If the goal is unlimited expression of universal consciousness (the freeing of oneself from all limitation and the return to God, if you will), then why did we choose to be limited in the first place?

Were we originally unlimited, and chose a limited life for our learning, or did we have to rise up from zero consciousness to less limited consciousness, and so on?

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By the way, Vesuvius, congratulations on the milestone. When I reached it, I thought, "Well, it's just a number." But it does make available some new tools. I also want to take this opportunity to tell you that I appreciate your thought provoking insights and points of view. Your contributions to this site are significant.

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Thanks...I appreciate your comments.

(21 Nov '09, 21:16) Vesuvius
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We choose to experience a perception of a limited living to encourage inner growth. If everything was perfect would you be inspired to create something better? Growth sometimes needs inspiration.


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+1 for actually answering the question that was asked!

(24 Nov '09, 04:50) Vesuvius

I know I'm a little late to the party for this question but I must have missed it the first time. The question reminded me of a tremendous passage in Ken MacLean's Dialogues - Conversations With My Higher Self.

I'll quote the passage below because it is full of profound thoughts and worth some contemplation...the conversation is between Ken and The Guys, the non-physical group he is in contact with (similar to Abraham)

The Guys: The important quality of unlimitedness is the ability to limit itself! Do you see? Only that which is unlimited may limit itself. If it could not limit itself, it would be limited in nature! Without limits there is no existence and without existence there is no experience. Experience is the only reason for the creation of a universe.

So now we have something that is unlimited, yet, by that very unlimitedness, is limited; it is both limited and not limited. This is the paradox of defining something that is eternal and infinite in nature.

It is reflexive, circular, it folds back in upon itself. The answer to the question is the question itself. Or perhaps we should say, the answer to the question is the questioner. Both question and answer come forth from the consciousness/awareness of the questioner.

The answer can be anything, for the questioner has the ability to be both unlimited and limited, and the number of ways in which the questioner can limit itself, in the answer to the question, is unlimited!!!

Are you getting this a little bit?

Ken: Yes, this is cool. So my questions about the origin of consciousness is like saying, ‘How does the questioner limit itself in the answering of the question?’

The Guys: That is good! There are as many replies to the question as there are ideas in the consciousness of the questioner. ALL OF THE ANSWERS ARE CORRECT!!

That is what trips humans up. Humans want to have systems of thought in which there are defined limits upon the correct answers, and then to say that any thought outside these boundaries is incorrect.

And, within the limitations of that system of thought, this is correct!! On your planet there are many religions and philosophies that embrace this concept of ‘limited correctness.’ But of course, the limiting of thought is valuable because it brings comfort and stability in all of the diversity and contrast.

But beyond the limitations of a particular religion, philosophy or political belief, any answers that are considered wrong by any system of thought are also correct, because there may be a being who does not wish to limit himself in quite this way.

Therefore, there is no right or wrong! This is something that will disgust moralists and those concerned with ethics, but in an infinite universe of eternal beings, all thought and action is celebrated, for there can be no harm inflicted; only another way of experiencing and of knowing self.

In other words, all questions, answers and experience are correct, because they all proceed or are part of the eternal intelligence which brings it forth

Session 57 - Dialogues (Conversations With My Higher Self) - Ken MacLean


answered 25 Mar '10, 22:55

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I think the yearning to awake and become all that we are capable of being shows that we haven't accepted limitations on our existence. If we had accepted limitations we would not be on this site, endeavouring to learn and grow from the insights each of us can provide. We came here, not to be limited, but to learn and grow both from a human and spiritual viewpoint. Only when we come into this realization fully do we become free and limitless.


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You are what you perceive your self to be "as in the mind is in the body".

Jesus said we can do all things through him, if we believe.

We are born into this world like a clean slate for the conscious mind is anew. Than as we grow and learn we add to the slate (to the conscious mind) what we see, what we hear, the way we are treated, the positive and negative ideas and perceptions of things people, parents and others say we can and can't do.

Then as we get older we apply negative and positive things to ourselves as well. Now if we have been in deep thought with our selves an believe in our selves whole heartedly as some would say than you begin to rise above the negative stereotypes people place on you and become the person you always knew deep down in your heart you knew you could be and do.

Now as you research and get to know your self better you realize your own personal thoughts affect you in an mighty big way. So you begin to tune out the negative thoughts of yourself at first and then others later (trying real hard to keep the doubt at bay).

So now mankind has learned that God has created him to be an mighty creature with superb intelligence to speak and become what ever he desires. So this may take many years because we must also remember we must eat and give our bodies all of the nutrients it requires to maintain the healthiest of bodies in order to continue to bring in the thought process of self creating. Now food has had so many additives and preservatives added to it that it is not going to help keep the body in it natural healthy state. Yes we can think and speak into an healthy state but we must also give it the proper nutrients so it can keep itself in that almost perfect healthy state.

If we continue to focus on an healthy mind, spirit, and body for us all than we will be limitless as we perceive our selves to be according to how we take good care of our physical bodies, our human brain and mind, and our spirit. Belief is the KEY.

