An unusual thought process I had... Many of the people here share in many beliefs that would be considered unusual by the less 'open minded'. It made me curious what you all think about other subjects of similar abnormality.

[I hope this type of question is tolerated. I'm very happy with how the minds of the community members here work, and I really enjoy hearing how they form their thoughts and opinions. I am not asking this question seeking an answer from a 'normal' perspective, and that is why I ask it here and not in another forum. I think the people here are a source of a very special kind of view on life that is extremely difficult to find.)

First, how do you feel about the thought that the Old Gods were actually aliens or fallen angels? This video explains the thought concept much more clearly, discussing ancient technology and how modern science is related:

The other question is what do you think about Val Valiant Thor? A supposed alien from Venus who was here to warn of the coming of Christ. He is discussed in the first video as being a voluntary visitor to the white house in the mid 1900s. (More info available here: )

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Hello Leo. Please ask only one specific question at a time in each Inward Quest thread. Asking multiple questions in one leads to a jumbling of answers in the thread and makes it difficult for others to follow the thread. It also makes it difficult for others in future to find the answers they are looking for. It would be better if you now edit this "question" and split it into two separate ones. Thanks

(22 Nov '11, 10:11) Barry Allen ♦♦

Under normal circumstances I would agree with you entirely, however the latter is referenced in the former. Val Valiant Thor is referenced as one of these beings whom is responsible for sharing advanced technology with humans. I understand how the correlation between aliens, angels, and gods could be confusing if you have not been exposed to the discussion topic referenced by the first video before, it is definitely not a belief circle that most people are aware of.

(22 Nov '11, 12:26) Leo

Thanks for editing the question to make the connection clear

(22 Nov '11, 14:45) Barry Allen ♦♦
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Very interesting video. It reminds me of a lot of the Erich Von Daniken films. Also it reminds me of some of my early questions.

My belief is a little different not aliens but something far more perplexing. Human race evolution in other words we are their descendants, the survivors of past nuclear annihilation of the planet. Many generations and so as the song goes, "Everything old is new again."

My organization I belong to believes space is riddled with human intelligence that we used to call Gods but it really is our destiny to become.

First we have to conquer aging and death, once this has been reached it would only be natural we would evolve in intelligence to infinity to the point we can create our own Big Bang if so needed and start a new universe.


answered 22 Nov '11, 16:48

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Wade Casaldi

"the survivors of past nuclear annihilation of the planet." It's amazing to me that someone else actually believes anything of this sort... Because it is the conclusion I came to. I wish there were some way to actually see the history of the planet clearly.. Rather one I was capable of. I love studying our current history, and the idea that it is not even a fraction of our true history is an extremely compelling thought for me. =] Much appreciation for sharing.

(23 Nov '11, 07:52) Leo

I remember when I saw the original Planet of the Apes and Charlton Heston finds the buried Statue of Liberty and drops to his knees cursing all mankind for destroying everything. I felt a ice cold come over me and a sense that this part is more than just fiction, that there is truth in this moment of discovery. Some years later on I discovered there is a holy book in India called the Mahabharata that clearly talks about a war between Rama and Atlantis a nuclear war with mushroom clouds. Years later I found they discovered the ruined city of Rama that looked like it melted.

(23 Nov '11, 13:43) Wade Casaldi

(23 Nov '11, 13:48) Wade Casaldi

i just have think about something there is suppose to be some people under the north pole with 6 finger and 7 toes. if i remember well from reading lobsang rampa.

(24 Nov '11, 18:16) white tiger

I just went to the link and could find nothing about the north pole or six fingers and seven toes. That is too bad because what you wrote I really found interesting White Tiger.

(24 Nov '11, 18:58) Wade Casaldi

I feel similar perceptions when I watch a few different doomsday movies. They make me believe that humanity has destroyed itself countless times in the past, far more than we even believe is possible. And each time we start over with a tiny bit of something left over to make sure we don't make the same mistake again, which works out because there are countless other mistakes to make. I believe good writers aren't always just coming up with 'stories', they are channeling the spirit of someone who actually existed in another reality, or maybe our own, and they are living out their story.

