Ele inspired this question.

She asked me, "When are you going to apply what you know to yourself?"

Good question...

I have tried and tried to heal, and I am starting to become disheartened. I think that the damage that was done to me might just be beyond repair.

What happened? What could do this to a person?

Warning: The following material is very graphic and may be upsetting to those who are sensitive.

  1. My uncle was the head of a Satanic Cult. He secretly despised my father, and thought it amusing to mess with my head as a way of "getting even". Example: He tied me up, hung a cat up by the neck, and while he slowly dismembered the cat (who screamed the whole time) with a pair of hedge clippers, a friend of his raped me in every way possible. I was seven. My aunt cleaned me up in a sink at the school where this took place. It was winter and I was very cold. It took weeks for my bottom to heal. This is just one time I was raped. I was raped many times- on altars, in cars, you name it.

  2. I was standing just behind a man. My uncle came up to him, and shot him with a very large handgun. I saw the spray of blood, and got brains all over me. They then took the body and burned it. My mom took me to the burning, and made me watch. It is actually really messy to shoot someone in the head...the movies make it look so clean. I do suppose it might depend on the gun, though.

  3. My uncle threatened to burn my house down if I told...at night, with my whole family in it. I started having fire nightmares. My alter parts held the reason why I had these dreams. I also started sleepwalking, which my parents thought was amusing. They never bothered to check on me when I woke up screaming, thinking my house was burning down around me.

  4. My teachers repeatedly were reporting that my behavior in school was odd, sometimes frightening to them, and that my homework, my handwriting, even the level of my work varied, depending on which alter did the work. No one bothered to really check into this. This is because some school district officials were part of the cult. You doubt this? My brother-in-law, upon hearing my memories, started remembering his own stuff, and we found out that he had been sexually abused by his principal. A reporter in my hometown was interviewing, in secret, the victims of these crimes, and arrests started happening when I was an adult. That principal was finally arrested, in part because of my brother-in-law's testimony. Seems the man had a taste for boys.

  5. As I said, people not part of this racket in the schools repeatedly sent letters home to my parents, but they did nothing. My mother started punishing me whenever I brought home a letter like this. In seventh grade, the school counselor began pulling me out of class and asking me if things were "all right at home". I was completely multiple by this time, and assured her that things were fine. But she kept at it. I started having anxiety attacks when I saw any authority figure at school. I thought I was nuts. Face it- I acted nuts.

  6. My uncle had three kids (my cousins). The eldest spent every minute he could away from home, and developed a keen interest in guns. He is now a well-known gunsmith. I guess that makes him feel pretty safe. The second-oldest cousin is a pedophile who likes little girls. The youngest, and only girl, dressed way older than she was and began prostituting herself at the age of thirteen. My uncle beat all three of them. He also would grab me if he could, and would whisper in my ear, "You're gonna burn, you're gonna burn" over and over. This was to remind me to keep my mouth shut. My aunt began moving her family all over creation because people would threaten to report what they were seeing...

  7. I started to have vicious migraines at the age of nine. I still have them almost daily, especially if anything triggers me...Despite every known therapy, we have not been able to stop this. My current neurologist thinks that my brain is working very hard to make me appear "normal" to the world.

  8. Once, I screamed at my uncle that I was going to tell. His punishment for me was to put me inside a coffin with a dead body for a night in a very locked up and empty church. And the doctors wonder why I freak when I have to have an MRI. Being inside that tight tube nearly undoes me.

Now...As I said, I have had a ton of deprogramming therapy, years of working to reunite me with me...and this has involved accepting these horrible memories and dropping the partitions in my brain. But now that I am getting into middle age, I am wondering to myself if I really can truly recover. I have to mention that the bad stuff continued on into adulthood...Our home was hit by an F4 Tornado when I was nine. It was a very bad experience. It damaged my school and my church. My swing set was twisted into a pretzel. Six people in my small town were killed, including the grandfather of a dear friend of mine. So when I went through Katrina in 2005, it was like another nightmare. That is a whole story all by itself. My lovely ex-husband had already run away to Texas, and I lived alone and dealt with the damage...and FEMA...and the huge holes in my roof...and the barrels to catch the rain... alone. More PTSD to recover from... The recent tornadoes in Oklahoma set my teeth on edge. I know what those poor people feel, right down to my toes.

