Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, in my case, is the result of childhood abuse so horrendous that I cannot discuss it here. It plagues my life, but I am trying to deal with it as best as I can with counseling and so on. I got to talking about it, and Wade told me the story of Lot's wife: She looked back, and she turned into a pillar of salt.

This is a great metaphor for me, and has helped me quite a bit! I see Lot's wife now when I think of the past: It is gone. It is over. I cannot change it.

What have all of you done when or if you have suffered from this disorder? How have you recovered?

Blessings, Jaianniah

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jai meditate and drop those veils.I tell you the truth, no one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again. experience and enjoy.

Jai what do you think jesus was doing in the desert? Did he not remove those veils?


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white tiger

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yes "meditate, drop those veils, be born again" - wise words my friend @white tiger :) and hear the sound of silence

(17 Mar '13, 14:33) ru bis

I use EFT on it. I am still working through lots of issues. When you do the EFT, make sure you check your suds before you tap, then again afterward. Then, keep tapping until you get the one thing down to a zero. Don't flop around from one emotion to another. If you notice other emotions or events pop up, take note for later, but stay on the one you are working on. So, you tell your story to, say Wade, and when you get to a part that takes your emotion up, figure out what you will tap on, check it, tap on it until it gets down to a zero. Then go on with your story until you get to another emotional part and figure out what you will tap on and check your suds, then tap until it's a zero. Keep doing this until you can get through the story without any negativ emotion. This will take time and dedication, but you will start feeling better right away. If you don't then check for reversal and do the gamut, floor to ceiling eye roll ect...

I know in another post, I had made a sample one where you do use more than one event and/or emotion. Later, I realized that would be for someone new to eft. Or if you have a minor blanket issue. For this one, just stick to one emotion, get it to a zero and go on to the next.


answered 21 Oct '11, 13:10

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Fairy Princess

Thanks, J. Will Do! Thanks so much!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(22 Oct '11, 17:08) Jaianniah
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