(26 Nov '11, 12:07) Leo

Sorry, Leo...I do NOT agree with your thoughts about good writers...When I write something well, I do not think that I am channeling anyone; I just write...Wade suggests that perhaps good writers tap into some long-forgotten truths...but as for channeling- that is denigrating to the writer. It means that nobody writes without help from another entity, which I do not agree with.>>>>>>>>>>>>

(26 Nov '11, 17:07) Jaianniah

Writers being people with open minds are more in tune to tap into long forgotten truths. Examples of many futuristic writers in the past that has turned into present day technology. They had a vision of the future but maybe it was from a past long forgotten, around and around we go.

(26 Nov '11, 17:10) Wade Casaldi
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This here is what my channeled source say about this. 1


answered 22 Nov '11, 20:51

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TReb Bor yit-NE

my sound isn't working, is there anything in script/ thank you

(23 Nov '11, 02:38) fred

no, i am srry,a nd the cc is horrible loolol,,, i appologise. i will try ot get u some info on this

(23 Nov '11, 18:51) TReb Bor yit-NE

Hmm... Many of your videos seem very interesting. I do not have the time to watch them in full at the moment, but I do appreciate your sharing and plan on going through them in more detail as soon as I am able to.

(24 Nov '11, 05:04) Leo

i am sorry that i wanst able to get teh words for you, ty as well leo

(26 Nov '11, 18:09) TReb Bor yit-NE
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Hi Leo, here's some links that I'm sure you will find very interesting and enjoy :)

Love and Light


answered 23 Nov '11, 14:18

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Extremely interesting indeed. Thanks for sharing. =)

(24 Nov '11, 05:03) Leo

Many cultures have worshiped more than one God--it was the Hebrews who were taught by the One God that there was only One God- a relatively new idea for the time. It was a very hard concept for people to swallow, and although the majority of the Western World believes this, there are still many people who acknowledge more than one God.

That being said, I think your idea an interesting one, albeit a little hard to swallow- for me. I like that you brought it up though! I remember talking for hours with my Dad about this stuff- he, too, was fascinated by ideas like this one. I think you would have liked my Dad. It made me smile to read your posting because it brought back those memories. It also reminded me to always keep an open mind!

Blessings and Peace,



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Jai, by some readings their god was at best a 3rd emanation of being and whose karma had to learn the lesson of compassion, we became a mirror of his growth, yet from fear had to name our mental adversaries as demons outside of us. a god 3x removed or an angel 4x removed

(23 Nov '11, 00:26) fred

The idea here isn't specifically that there is more than one 'God', but that the beings that were perceived as Gods in our history were in fact just more evolved creatures with a higher understanding. The 'Old Gods' as I refer to them is talking about ancient Egyptian 'gods', demi-gods in legends, etc. Not actually creatures of any sort of divinity whatsoever, just a bit of a head start on those around them.

(23 Nov '11, 07:54) Leo

there is many truth in the absolute truth. i think it is more what veils in the mind the people put and what and who they want to see. some see alien some see different god roman grec norvegien etc. but that god appears to them in different form to their level of understanding and being does it change something?

has for valient thor.i went to the site link and i have seen people talk about dr.strange and it made me thing about the comic thor , doctor strange. they where comic hero. you must have seen the movie thor. the question is did people come up with this because they have read comic when they where young. or is there something that was hiden in those comic related to a real incident. will have to look at the video and will probebly update the answer later on.


answered 23 Nov '11, 05:30

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white tiger

There is supposedly a picture of the individual that can be found on the second page of the thread I linked. The concepts of this individual are based in accounts from former members of the government making claims of their existence and intentions. That, plus common conspiracy theories relevant to Area 51, Roswell, UFO Sightings, etc.

(23 Nov '11, 07:59) Leo
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