If your beliefs create your reality, is there always a time lag between the moment you believe in a new reality, and the moment that the new reality becomes manifest?

Could it take years? Is it possible to run out of time (you die) before manifestation takes place?

asked 15 Nov '09, 00:57

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Reality creation is not ordinarily instantaneous in terms of physical manifestations. However, the moment you believe, the new reality is manifest in a very real sense. Our body resonates with the new reality. We can feel it emotionally and physiologically. The complete physical manifestation may take a short time or years. I think it's important to understand that reality creation is not magic. It's not like having a genie in a lamp who makes your wish come true instantly. It's often the case that our beliefs require lengthy, hard work on our part to bring about the manifestation of the new reality, and we could certainly die before the complete physical manifestation takes place. But what is more important is that the reality already lives within us and can be experienced and enjoyed in its emotional, physiological, and intellectual forms. That reality can also begin to influence others around us, which may hasten its complete manifestation.


answered 15 Nov '09, 10:06

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+1 for recognizing that work is required.

(15 Nov '09, 18:14) Vesuvius

Yes work is required and not only on the mental but also the physical.

(06 Jan '12, 04:57) Paulina 1

NO, there isn't always a timelag between the moment you desire a new reality and the new reality manifesting.

If there is absolute belief and no resistance to the new reality, then it should manifest instantly. The reason for this is that as soon as you have the desire for this new reality, the universe creates it instantly in the non-physical and the time lag comes from us taking the time to allow it into our physical reality. But, there is no reason why there needs to be a time lag at all if we absolutely believe in it and expect it.

YES, manifestation can take years and you can die before the manifestation happens. In fact, this is what happens to most of us. We don't allow our desires to manifest when we are alive. We actually have to die and then experience the manifestations as we then become non-physical and the manifestations are already in the non-physical.


answered 15 Nov '09, 10:21

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Pink Diamond

Well said.

(06 Jan '12, 05:00) Paulina 1

Anything is possiable. God says an day can be like an 1000 years and a 1000 years can be like an day. God is real. There are so many variables that can happen or be it depends on so many things as you make choices, think and speak good postive thoughts and words and send up your prayers to God.

God does answer prayers. Yes in his own time according to our own faith. He said if we have as much faith as an mustard seed we could move mountains.

Yes, it can take moments, years and yes you could run out of time it is all according to your faith in God, Jesus, and yourself. For Jesus said we can do things as great as him or better. Jesus said all things are possiable through Jesus.


answered 15 Nov '09, 06:38

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Love this answer.

(06 Jan '12, 04:59) Paulina 1

This is a hard one to answer as I really don't know. Personally I have never had an instantaneous manifestation, it would almost seem like magical thinking. I think obviously the stronger our faith and the better we feel about something ( or I guess the worse we feel too) the quicker the manifestation as our vibration is aligned with what is coming. I think we have to feel it on a cellular level of our Being. I only know since beginning my spiritual journey or "Inward Quest" things have begun to change, but not overnight.


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Well, I think and as i have learnt and experienced, there is no specific time lag between wishing and getting the thing manifested in hand. the time lag is created by us with the help of our beliefs that is also called faith. So the point is to increase the faith level, understand and change the beliefs if necessary and I think we can manifest anything we want. I read "Illusions" by "Richard Bach" and this is awesome book to understand the existence and manifesting. It talks a lot on changing the belief system. There is the key. Change the belief and there you go, you are free!!!


answered 22 Dec '09, 19:21

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When you believe it you have it, and if you need to see it before believe it, it can not come. Abraham says. In theory, in science there is no god time, the manifestation is manifestation, ask BELIEVE and receive, the time is your believe time, the of the tide stage in the manifestation is believe since universe does not contradict him self, think right feel right and get it it is yours or no it does not Commensurate with my schedule, I will let you have it in more another suitable time. I think universe is more like you are a part of me, follow me, imitate me and have it all. And that imitation is plus the believe is filtering the self from the bad feelings of doubting, envy, jealous, allowing, release resistance, ..... and it does take time. practically I am working on manifesting some thing, I BELIEVE it, I am meditating, practicing, meditating and practicing, many evidences are shown, signals are roaming but yet there is no manifestation not what please the mind. Is it related to God time? I do not believe that, I should not believe that, for when it is law the fault must be from appliers and this law is not paradox law.


answered 04 Jan '12, 07:16

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r0la, if you understand all of the laws of nature and spirit it may be plausible to have instantaneous reaction to form of your thought. however, most of us are still learning how little we really know. and i doubt if there is any time for HIM, since time marks finiteness

(05 Jan '12, 20:51) fred

it depends if you are over ego and it is really needed it could happen right now. look at this video and you will see it.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5p-LJ0JIKs&feature=related

experience and enjoy.


answered 05 Jan '12, 21:20

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white tiger

It depends on the medium, for example in mind matter, manifestations can be perceived immediately, how we feel when we think of something is immediate ... this is demonstrated when dowsing, doing clairvoyance, telepathy etc. ... in denser mediums such as physical matter manifestations take longer ... in theory time scales seem unlimited, some things could take more than a lifetime to manifest ... i suppose in this case the mechanism of the manifestation would be integrated into the original birth vibration (karma)

have a great day


answered 04 Jan '12, 07:27

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blubird two

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