I was introduced to EFT in the late spring this year and I found it useful but in a limited way. I think it was because I had reservations about digging around trying to find things out about my past, as I tended to agree with Abraham Hicks theory that you can move forward from where you are, and not to pay attention to the past and things you don't want more of, but to focus on what you want. I decided to stop using it and just move forward in a more positive way and focus on better things.

What are your thoughts on this? Have you tried EFT?

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I don't know much about EFT (no personal experience) but have read about it. I think it's a very interesting concept: manipulating the body's energy field by tapping on acupuncture points while a specific traumatic memory is focused on. I know that acupuncture works, so maybe this needle free version of acupuncture (link to founder's website) is worth looking at. Wikipedia (link) has a good article on it.

The short answer to your question: whatever works is good. Whether acupuncture, meditation, or other forms of therapy. I would never disparage a method that is having a beneficial effect on someone to improve their life in some way. I tend to agree with "moving forward" instead of focusing on the past. My brother went to a therapist at my suggestion and came away saying he felt more miserable afterward than when he went in. Of course, many traditional forms of therapy say that the discomfort is a necessary part of pealing away the layers to get to the root problem or cause. My personal thought and practice is to let it go, move on. That works for me. What works for others is fine, too.


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I agree - whatever works!

(10 Oct '09, 18:52) Rebecca

I use EFT extensively on myself when engaged in belief-changing. I have been using it quite effectively and intensively for the past couple of years with reliable results.

In conjunction with traditional EFT, I recommend you take a look at Patricia Carrington's EFT Choices method which is a powerful addition to the method.

(Note: Recently Gary Craig, EFT's founder, asked people who had produced spin-offs from EFT - like the Choices method - to refrain from using the term EFT, so EFT Choices is now called Meridian Tapping Choices)

Now, the thing to remember about EFT is that it is a powerful belief neutralizer.

It enables you to immediately take the sting or pain out of a belief that is troubling you and bring you to a neutral point rapidly on that subject.

If you follow the Abraham teachings, then you can say that EFT brings you to the zero point (near contentment) on the emotional scale in almost no time at all, assuming you were previously in frustration, anger etc.

How I tend to use EFT then is to take a belief or thought that is troubling, use EFT to neutralize it quickly and then apply the various Abraham methods outlined in Ask & It Is Given to then systematically move my vibrational setpoint on the topic up towards Hope. From here, you are within range of seeing near-immediate manifestational evidence of your improved vibration...Hope is pretty much the start of this manifestational range in the emotional scale.

So, to sum up, EFT in my view does not do the whole job necessarily but it gets you to the neutral point very quickly and easily on painful subjects and thereby opens the door for you to use your preferred method in a more effective fashion.

It's another powerful tool for your vibrational toolbox.


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I have tried EFT and it is pretty good in that it is not about Self Esteem, it has nothing to do with Self Esteem. What it is about is Self Acceptance, so we can see the bad about ourselves and say it's okay I love and accept myself anyway. That gets rid of the feeling that we are not good enough, we need to change this or that before we are worthy. It is really having the compassion for our selves that we usually extend to others. We usually say poor them they have problems I'll help them, for our selves we say exactly the opposite. I have this problem I shouldn't have this problem I should be better than that, what is wrong with me anyway! But Self Acceptance we treat our selves better and say yes I may have a problem but I love and accept myself just for being. EFT is ultimately about accepting and loving ourselves just as we are UNCONDITIONALLY so that as we accept ourselves we clear any emotional road blocks to worthiness feelings that are essential to achieving our goals.


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Wade Casaldi

Nice answer and good point!

(10 Oct '09, 18:53) Rebecca

Wade, I have been practicing EFT for a couple of years and I really liked your explanation. And even if one doesn't want to clear away past issues, it can be used for every-day problems to keep them from becoming deep issues.

(11 Oct '09, 17:33) LeeAnn 1

Thank you LeeAnn that is quite a compliment and and honor with your experience in EFT.

(20 Oct '09, 19:37) Wade Casaldi
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I know that the conductor of the choir, where I sing, uses EFT before concerts, he uses it against stage fright. He says that it works. I used it some years ago, in some cases it helped me, but what I do not like so much about eft is that you have to be very precise about the thing that troubles you. Some troubles have psychological/emotional backgroung or some bad experience from the past, so you have to figure it out, what might be the real cause of your trouble. But, probably I just tried eft for too complicated things and I did not use it to the full extension. I tend to give up if I do not see the results quickly. But people say that you should use EFT for anything. Try and you shall see. Try it for different things and be open-minded, you never know when some doors of relief open for you. :)


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Thanks for your answer. While I know that the majority of people that have tried it found it a powerful tool to help them, when I used it for a while I didn't feel it was for me.

(11 Oct '09, 17:47) Rebecca

I've been using eft most everyday to program myself for positive results im my experiences. What I like most is it's a portable method to change your state. Once you become comfortable with a way that works for you.You really don't need anyone or anything to do it except belief and knowledge. You can do it in a coutroom, bus or under the table on your hand at dinner with the relatives to relieve stress, fear or whatever.


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I agree it's very convenient, but it's the delving into the past that I don't feel is appropriate for me. Tapping on the positive is an option but some practitioners insist that you must go to the past first. Some don't include tapping on the new statements either. I guess it's back to what you believe at the end of the day,a s everything seems to boil down to! :>) Thanks for youre reply.

(11 Oct '09, 19:41) Rebecca

I have been studying EFT and using it for about 1.5 years. I have not had success with it relieving my pain, but I have had success with using it for directly emotional issues, fears, obsessive thoughts, as well as impeteigo, coughing, sore throats and sniffles were stopped before they turned into anything. With the impeteigo, I was able to prevent it from establishing when I felt is comming on. I read a book, Healing Back Pain by Dr. John E. Sarno. It is about more than just back pain, but I have developed a way to combine the techiques to address my situation. I did not find the EFT helpful for insomnia, but I came up with my own version of a combination of things that I have studied. I have been delving into this type of healing and trying to learn as much about it as I can. I find that the EFT has a very useful part in this whole scheme. Matrix reimprinting is another spin off of EFT. Well, not so much a spin off, as an advanced program. I am just starting to learn about it.


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