I think that the "Sleeping Giant" that America has been in the past has woken up once again. I wondered last year to myself why Americans were not protesting the ridiculous cost of gasoline...I thought everyone was "just lying down and taking it". I guess that America has been awakened as we have seen our houses lose their value (26% since about 2006 or so); we have seen our jobs lost by the thousands to places like China, because corporations seem only concerned with profit and are no longer caring about the people who work for them...In other words, the Bottom Line is now running our country, and not the people of the country.

But it has turned scary and ugly in some places. Last month in Oakland, California, an offshoot of the "Occupy Wall Street Movement" marched and devastated that city. You can watch video here of that horrible day--these people are the "trolls" of what is supposed to be a peaceful movement for change.

What does all of this mean for the world? Is this a good thing, or is it bad? What does all of this mean in terms of the future we all are manifesting?

I think we on Inward Quest, as thinking people, need to bring this subject out for discussion.

In Peace,


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Thank you all for your answers! I hope more people will comment as well. This is Really Important! Thanks>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(22 Nov '11, 00:27) Jaianniah

Hi Jai. This has been coming for a long time and it is on a global scale not only in America. People have been used and abused by fat cats that are interested in their pockets only no matter what they say.

Today with companies closing there are many hungry people where before there was plenty. With downsizing many people are overworked and are doing jobs of two or more. Many are fearful that if they dont give their very soul to the company they might not have a job and won't be able to feed their families or keep a roof over their heads.

I saw this coming for many years already and was in awe that the people in governments and big corporate giants couldnt fathom this out. If a man is hungry because he lost his job so that his fat cat boss can overwork fewer people and get bigger profits what do they think will happen? A man or woman with hungry mouths to feed and no mony for food will have no option but to turn to crime while screaming revolution.

Well the revolution has begun and this is just the beginning. It will spread globaly and even though it will be tough it will force change and new laws and rules which will be better for the man in the street.

Maybe they should make new laws like "If you dont make it in my country you dont sell it in my country". That way all the world will have some work and the fat cats wont be able to move to the cheapest flavour of the year country like China or India where young people get abused by working under unhumane conditions.


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Paulina 1

i do not think that law will change annything. people with money always find a way to go over the law. they dump shit in the enviromment.make children work etc. and if you need something from another country that is not made here you would be screwed.

(22 Nov '11, 03:13) white tiger


(22 Nov '11, 03:16) white tiger
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well that is what happen when people have the value at the wrong place and let them self be control by greed. you see it on the tv every day people in high position rob people scam people make money on the back of people. but those people will eventually learn that there is a balence and their exist some limit to what they can do. has for those movement being violent jai. they where not violent today. it was the cop that where using pepper spray on pacific manifestent and once they are all blind they charge in. so if you are pacific you get screwed and if you are violent because of that you are screwed again. will something good come out of this? has for gasoline people all over the world should not go to work for a fee weeks then you would see the price go down. imagine the fat cat stuck with many boats full of gas but they cannot dump it annywhere cause nothing is moving and no one is buying. maybe it is something like that that is needed to wake them up.


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white tiger

I finally have found a question I can answer quickly and simply! Woot! ^_^

I believe we are on the brink of a massive shift in global spirituality. We could either move forward, or backwards, and the decision is up to the common belief of humanity. Backwards being self destruction, likely through nuclear war, and forwards being embodied by this video:


This is the future that I see for our world, and I pray that we are strong enough to make it a reality.

(Just the idea of that video puts a smile on my face that I could not remove even if I wanted to. ^_^)


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good video leo. it tells more about the movement then just seing it on the news.

(21 Nov '11, 08:22) white tiger

It is the best representation of the 'true' feeling of Occupy I've ever seen. Of course there are always vocal minorities who encourage the us vs them mentality, but it isn't shared among the TRUE Occupiers.

The news is very biased, from both the left and the right. As is the news from within the Occupy movement itself. The only way to truly know anything about it is to discover for yourself.

"Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see."


(21 Nov '11, 08:25) Leo

well i do not believe so it will not be to hard.smile. have faith leo.

(21 Nov '11, 08:46) white tiger

Thank you, Leo!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(21 Nov '11, 09:22) Jaianniah

This video tells me that this whole occupy thing has no direction, no ideas and no agenda. It seems like peaceful bellyaching to me. I want to see change too but I believe the Twelve Visions Party has the vision, direction, organization and agenda to achieve change for the better. Mark Hamilton has a vision for our future, not protest but actual plan for change. I saw no mention of plans in this video and it seems most have no idea what they are protesting for only what they are protesting against.

(22 Nov '11, 06:46) Wade Casaldi

I greatly appreciate the alternative point of view. =) Understanding how other people view things helps me build objectivity. ^_^

(22 Nov '11, 09:09) Leo

I am simply saying to move forwards you need a destination in mind to get to, not putting the car in park and complaining saying I don't want to be here. If looked at from manifesting you always try to move towards what you want, in other words working on what you want. That is because just as Ester Hicks said in "The Secret" if you fight what you don't want you will get more of what you don't want.

