If you believe that you can create something real based on your intent and thoughts, isn't that really just faith in action? In that case, wouldn't people of great faith (consciously or not) be constantly creating their world with God's help? In other words, what we are really talking about when we talk about "manifesting" is believing so strongly that we change the Universe with our faith.

Christ spoke of this many times...and I think now that I understand what He was referring to when He said we could move a mountian with our faith if we chose to...

Happy-Almost-New-Year, Jaianniah (12/30/09)

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I agree with Vesuvius that the faith should be so much as knowing, like when I manifested my bicycles there was no faith that this was just to be in other words no trying involved just a knowing that that was what was going to be mine, what mine will be like.

That knowing is the mountain moving faith Jesus talked about so I agree with you Jai as well on the faith of Jesus it was so strong it was really knowing, it requires no effort because it is known as it IS. When we tend to think of faith, we tend to think almost as if I believe this is going to be, I believe this is going to be, I believe this is going to be, but that is really working on faith, real faith is I know this will be, so I am cool and calm.

In that faith is great peace and power, it gets the greatest results with the least effort, this is kind of like the bamboo reed that offers no resistance to the wind, it bends and blows over only to straiten back out after wards. But the Maple that tries to stand strong against the wind breaks off and is destroyed.

That is very similar to faith the more effort it takes the less effective it is and it is destroyed by the effort itself.

Faith that takes effort is no faith.


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Wade Casaldi

Wade, this simple answer is actually a Great Truth! Thank you. Jai

(30 Dec '09, 14:16) Jaianniah

I had always hoped that I would find people of "knowing" rather than people of "faith."

Faith is what happens when you believe in something without proof. However, once your belief is affirmed (i.e. you manifest for the first time), you now know that it works, and faith is no longer necessary.

Unfortunately, I have come to believe, based on what I have read on this board and my experiences with the faith-full and prayer, that reality creation defies any attempts at proof. It has no time limits, cannot be guided by your deliberate actions or intuition, and depends on intangible and unknowable energies. Hence, faith must inescapably remain faith.

So yes, those with the greatest skills at manifestation are also those with the greatest faith.

In time, perhaps, as those people see patterns of manifestation in their life that correlate with their patterns of thought, they can begin to approach a state of knowing. But it seems that such a state of knowing is difficult for a person like me to attain, someone who looks at the world and sees God's handiwork all around him, like an exquisitely crafted timepiece, waiting for science to unlock its secrets, and discover its proofs. It seems almost inconceivable to me that the Law of Attraction would work in any other way than this.

So it's almost ironic to me that the simpler the mind, the easier it must be for that mind to access Eternity. Like a child unfettered by logic, unencumbered by facts, and unconcerned with rules, I see such a mind as only concerned with living in the moment, finding joy, and being delighted by the wonder of it all.

It must be nice.


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I think you guys are prying open the Pandora’s Box of great truth.

We keep referring to this idea of manifesting as creating something or attracting something.

The real truth is that you are becoming something.

What you think of as the world around you is actually YOU!

You don't end at the boundary where your body meets the empty space that surrounds your physical vessel.

You are a point of reference in conscious creation that extends from where you stand to every direction towards infinity. Of course your influence also weakens in every direction.

All the things that you are trying to attract are actually you trying to re-define yourself.

How do you have this power?

Because the Creator is you

You are not the Creator (all of creation), but the creator is you.

You have to become the creation (experience) within your consciousness and hold it.

You are already doing this, warts and all.

What you are in your consciousness (what you believe) reflects back to you in the physical so that you can see what it is that you are holding in your consciousness. (Or you can physically see who you are right now)

This reflection in the physical happens with a delay called time. As we master this process I believe, we will get to move toward doing the same thing with a shorter and shorter time delay. This process is already starting to happen.

Haven’t you noticed?


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The Traveller

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Yes, I see what you mean...I the relatively short time I have been working on this site, I have begun to see what you are saying...I never, ever thought I would give up my cigarettes, but when I saw myself as the Creator of my own reality, then it was pretty simple to go from that idea to becoming a non-smoker (for example). Great answer! Jai

(30 Dec '09, 14:14) Jaianniah
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