As we all know, for every religion, there are many different kinds of deities/gods/immortals rumoured to exist.

If you believe that aliens exist in this world, then wouldn't that be equivalent to believing these gods from all the other religions exist?

But the funny thing is that believing in both of them seems to contradict each other. For instance, most aliens seem to not believe in the concept of karma, whereas for most religions there seem to be this idea of karma.

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Barry Allen ♦♦

No I don't think you have to believe in both of them. A belief that we as individuals have is just the definition that we label that belief with. Our definitions can change any time we choose to change them.

Personally, I don't really have any idea what type of religious gods you are even referring too because I have never followed any type of organized religion. The same goes for someone who hasn't followed the existence of alien beings who are devoted to their religion.

That's the fun thing that I have learned in the last few years about my life about the word belief. We get to choose every single detail and structure that our belief has. It has no built in meaning until we give it one.

It's all about the perception of the individual in question. I enjoy knowing that I can change my belief any time I choose and give it any definition I want. Just like some people can respond to this question saying they totally agree with what you are saying. It's all about the choice that we prefer.


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@Cory, isn't it a wonderfully freeing and empowering revelation? That we get to to decide exactly what we believe, down to the tiniest detail? I love knowing that, it is recent for me.

(10 Aug '12, 00:28) Grace

@Cory - By believing I don't mean that kind of "belief", but rather more like what Wade has interpreted. Something like if you believe that A exists, then B would naturally have to exist.. but yet the existence of A and B contradicts each other at the same time.

(10 Aug '12, 12:00) kakaboo

these so called gods of other
religions are living beings,
spirits and elementals

with similar status and
responsibilities, yet
by different names to

make them closer to us,
whether higher or lower
in spiritual awareness

usually determines
understandings of karma


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Yes I know just what you are talking about, have you seen The Chariots Of The Gods show on the television? It speaks of exactly what you are talking about that these pagan religions all of their Gods were really Space People.

It talks about the Hindu Mahabaraba and the Mayans and Aztecs and many more that they did not know the true God but really only knew of Space Aliens beings pretending to be Gods to make the people fear them and be subservient toward them.

So yes it would seem so that they both go hand and hand at least by that television show.

I don't think it was right that these Alien beings used deceptive trickery telling these primitive humans they were Gods. If you are an advanced being you would respond with honesty and compassion, you would not set to deceive the people into believing you are something you are not! That is false Gods!

The more I think on this it is upsetting, think of this you are an alien space being and you come to a planet where the most advanced weapon the people have are bows and arrows! You land at Egypt and get out of your space craft in your space suit and then meet the king of the place and tell him you and your people are Gods that they should bow down to you and worship you and make sacrifices to you. Further more they should build big statues of you to worship and pyramids too. You do all of this obviously because you have a big ego and like the attention you get from these Earth human people.

How can we trust them now if they deceived us before, telling us to bow down and make statues of them?

This would make a good question for Treb why those early Aliens tricked humans into believing they were Gods.

I think of if we went back in time with a flash light and shined it the people might think it is magic but if we are really honest people, we would show them the truth. No, no, no, look see it is just a light bulb, some wires and a few batteries, nothing magic here.

I know it would be disappointing to them to find out it is nothing special but at lest it is honest.


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Wade Casaldi

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But this is exactly what happened with the "god" that so many worship today. So are you saying that you are an athiest, that you believe that "god" has a huge ego and people should re-evaluate their religious beliefs. I agree. The very alien that you speak of, (god) has fooled many people for many years. If his son does return, I wonder what he will look like. I guess like god the alien, since jesus was made in his own image.

(02 Oct '12, 14:18) GOD the Alien

Hopefully this god fellow won't get mad again and kill off everyone on earth like he has before. What would all of the religious folk think about that. That the god and jesus that they have worshipped for their entire life, has finally returned and didn't like what he\they saw and created another flood to kill everyone off. Maybe a hurricane this time, or volcano, maybe an asteroid. Only time will tell.

(02 Oct '12, 14:18) GOD the Alien

My comment was about Pagan Gods, not the Christian God. The statues of the Pagan Gods always looked strange, like something not from our planet. Erich was talking about these primitive people before the Bible times.

(02 Oct '12, 16:01) Wade Casaldi
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