I keep trying to just set this stuff to one side, and have shucked it off more times than I can say. But my brain isn't letting go, and I do not know why.

My brain feels like Hell, and I feel like a Soul dragging a body.

I am soooo tired.

I try to be positive, grateful, happy...I have Wade, a new life, all of it...and then, like today, I get shoved into a real old MRI machine, and I literally lost it. I was hysterical. I could not stop myself. Jai left. Shealeigh came, then some of the really little kids, and finally Jean came to deal with the people who were not helping me, and would not stop the MRI and get me out of that machine...When they did pull me out, I was sobbing, six years old, and screaming, "Get me out of this coffin!"

Wade was distraught. I was distraught, and embarrassed.

So, ele, what do you think? Personally, I am really wondering if I can be rehabilitated.

And that really, really upsets me to no end. I am trying so hard to be normal.

And I am getting real tired of living this way.

Maybe one of you will say something that will really help me. And Wade, too.

He has only heard part of the stories, like those I wrote above, I assure you there are lots more horrors inside my head.



alt text

I really, really love all of you guys and gals. You have literally helped keep me alive. I appreciate you all more than you can guess. Thank you.



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Barry Allen ♦♦


Maybe venting this as you just have, lets it go. It is not kept stored up undermining you.

This took a lot of courage to let this come out. Love you much honey.... ♥♥♥

(01 Jun '13, 00:00) Wade Casaldi

I wish I would have seen this ? earlier cause I would have advised you to delete it immediately - it's not to late to edit.

(01 Jun '13, 00:33) ele

@Jai If I were you I would edit this ? or ask Simon if he would make an exception to the 1 hr rule & delete it. I don't doubt your claims' but unless you can back up what you said; you made very defamatory & libelous statements. There is no statute of limitations on murder or accessory to. Not only could your mother make a case against you, your uncles family could also. This is also not the first time. You may not have many assets now; but they could put a lien against any future income.

(01 Jun '13, 02:21) ele

You are not anonymous here. Your real name is tied to IQ & you've posted your granddaughters photo as well as the photo & name of your Grandmother, named your X & your kids..

(01 Jun '13, 02:22) ele

What do you want to fix, exactly? The fear? Do you want to forget? Do you want to forgive? Do you want to let go? Do you want revenge? Do you want to feel empowered? Safe? Loved?

(01 Jun '13, 02:22) flowsurfer

Is it that you can't understand why God would let you, as a child, go through that?

(01 Jun '13, 02:23) flowsurfer

I would like to be helpful to you. Tell me how.

(01 Jun '13, 02:27) flowsurfer

@ele If her mother is still alive and Jai's claims are truthful, she needs to be put to death immediately. It's not cool to let such a person continue to control her out of fear of libel. I also cannot understand how her grandmother can possibly be a good person. I'm sick of psychopaths masquerading as good people and controlling everyone around them. People need to stand up to psychopaths, not cower from them.

(01 Jun '13, 02:34) flowsurfer

@flowsurfer It's not a matter of whether or not her claims are truthful - can she prove what she put in writing; otherwise it's libel. I'm not Jai - but - had this happened to me - I would contact the cold case division in the town where this happened. Perhaps this is why she can't let it go. I'm sure the victim's family would appreciate closure also.

(01 Jun '13, 02:44) ele

I believe you're asking the wrong question. Can someone else prove what she put in writing is untrue, if yes then it is libel.. The burden of proof is on the plaintiff, not only the statements are in fact libelous, but also they were malicious in nature, and caused some degree of measurable damages for which they desire compensation. To win a case the plaintiff would need to prove all of these things, and spend the time, effort, and funds to take it through court.. Expensive & time consuming.

(01 Jun '13, 03:00) Snow

@ele insomuch as she has she has let that cat out of the bag..maybe it's time to face the music for all parties involved

(01 Jun '13, 03:06) ursixx

True - the burden is on the plantiff. Unless Jai can prove otherwise, I don't think it would be very hard to prove her statements to be false. There is also a difference between states & whether or not this is criminal or civil & when it comes to a sexual or criminal acts there are other considerations.