We must project goodness, good health, kindness, peace, love, prosperity, friendship, compassion, understanding, tranquility, respect and oneness with God in the larger reallity of the world as well as your own personal reality.


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Very nice answer Michaela. I believe that we are all eternal spirit that has been granted a human experience rather than a body that has a spirit. The awakening occurs when we shed our ego and allow our mind , body, to follow that eternal spirit through messages given to us in our emotions. We are here to feel good. If it doesn't make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, adjust your direction.


answered 21 Nov '09, 21:12

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One can only get ready for the truth through living life and challenging its limitations.Then you appreciate your wholeness because now you are ready for that.


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Barry Allen ♦♦

though a while later, yes, here to learn what it is to be human

(19 Aug '22, 20:53) fred

because of ignorance! man is creator! on this earth apart from nature everything is man made! but is ignorance makes man think that the creation have more power then him or he use creation to have power over other! so man cause is own suffering!


answered 10 May '11, 19:37

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white tiger

white tiger, we do create our own suffering especially when challenging nature. however in the core of our hearts is that part/sliver of the All and until it is recognized we play with our man-made gods. if we only use 1/3 of our potential we set ourselves up for limitations, errors, more suffering than necessary.

(11 May '11, 00:04) fred

what ever the quantity of potential you use if you set limit and accept stuf from ignorance you cause suffering! the only limit is the one that you imposse on your self! anduntil every body can notice that there will always be error stupidity and suffering!why i say everybody because we all share this world! so even if you try to make it good for you there will always be other people jealous of you and they will try to make it tuff for you out of ignorance! and if you don't accept limit imposse on you people will not accept it! look at the movie matrix or the story of jesus! and you will seeit

(11 May '11, 02:30) white tiger

that is why jesus said be in this world but do not be apart from it! "Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it."

(11 May '11, 02:32) white tiger

in the matrix they try to get people out of it but they need to becarefull because many are not ready and will fight to protect the system! even if the system control them and enslave them!

(11 May '11, 05:18) white tiger
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We as children have been told that we can do this,or we can't do that.We were programed to think as those before us.If you locked a baby in a room and never told him or her that this or that wasn't possable,they would think anything was.You have to listen with,not only your ears,but with all your sences to truely know that all is possable.


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randy 5

For the purpose of individuation. This is an excerpt from the book Ascension, The Doorway Home, channeled by Jeannie Weyrick. Feels intuitively right to me.

I also see a connection to Stingray's quote of The Guys: "Without limits there is no existence and without existence there is no experience. Experience is the only reason for the creation of a universe." Jeannie: "The purpose, that hidden agenda is for you to have personal experiences which give you an individual sense of perception."

Woden's answer, that it is about inspiring inner growth, also apropos.

What is the purpose of your life experiences here? Why did you press yourself into a small human form, and separate yourself from the consciousness of self as an eternal being? Why have we painfully adjusted to an alien reality, to physical sensations, gravity, emotions, survival, life, death, instinct, and the genetics of the animal's body? Why have we learned to perceive, manipulate and work within this realm? The purpose, that hidden agenda is for you to have personal experiences which give you an individual sense of perception. You are on a temporal journey with eternal rewards. The journey through physical time and space marks you, makes you unique as you expand out from earth.

On the second level away from earth, you don't have physical pain or disease, unless you choose them, not a popular choice. The group consciousness no longer makes the solid rules of reality. Within this dimension, you can start the assimilation of all the lives you have lived, the lives you could have lived or would have lived, with what you are eternally. You become a unique, individual eternal being. Without this birthing process of the identity, all the children of God would have the same sense of perception. If all the same, "I love you," the tone, the sound, the vibration would be identical. To differentiate you from the others, you need experiences which give you an individual sense of perception. So you put on all these garments of beggar, thief, king, prince, murderer, lover, father, mother, and child. You are thrown into this life and go through your own personal, experiences to become unique. If you were to lose everything you experienced and learned here as you expand away from this consciousness back into your true identity, then life here would serve no purpose. The incarnation in life would serve no function at all if you can't retain it, assimilate it and let it define you as an eternal entity.

One school of thought says what you experienced in life will not matter. All the good and bad you did, all the heartaches and happiness will make no difference. It will just fade away, and you'll go back to being your higher self. But that isn't the purpose of life at all. The purpose is for you to assimilate the higher self into this new being, this unique and differentiated eternal being. What if you were a horrible, lousy person? It doesn't mean you want to assimilate an eternal, horrible person. What you would assimilate is a person who is much more courteous and considerate, with an understanding of the motivation of selfishness. A person who would have a conscious sense of understanding of justifications for and the conditions and situations that caused the selfishness, and maybe even a unique liking of it from time to time. All this would affect your eternal identity. In one sense, the more diverse experiences you have the better. They are your real reward for existence here.

At the second level, the conditions of existence are optimum. That being true, why do you come back into this physical reality? Because of its preciousness, because of its importance to you. It is important for you to be in the physical body to develop your own individual characteristics and personal sense of perception. These are the treasures you will take with you as you expand back outward.


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