19:13) fred

Very rough paraphrasing of a cool quote I saw around here I can't recall the exact source of: "Never expect a rich man to teach you a lesson if you also expect him to buy you lunch." I would ask one of them but as far as I know it isn't common for them to make time to talk to nobodies like myself. =)

If you hear word let me know, I'm very curious.

(22 Jun '13, 21:58) Snow

then we continue to imagine how or where our mental faculities presents possibilities. so if interested, how does knowledge turn to the known. if not accepting responsibility for our actions

(23 Jun '13, 18:59) fred
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Do the richest and most powerful people in the world use the LoA? Through what methods do you think?

Yes, they do. So do the poorest people in the world... and the "average" people too!

Most of them I would assume don't use specific tools. I don't even think that most of them know about the LOA.

Some "tools" however I have noticed.

Wealthy people's tools: following their passion, having fun and envisioning and enjoying a better future for themselves and others.

Non wealthy people's tools: complaining about life and circumstances in general, seeing what is in physical reality and complaining about it rather than enjoying a better vision.

Both of them have powerful tools that work 100% of the time. This is because LOA works 100% of the time :).


answered 21 Jun '13, 14:59

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"Non wealthy people's tools: complaining about life and circumstances in general, seeing what is in physical reality and complaining about it rather than enjoying a better vision"

Brilliant - Love that! @releaser99 Good enough to steal.. Don't be surprised if I quote you in the future. I would put those 2 paragraphs in Bold print.

... and Abundance is a state of being - NOT a destination..

(22 Jun '13, 00:50) ele

Very good answer. I love the tools analogy. Now we just need to optimize getting people to set down their old ineffective tools they continue to try to use despite them not working time and time again, and pick up the new effective streamlined tools we can help them design / find / craft and subsequently use to build their surroundings much easier and more productively than beating the same old scenario with the same old tools hoping for miraculous new results.

(22 Jun '13, 05:18) Snow

@ele "Don't be surprised if I quote you in the future" And if you correct the spelling and errors in grammar, it would probably be a whole new text so you wouldn't even need to use quotation marks :). @Snow "Now we just need to optimize getting people to set down their old ineffective tools" The tricky thing is that we can only change anything by using wealthy people's tools...

(22 Jun '13, 07:15) releaser99

...There is often a sore temptation to use non-wealthy people's tools when trying to change our circumstances and people. Any kind of positive change always starts with an enjoyable vision

(22 Jun '13, 07:15) releaser99
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The phrase " uses LOA " is a bit like saying " do rich and powerful people use their lungs"

The answer is yes, they do use their lungs and LOA.

But the word " use" is erroneous because it hints that they " may" not " use" it. Of course they have no choice, its a law which is operative completely, totally, by default and always.

It cant be opted out of, switched off, nullified,avoided or not used.

Now it could be asked " are rich and powerful people making advantage of these laws" yes they may be, but also many rich and powerful people are reaping the benefit of these laws without even being aware they exist.

If your thinking about the effects of jumping off a building, decide gravity will indeed accelerate you to ten metres a second and then knowingly jump of the nearest tall building you will be splattered. If you unluckily and unknowingly accidentally fall of the building your fate will be the same. It makes no difference what your motives are, your knowledge of the laws are or anything else.

LOA is this universes default setting.


answered 21 Jun '13, 15:01

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Monty Riviera

You precisely nailed it sir Monty... I love it.

(22 Jun '13, 03:56) Romel

LOA is ALWAYS in action, whether you know about it or not. Good answer.

(23 Jun '13, 18:46) ele

monty, so how does it work on the spiritual level individual and/or the whole group of our kind

(23 Jun '13, 19:03) fred
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I personally think they do, even if they don't realize they are doing it. I've noticed successful people tend to be very, very, confident in every thing they do regardless of everyone else's opinions.

This might be slightly off topic, but as far as powerful people goes, I remember Rob's Treb saying that the whole shadow governments/illuminati gang use people's LoA against themselves in a fear based way. In the sense where they try to make people scared of them and feel powerless to them so that in turn they are given more power by that individual.

So by in a way of tricking the person into feeling that they, the shadow governments/illuminati/big brother/The man have more power in their universe than the individual does him/herself. The person actually helps create a reality where they are always in power. I remember Treb saying they have many methods of how they keep control, "but this is their weapon of choice."

Anywho, thought that was something interesting worth sharing lol. I am definitely not a conspiracy nut, but this thread post just totally brings that one Treb session to the forefront of my mind.


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"try to make people scared of them and feel powerless" - Yes, and that only works when you can lock them into a five-senses-is-all-there-is belief system so that any higher/inner intelligence is shut out - because that will naturally lead to self-empowering impulses/inspirations. As soon as anyone wakes up to the realization that the prison they are in is self-imposed, it's "Game Over" :)

(22 Jun '13, 00:07) Stingray

The simple answer is both yes and no.

Some of the wealthiest people have definitely attained that wealth without being conscious of the principles of the LOA, even though they were (as has been noted by others on IQ) using them.

Mark Cuban is a good example of this. His advice to others on how to be successful seems to focus on squandering money and working your butt off. However, it's a philosophy that he clearly has immense faith in, and has thus worked well for him. He also discusses the power of focus, and is also unwittingly taking a page from Bashar when he says:

Whatever your hobbies, interests, passions are. Find the one you love the best and GET A JOB in the business that supports it.

So I think he is a good example of someone who is unconsciously using metaphysical principles...he just thinks they are operating in a physical-based, mechanistic sort of way, rather than in a non-physical one.

On the other hand, some of the wealthiest and most successful people are definitely conscious of these metaphysical principles, and are using them as an actual process to fashion their life the way they wish it to be.

Some very clear examples would be Oprah Winfrey, a billionaire "ranked the richest African-American of the 20th century", and Jim Carrey (watch this interview thru the end):

Another would be Arnold Schwarzenegger, who, throughout his career, focused on using visualization techniques:

Jim Henson, who was an avid fan of the Seth Material:

Steve Jobs, founder of Apple:

And of course Will Smith (this video courtesy of Stingray from a previous thread):

Regardless of what specific processes they use, the commonality that all of these people seem to share is the understanding that their beliefs shape their own reality.


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edited 23 Jun '13, 16:10

@lozenge123 "Regardless of what specific processes they use, the commonality that all of these people seem to share is the understanding that their beliefs shape their own reality." Yes, that seems to be it. And with this understanding often the belief arises that one is responsible for everything one attracts. And full responsibility puts us in a state of power which attracts more power and control into our reality.

(23 Jun '13, 16:46) releaser99
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