(01 Jun '13, 03:17) ele

"Unless Jai can prove otherwise.." if she can't prove the statements are true doesn't equate to "they can prove these statements are untrue." Just because I can't prove I saw someone do something doesn't mean they can sue me for libel because I wrote it down and posted it online. If I say I saw someone do something and they have physical evidence my claims are absolutely impossible, such as being on tape somewhere else at the same moment, they can easily sue me and win.

(01 Jun '13, 03:20) Snow

Is there a body? I'm not going to argue with you.

(01 Jun '13, 03:27) ele

@ursixx I missed your comment. I agree. If it was me - I would write a letter to the police dept & tell my story & they can take it from there..

(01 Jun '13, 03:31) ele

Robert Smith cleans up major traumas in his seminars in about two hours. I really believe in the effectiveness of Faster EFT and I've released some traumas myself. I would recommend to find a Faster EFT Coach near you and give it a try for a few hours. http://fastereft.com/

(01 Jun '13, 05:38) releaser99

God bless you @Jaianniah. God loves you... I am powered by many of your posts and answers here... I strongly believe you can make it...

(03 Jun '13, 00:31) Romel
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@Jai before you start reading any further please know that what I say is only come from a place of love.

We all have stories and we could probably get into a competition on whose story is the most horrific and who deserves the most sympathy votes. I am in no way trying to undermine what you went through but the truth is that you are the only one keeping the story alive and allowing it to have power over your current life experience. On numerous occasions (thankfully) you tell us how wonderful it is to be where you're at and to have your current experience with Wade. No-one keeps the other part of your story alive except yourself and if you believe there's something to be fixed well I hate to say it but then there's always going to be something to be fixed.

The past only exists because you choose to keep it alive and keep giving it your attention instead of placing your attention on the great relationship you have manifested and allowing life to flow from that. Sorry I know it sounds harsh but you can't undo what has been done, all you can do is finally let it go once and for all. Until you do...you'll never find peace. And that my friend is always available if you truly want it and are willing to lay aside your own role of victim....you can do it :-)


answered 01 Jun '13, 00:48

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Excellent advice Michaela & I said about the same thing in the comment box on the other thread. Then I reread Jai's comment to me & she clearly stated she could not let it go - so I deleted it & posted what you saw. I hope she can hear you.

(01 Jun '13, 01:14) ele

@ele...Truth is what we least want to hear but it is the only thing that sets us free. It doesn't really matter if Jai hears it from you or me...the only person she needs to be honest with is herself and, on some level, she knows that, or she wouldn't be here :-)

(01 Jun '13, 01:29) Michaela

todays daily A-H quote Offer a vibration that matches your desire rather than offering a vibration that keeps matching what-is.


(01 Jun '13, 02:36) ursixx

@ele and @Michaela- I HEAR YOU!!! Thank you. It was cathartic to write. I feel freer somehow. Thank you. Jai

(01 Jun '13, 04:34) Jaianniah

@Jai "It was cathartic to write. I feel freer somehow" I understand this. It was necessary for you to tell your story because your story needed to be acknowledged, witnessed, honored & validated before you could heal. You told you story, now you are free & can let go & move on.

(01 Jun '13, 09:13) ele

Secret Teachings - Monday, June 10, 2013

"There is no past or future for the law of attraction, only the present, so stop referring to your life in the past as very difficult, or full of hardship and pain, or in any other negative way.

Remember that the law only operates in the present, so when you speak of your past life negatively the law is receiving your words and sending those things back to you NOW."

                                               ~  Rhonda Byrne
(12 Jun '13, 23:13) ele

yes "there is no past or future for the law of attraction, only the present"

(15 May '14, 04:55) jaz
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Hi Jai. I can see that this feels horrible for you. I'm hoping that letting some of this awful story out of you will be cathartic, as @Wade said. Better out than in, kiddo. ;)

There are a couple of things that are in my head and heart about your painful post that I want to share with you, and then I have a suggestion that I feel may do some good. I don't have all this sorted out for myself yet, but I'm seeing something in your post that I think we share, and this is what I've come to so far - what has been helpful for me, I'm really hoping it will help you too.

Let me start, most importantly, as @Michaela did, by saying that I am here with nothing but love.

