I am incorporating Faster EFT with results of feeling cruisy after just about anything bad has happened.

Tonight, however, (and I really am puzzled how I attracted this...), I have pretty much accidentally hit my gym coach doing a move, requiring her to get serious hospital treatment. My heart feels like it has been ripped out....In all fairness, I haven't felt this bad in at least a year.

To the point, does EFT have any limits? Another example- if a close friend or parent died, would EFT be capable of instantly wiping out the depression equally as successful as something regarded not so 'bad?'

asked 30 Nov '11, 13:38

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Heidegger points out that moods provide the window for how things are going and how we are with one another. Awareness of yourself, and the reality of how you are, is important so why would I want to close a window on awareness.

Also the belief that you attracted into your life the accident with your gym coach puts a lot of guilt onto you. In our lives we bump up against the material world. The idea that we create our own reality means that we put meaning on objects outside of ourselves and these objects can't be divorced from the meaning we give them. It doesn't mean we physically create the world or the happenings in them.

You have given this accident a lot of meaning that isn't there. How do you know that your gym instructor didn't get out of the way quick enough because he/she was thinking of his girlfriend/boyfriend etc.

I would go further and say that nothing comes from your thoughts or actions and all that we ever do is react to things outside of us. To see more of this check out my blog-



answered 30 Nov '11, 18:42

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Alan Crabbe


I agree with only a part of your answer. Dont close the window on your feelings and emotions for they are there for a reason. Good point.

(30 Nov '11, 20:00) Paulina 1

some good points I havnt thought about here. Thankyou for the contribution.

(01 Dec '11, 13:24) Nikulas

I got this from Heidegger, and the acting technique of the director Declan Donnellan. The idea that we only react and not act is a difficult one but very useful as it gives us distance from the object we are reacting to and hence perspective.

It also means that we are less likey to block stimulus from outside. The fear that we have to find within us, the energy to perform, means that we are likely to unconciously block from our awareness possibilites in life.

(02 Dec '11, 10:04) Alan Crabbe
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Hi Nikulas, Dont feel guilty for accidents do happen and seing as it wasn't intentionl it isn't your fault. I'v noticed you put much too much emphesis on you creating every thing that goes wrong in your life. Stop doing that and just live without thinking now did I create that or didnt I. That way of thinking will drive you nuts and the conscious law of attraction if supposed to be enjoyed. Life happens. Things happened before you were aware of the law of attraction working in your life so you didnt have to think about your part of creation in it. Dont think about it just be.

You feel bad about your gym teacher and that is perfectly normal and proves that you are a good person but that too shall pass and life will go on. It isnt your fault. Acept that and move on.


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Paulina 1


By the way EFT is OK but what you are looking for is a miracle that will wipe away any unpleasent feeling or emotion. It doesnt exist for you can't wipe away life itself and we human beings need to feel life in all its glory and that means the good, the bad and the ugly.

(30 Nov '11, 20:15) Paulina 1

i feel at 'home' here knowing frequent users like yourself can now make pleasant judgements about my questions in general :) Thankyou for the answer. Yes I believe ever since learning about LOA I am starting to become a bit pyscho- thinking that i know the answer to every solution via Abraham......

(01 Dec '11, 13:26) Nikulas

EFT is all about rendering fluid those negative energies that are already in a frozen state, the mechanism that is so well described by bashar's brick wall beliefs, negative as being rigid and cristalline, pictographically represented by a hexagon

alt text

We all have a "mood", at this moment you have a mood, and mood is the dominant vibration that you send out and thus attract back to yourself. When in a happy mood you attract "happiness", when in a sad mood you attract "sadness". At this very moment, in the "now" moment are you feeling

loving alt text

bored alt text

happy alt text

sad alt text

excited alt text

angry alt text

EFT stimulates your interior force, from what you said about hitting your gym coach and looking at the pictographs it would suggest that you were in an excited state, in an excited mood at the time.


answered 03 Mar '14, 05:41

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