I'm looking after a way to withdraw the feelings/emotions linked to some past events that I still remember and whose feelings keep been remembered at the same time.

How can I for instance think about a past failure without having to get the same feeling I had at that time?

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Don't think of it as a past failure. If you have to remember the event, think of what you could have learned from the situation that you didn't at the time. By changing your perception of the event ( there will be a gift there or a meaningful lesson if you look close enough ), your feelings about it will change also. You cannot change your feelings about it until you change your perception.

And those feelings that you're trying to avoid or disconnect from will only come back stronger the more you try to suppress them. The easiest way through sometimes is just to feel it fully without attaching thought to the process - I know ,easier said than done. However, the more you can just be with it, the quicker it dissipates.


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I've been using EFT (tapping) for this for years.

In many cases, it eliminates the emotional "kick" connected to a painful memory within a few minutes and the results are usually permanent.

All you've got to do to use it is tap a couple of fingers several times on a few spots around your body - that's all there is to it. Works like magic :)

For more information, see the questions tagged EFT and my own simplified approach to using EFT is described in Does the release technique work better than EFT?


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Ive looked into this a bit Stingray,your links have helped a lot. Ive got my head round your method and approach and am convinced that it works. Im wondering thou WHY does it produce the results? I understand the rationale behind the Esther/Abraham teaching and it makes good common sense. Im just not sure HOW the tapping actually releases the bad feelings.I wouldnt mind hearing your take on this. Im sure theres already a link.Could you post it. Many thanks G

(27 Jan '11, 14:03) Monty Riviera

@Graham - Why does it work? Good question. Might be worth reading this first: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/6209/does-eft-really-work-or-it-is-a-gimmick/6212#6212 The standard theory is that the tapping points are acupuncture points ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acupuncture ) which they indeed are - and tapping harmonizes any energy disruption in the associated organs. Because Mind & Body are linked through emotion (you feel the emotions in your body which are reflected through thought) then clearing up one clears up the other. The other explanation is that it is self-belief

(27 Jan '11, 19:15) Stingray

@Graham - You can take whatever explanation works for you and I think it doesn't really matter ultimately why it works...just that it does work for whatever reason people believe it works. If it is actually just a convenient belief, as the answer states in the first link I mentioned above, then so what? It still works :) Most people just want to be free of the imprisoning emotion of a bad memory, and I find that EFT is highly effective at achieving that in just a few minutes

(27 Jan '11, 19:18) Stingray
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Any time you think of it and get those feelings rebuke it away saying it doesn't exist it is gone in the past and does not now exist. If you want imagine it as a movie and all of a sudden the film gets burnt up out of existence.

You could say these are only shadows of things that were, they have no affect now, they do not exist now. Even get mad if you have to and say BE GONE YOU EXIST NO MORE TO ME! YOU CAN'T HURT ME NOW!

Cast those memories out any time they come. Cast those feelings out, remember this always the only existence of your personal past the way you remember it is your memory. It is in other words an old worn out no good beta video tape you should have thrown away a long time ago!


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Do you practice meditation exercise, if so, plan to start your meditation exercise exactly at the particular time of your remembrance, and clear your mind, and empty it? Do this for several weeks, until you notice that you have disciplined your self, and that you no longer have this problem!

It is you taking control of the problem, not the opposite way around!


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All feelings and emotions are valid. Trying to remove them only reinforces them. Acknowledge them, and know that it is a life lesson. You would not want to forget your first encounter with fire, for you would continually get burned. It is a reminder of what NOT to do in the future.


answered 27 Jan '11, 06:45

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