Got an paper to submit by next week an can seem to start - I need help!!!

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Kathleen Kelly ♦♦

I think you need to elaborate a bit more MoonWillow on what you're asking. If you question is about procrastination maybe check out some of the answers here...

(07 Nov '11, 19:32) Michaela

And here...

(07 Nov '11, 19:33) Michaela

I'm closing this question for now to give you the chance to add more detail to it and explain how it relates to the Law of Attraction as mentioned in your title. It will be reopened once you have done so. Thanks

(07 Nov '11, 20:25) Barry Allen ♦♦

MoonWillow imagine yourself as doing that which you have to do and doing it well. Bring the feeling of acomplishment with you so get a bit excited about it. Now go and do your work whatever it is (studing or writing a paper with a feeling of imagined excitement and it will go much easier. Do It! For the longer you wait the more difficult it is. You see the law of attraction is not only about thinking it is also about doing. Think that you can and you will get it right. Hurry up for you dont have musch time. Just do it.

(08 Nov '11, 08:21) Paulina 1

Sorry for being so vague with my question.

Thank you Paulina, I've been concentrating on clearing up my procrastination and I just needed to get my thoughts to flow onto paper. Anyways, I asked and it was given, a friend of mine who had to write the same paper last year decided to help me out last evening, so now it's all falling into place.

All my love MoonWillow

(08 Nov '11, 14:07) MoonWillow

There is plenty here on LOA and if not enough go to there are plenty of good books there you could write about.

(12 Nov '11, 20:28) Wade Casaldi
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