Next, let me say that I believe @Michaela is telling you the truth. It's a hard truth, Jai, but it is the one by which you have the most to gain.

We do all have stories. Yours is horrible. Mine is not nice. But they all have that one, all important common denominator - They are all in the past. They can only exist as the stories we tell ourselves.

The next thing I want to say is I think when a person has suffered, they have a need for that suffering to be honored somehow. Is that the word? Validated. Something from another human being that tells you the experience has been understood, or at least recognised. It makes you feel better. Sometimes I think I deserve a medal just for keeping going, walking and talking lol! :)

I think it's natural. Human. But it does have a distinct beginning, middle, and end. If it has no end, you can get lost in that loop, always reaching for that understanding to make you feel better. But what feels best, is when you come to the end, put it down, and walk away from it. Just let go.

Jai, you have "tried and tried" to heal yourself, which means you have fed and fed the beast, over and over again. What you focus on, grows. (I felt that, btw; you mentally threw an overripe tomato at my head when you read that!) :) It sucks, but its true. I think it is instictive to want to lick our wounds. ;) So it's hard, at first, to starve them of the attention they need to survive. But you can do it. You can simply tell yourself a different story.... which brings me to my suggestion:

You needed to express yourself; your pain, your frustration. You have done that. So now, you need it all honored, recognised, once and for all. Let me do that part. Let this whole, windy post honor with love what you've been through. Let the others here who can hear this do that for you.

Then the last part. Jai, let this be the very last time you tell yourself that story. Take in the recognition of what you've been through, take the love and healing energy being sent to you this One. Last. Time. And let it be over.

From this day on, only tell your new story - your triumphant happily ever after, your strength and serenity, the love you revel in now. It does not mean you deny or supress anything. You have done all of the processing you are ever going to do. It does not mean that you never stub your toe, or that you can't yell your head off when you do... It's about your back story - Let it be the one about your happy home, your interesting life, full of exciting possibilities. Let that be the only story you tell yourself. It's a good story!

I'm sending love to you in great, warm waves, Jai. Let's be in this moment right now, full of love, only. And then this one... then this one. This moment, with you and me and Wade and all the IQers here loving you... this moment right now, is beautiful. :)

With a full heart and lots of love, Grace



answered 01 Jun '13, 04:27

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Thank you dear. So true! Bless you. I love you, too1 jai

(01 Jun '13, 04:30) Jaianniah

Inspired words..and put beautifully.

(01 Jun '13, 04:37) Monty Riviera

up vote from me - sure glad you showed up Grace with kind & inspiring words.

(01 Jun '13, 04:43) ele

@Grace yes "validate" all experiences, whether bad or good, that's how we learn ... "no gain without pain" :)

(01 Jun '13, 05:08) ru bis

this answer fits your name so well @Grace

(03 Jun '13, 03:39) ursixx

I find this whole question deeply moving and shocking but can't reach the right words for Jai - thank God you're here Grace to articulate this so beautifully.

(03 Jun '13, 06:05) Catherine

Thank you all, I just hope something in there may help, @Jai. I felt i so strongly, I kind of zoned out, not even sure what I said, just let it pour out. The one thing I am absolutely certain of is that total recovery is definately within reach. I just know it, @Jai. Don't give up.

(03 Jun '13, 14:39) Grace
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So, ele, what do you think? Personally, I am really wondering if I can be rehabilitated.

I know you can do anything if you choose to - you are more powerful than you know!****


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I have never said this before... get a tattoo ,a physical reminder that you are loved NOW and will always be. No one can hurt the blessedness in you. You are watched over and guided by Angles alt text
You know this and feel this.
So when someone in your group starts feeling lost or afraid.They will know where to look to get back to that place of love.
Ditto what @Micheala said. Let it go ...
A suggestion for a text under your angel
Praeterita non permanebit
The past will not abide


answered 01 Jun '13, 03:03

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This abuse is a deeply shocking and terrible experience for anyone to go through - a permanent reminder that you are loved seems a good idea. Normally I hate the idea of tattoos but a constant reminder of being loved and protected is a great idea. Love the text suggestion.

(03 Jun '13, 06:01) Catherine

@Jai, @ursixx, @Catherine - I feel just the same. I'm not much of a tattoo fan myself, but this would be an amazing thing to have. A constant, physical reminder of the love you live in now. Wonderful suggestion, @ursixx.