(22 Nov '11, 15:49) Wade Casaldi

Egypt is a perfect example, the people peacefully protested until Mubaric left. This was the extent of the change that they wanted, get the old out! But no one thought "replace it with what?" "We don't care just get the old out!" They did and now it is happening all over again because what they got is the same or worse. Our country was built by optimist visionaries, we need more people that think of how great our country could be. What laws need removed or added what rights need added. This is real change when people stop looking at how bad things are and start believing how great things can b

(22 Nov '11, 16:12) Wade Casaldi
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Boycotting works, another thing is signing petitions works. Peaceful protest works. But violent destructive protest only makes everything worse. Those people are turning where they live into ghettos on purpose! I wonder when they see all the damage they caused for years to come if they will think it was an improvement then? When they see what little jobs they did have they drove away through their violence would they consider that an improvement?

It seems their message is we don't want your businesses anymore we don't want your banks anymore. I guess their mob mentality blinds them to the fact of what made our country great and why even the poor in our country have indoor plumbing and toilets. There are many countries that don't. Gorbachev was shocked when Reagan showed him peoples homes even the poorest and Gorbachev thought even the poorest live well with their own indoor plumbing.

It seems they are trying to ruin capitalism and thus destroy the opportunity of the freedom to create your own business and live a good life by your own hand.

Edit added

We have shopping malls the size of football fields where everyone including the poor shop whether they have only $20 or $500 they all have the same privilege to shop there. Our country is based on the ideal of capitalism, the idea that everyone has an equal chance to raise up in this country and can start from near nothing to do so.

America is a prosperous country, it seems that what has made our country great has been being changed over many years and we have been losing our ability to bring that American ingenuity to achieve that greatness that lifts the country as a whole.

We need to instill the Twelve Visions Party to save America and bring it back to the prosperity it had in the past and can have again.


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Wade Casaldi

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balence needs to be achive.but has long has the system will not be just and that some people will think only with the ego and make more profit mentallity.this will go on you will see wave of peace and violence.a dance of polarity. maybe one day all the world will find harmony.

(21 Nov '11, 20:37) white tiger

wade, if there was benevolence, some compassion or business ethics truly followed, i'd have more sympathy for your answer. superior plumbing had been used eons ago in certain societies yet the focus of 'get the most now' brought each to ruins

(21 Nov '11, 20:42) fred

That is what I see as a possible ramification of this "brought each to ruins." I live here and don't want to see 235 years toward this country's prosperity and standard of living go to ruins. That would be like saying to Abe Lincoln and Gorge Washington, "You died in vain we don't appreciate what you did, we were better off in England!"

(21 Nov '11, 22:32) Wade Casaldi

wade maybe if people start living from inside(the kingdom is in you)then maybe it will be better.the problem is not staying in this or that land but finding the kingdom and making this world a better place. experience and enjoy.

(21 Nov '11, 23:19) white tiger

Actually, Wade, our country was not founded upon capitalism--it was founded upon Freedom and Personal Liberty. Remember the Pilgrims? They left good homes in England to scratch out a meager life in New England, all because of their need to be free and practice the religion of their choice. Our right to assemble PEACEFULLY and to have free speech are GUARANTEED rights of Our Constitution. I do not think that America suffers from an excess of Capitalism or lack of Capitalism- I think it suffers from a lack of leadership and values. Love you!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(22 Nov '11, 00:25) Jaianniah

Your perception of the Occupy movement made me very, very sad. It reflects a very severe failing on behalf of the movement to portray itself clearly enough to be understood. That being said, be careful where you get your information. The people who are committing ANY crimes beyond illegally camping in a public park after dark are NOT OCCUPIERS! You blaming Occupy for the people vandilizing and encouraging anarchy is no different than me blaming Christians for the Westboro Baptist Church picketing soldier's funerals with signs that say God Hates Fags, God Hates America, Thank God For 911. [...]

(22 Nov '11, 00:56) Leo

Please do not judge the majority because of the actions of a vocal minority that the media happens to love to emphasize on. The same goes for Occupiers who demonize police officers because of the few cops who ARE abusing their power.

Judge each person by their own merits, not by the merits of those who claim to be associated. Making judgments against groups of people like you are doing without getting the whole story is no different than hating all Muslims, Christians, Republicans, Democrats, Cops, Occupiers, Atheists, or even specific races or nationalities.

(22 Nov '11, 00:58) Leo

White Tiger on living in Heaven I agree, Jesus gave us that and you are right. +1

(22 Nov '11, 03:46) Wade Casaldi

you have limited the 'ring pass-not' to your abilities, and then declare it to be so; on whose authority do you preach

(23 Nov '11, 00:48) fred

Fred what in the world are you talking about?

(24 Nov '11, 04:00) Wade Casaldi
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maybe there is a thought afoot,
that our world was not just made for man
or the most powerful of his species.
are we ready yet to give to each of their kind?


answered 21 Nov '11, 20:52

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