It seems that, in order to manifest properly, we are required to turn our brain off, or stop thinking and analyzing, so that we can more easily come into alignment with the vibration of our request.

Why is this? Is there a role for our analytical, thinking self, or must we relegate our intelligence to the back seat of our spiritual process?

asked 17 Dec '09, 22:51

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I can assure you that you don't have to turn your brain off or stop thinking and analyzing in order to manifest what you want - you just have to release the resistance you have to it coming.

For some people, this may involve not thinking about that subject again, because thinking about it keeps reactivating the resistance that stops the manifestation.

But that's rather a crude approach - rather like wearing ear-plugs to block off the noise of a continually-ringing alarm clock, instead of just turning off the alarm.

And also that's rather a difficult thing to do if what you want to manifest is hard to health, relationship or financial matters.

It would be much better to soothe yourself into a much better feeling-place regarding the topic of your manifestation. That way, whenever you think about that subject again, you won't be activating the resistance anymore.

Remember that the neutral point is your friend so you don't have to feel good, or even not think about the thing you want, you just have to not actively resist it.


answered 17 Dec '09, 23:25

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