(03 Jun '13, 14:31) Grace

@Catherine & @Grace.. I'm no tattoo fan either for myself.This answer came out of the blue...And 1st I googled angel tattoos but nothing really said @Jai ,then I remembered cherubs, I think everyone has seen this image from the 80'ies.but I bet already has an image of her angel/cherub in her mind. thanks for the nice comments too :D

(03 Jun '13, 18:16) ursixx
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My advise to you is to listen to the great Spiritual masters like Yogananda Paramahansa, Wayne dyer, deepak chopra , abraham hicks etc etc.. read and listen to them again and again and again and apply what you learn constantly. That will get out of all the turmoil. this is like learning basketball from Michael jordan and magic johnson etc. These Spiritual masters know the teachings of how to live our lives. please listen to them and get out of the sufferings. Please this is the way out!! If you do this you will be GUARANTEED a JOYOUS, PASSIONATE AND HAPPY life. We all want to good easy answers and this is it. They have the formula and just follow it.


answered 01 Jun '13, 03:52

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i recommend you to read the book Man's Eternal Quest by Paramahansa Yogananda. you can order from http://www.yogananda-srf.org Also read his Autobiography of a Yogi book.

(01 Jun '13, 03:57) abrahamloa

No Jai, you can never be beyond anything.

You are Christ Jai, nothing more, nothing less, nothing else.

You will soon be removing the "AND" out of "you and Christ".

There will only be Christ. Thats all.


answered 01 Jun '13, 04:26

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Monty Riviera

As Michaela said, we all have our stories. Why we experience what we experience only matters if it helps us to create a better Now. Now is all there is. Now we can relive the past, worry about the future, or enjoy the present. If there is something Now that you perceive to be keeping you from enjoying Now, ask yourself if you can do anything about it Now. If you can, change it, if not, then change the way you feel about or perceive it. Two Hands Touching can help you feel better Now. If there is something to clear, EZ Deletion Sequence can help to neutralize the emotional reaction. THT with affirmations can help a lot as well.

I have learned not to go digging for issues to clear. If something comes up, is affecting my Now, I clear it. For example, you know you are going to have an MRI, and you know you will react. Do EZDS for fear of being trapped (or the best word for you). Repeat until you get to a zero. Then use THT with a possitive statement like, "I am safe." The more Now moments that you spend feeling good, the more moments you spend feeling good Now. :)

The Bible talks about thinking about things that are good, and true and right. You can also pray when you notice thoughts that you believe would displease God. Use THT with your prayers. Say, "God, please forgive me for thinking that/those thought/s. Please help me to only think thoughts that are pleasing to you. Let my thoughts be a sweet aroma." You can end it in Jesus name if you want.

I have done some work where I do THT, and while in that state, I imagine myself going to myself as a child in a traumatic situation. I go to my child self and introduce myself. I tell her I am there to help her, and that everything will be ok. I then ask her what she wants me to do to help her. For example, one time, she just wanted me to hold her. Then I do that. When I am all done, and feel better about the situation, I go back to THT. However, I would not compare my experiences with yours, so procede with caution and a trusted assistant, like Wade.

However, Teal Scott claims to have had very similar experiences. http://youtu.be/7YseLiA41aQ She also has come through it and helps others. I hope she helps you. Love and Blessings ♥


answered 01 Jun '13, 10:04

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Fairy Princess

edited 01 Jun '13, 11:08


Thanks, FP, for this. It helped; it really did. I love you so much! Thanks for being my friend. Jai

(01 Jun '13, 10:37) Jaianniah

I love you too, Jai. Thank you for being my friend. ♥

(01 Jun '13, 10:45) Fairy Princess

@Jaianniah The best therapies for you in this period of your life are not the ones that trigger your trauma - by allowing, being passive and watching the mind and letting go, because this would imply a pretty stable emotional balance that would allow you to approach the trauma/issue in this manner. Trust me, no! The best therapies, for now, are the ones that, add litteram ERASE the whole trauma system created in your subconscious mind - it is a system because it is composed of: emotions,thoughts,imaginations,different traumas,etc. that trigger one another non-stop recreating and maintaing the Big trauma as an underlying "way of living", a difused "going nuts, without being able to control it" way of living..wich is not.

So, with all my heart, i recommand you to not loose a moment and do one of these or combined therapies : 1) What releaser99 suggested - Faster EFT 2) What Fairy Princess suggested (even better in my opinion) - EZ Deletion Sequence and the rest 3) BeSetFreeFast (BSFF)is my first choice to recommand you : http://www.besetfreefast.com/ Find a counselor in BSFF, or if it is possible, contact directly Dr. Larry Nims. On his site he gives even the option to do sessions through Skype ! Check it out. I will present you a few details about BSFF background for your better understanding of its power (and because i practice it for myself and i know how fast and powerful is).

Dr. Nims himself was a chronic depressive and , after attempting to commit suicide 4 times he gave up, admitting he was not able to do at least this thing to get over with his illness. So, he became interested in helping "mentally disturbed" people (irronicaly, he had studies and practice in some psychiatric field) and seeing that the actual, at that time, overall therapy was not suitable for really helping people he asked God to give him some knowledge/therapy that really heals people with emotional/mental issues. And after a year he discovered Dr. Callahan's TFT..it evolved into EFT..then BSFF (by the way, the creator of EFT, Gary Craig, after he saw Dr. Nims with BSFF he kinda gave up at using EFT because BSFF was much faster/deeper..)

BUT, in cases with profound disturbing roots like yours, it is recommanded to have a counselor to treat you..at least in the beginning...then you can LEARN BSFF and treat yourself very fast about anything and whenever it is necessary. And, who knows, you will become a great healer...this is a common path that the best healers had...they suffered very much before...

I also recommand you, to visit this site : http://www.ask-angels.com . Personally, i found it very useful and helpful - it offers even free guided "meditations"-the ones channelled and recorded as messages, advices and ways to communicate with Angels and Archangels, with our soul with help of Angels,etc... Actually you have there even therapy sessions with healing energy from angels and angelic readings.

I wish you to be free=to be you !


answered 01 Jun '13, 18:49

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edited 02 Jun '13, 03:03

I watched the videos on BSFF. It seemed to be a lot like the ZPoint Process By Grant Connolly and Chinese Energetics by Paul Wong. Both of which influenced EZDS. I was wondering if you have used EZDS enough to compare it with the BSFF. I would love to hear/read the comparrison. Thanks

(01 Jun '13, 19:11) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess Hello ! I know for a fact that Zpoint Process, as his creator admitts it and gives formally in his book, a big thank you to Dr. Nims (among others), is "evolved" from BSFF (of course, on the core level, but certainly there are other influences too). I simply practiced one day Zpoint Process from wich (well, at least partially) you created your own (bravo!) technique and, at least for me, there is no "new" completion to the BSFF therapy.

(01 Jun '13, 19:30) holla

contd. Actually, you have (well, me) more control of the process of healing with BSFF then..well..anything else :) Because you adress directly the "subconscious mind" wich governs/control absolutely everything, including energy channels..so, for me, there is no point in "diverting" the healing process! There is no "part" of the subconscious mind that BSFF does not cover it, to allow a full healing.

(01 Jun '13, 19:39) holla

Of course, if someone, due to his/hers believes and education, is more related to the energy channels and the almost "shaman" style (wich i like it a lot, too) of the other therapies mentioned, then, yes they will be more appealing..but for me, the perfect scientifc approach (by the way, BSFF is scientific because it has the necessary criterias to be, as in any "regular" science processes !) is by far more powerful, understandable and focused ! Like a laser :)

(01 Jun '13, 19:47) holla

I apologise for the many little comments (due to space limitations) because i do not want to give anybody any wrong idea..i just wanna be helpful and pinpoint explanatory..by the way, did you know what BeSetFreeFast means? " It is a descriptive acronym for "Behavioral & Emotional Symptom Elimination Training For Resolving Excess Emotion: Fear, Anger, Sadness & Trauma."

(01 Jun '13, 19:57) holla

Thank you for that info about BSFF. I only heard of it today in that other question. However, have you tried EZDS? It also speeks to the subconscious mind using THT. I would love an actual comparisson of the two. Thanks

(01 Jun '13, 22:46) Fairy Princess
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