I can only say that, for me, the journey is not just about what I do or do not Manifest using the LOA...I know that I try to do the Will of God, and try to obey what He wants for me. I have the feeling that our journeys on this planet have more to them than just Manifesting our desires. My journey has been a combination of things...Manifesting is nice, but sometimes, God or Man throws me a curve ball and then I have to adjust where I am in Life.

What do you think?

Does everything boil down to Manifesting and the LOA, or not?

Peace to you this Holiday Season,


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Barry Allen ♦♦

Just to remind you that the law of attraction (LOA) is simply a term that is used to explain a process that happens automatically for everyone, all of the time. No one needs to learn anything about LOA in order for it to work in their lives 24/7, it is always working.

Everyone is a powerful, eternal creator, and by our very existence we are always manifesting something. We have manifested our physical body and our experience of life on earth. In each moment that we exist on earth, we are creating the illusion of moving through physical reality in a linear-time fashion.

However, what is really happening is that we are choosing to experience one moment, one complete (co-existing or parallel) Universe at a time, one after the other. This happens so fast that we don’t even realize we’re doing it; it has become an automatic process for us.

The individual moments that make up reality. The illusion of time creates the
illusion of continuity that is maintained by our flawless manifesting power.

Remember that the idea of separation is simply that, an idea. There is no real separation in terms of God and you. Remember that another name or label for God is unconditional love, so that is what we are all made of as well. There is no right or wrong and no judgment within unconditional love.

Now as for the will of God and what he wants for you: as a part of the One consciousness or God, you are free to do what you want to do. God wants for you what you want for you.

Does everything boil down to Manifesting and the LOA, or not?

My opinion is that, ideally, everything boils down to remembering and being who you really are. Beyond that, even if you do not remember in this lifetime, it doesn’t matter because you have eternity to remember and thus, everyone gets there in the end. There are no losers within creation.


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"no losers within creation"... love it Eddie :)

(19 Dec '11, 02:28) Michaela

Nicely put Eddie!

(19 Dec '11, 04:33) Cory

I'm a multi-faceted, ancient, spiritual being. Personally! And I suspect others are as well. Is my journey all about LOA and manifesting? Continually, we are manifesting. Manifesting situations, relationships, things we want and things we don't want. So in a way, yes. But I would say that's not the whole story. We share, we love, we do for others, we feel, we enjoy the fruits of our manifestations, and not just the manifestations themselves. And we are impinged upon by the manifestations of others and the free will of others, we and react to those. We enjoy the beauty of a gorgeous sunset, or the wonder of seeing the aurora, or delight in the touch of a child. Those are part of our story, and not just the bringing of them. Hope this made sense! Best wishes.


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LeeAnn 1

Does everything boil down to Manifesting and the LOA, or not?

In my own personal view, yes it does. Everything bolis down to manifesting and the Law of Attraction.

That being said, those views of manifesting and the Law of Attraction are just the terms that I prefer to use when talking about living or creating my everyday existence.

They are ultimately just preferred definitions that I choose to explain how life works. You may have different definitions and ways of looking at life creation than me. In the end though, no matter what terms we choose to use, these processes are never not in motion.

If we are saying (in my preferred view) that manifesting is the creation of things and circumstances through thought and inspired action, then manifesting for me is happening every single second of every single day.

It is a process that never stops happening. It is a process that for some people, runs on auto pilot. Other people have the ability to become aware of what is manifested, and some people may very well choose to deny it exists all together, even though that denying thought form is a manifestation in itself.

Getting up to shower, eat, brush your teeth, comb your hair, and put on your clothes are five manifestations alone. Even for a split second you had to think a thought before doing each of those lackluster activities. We don't give these small manifestations credit because they are daily routine things we have been doing our entire lives.

We tend to look at the bigger stuff and judge how our lives are by how much of those things we do or don't accumulate. If we would just start giving ourselves more credit for the teeny tiny stuff, then the big stuff would come more often.

Manifesting is nice, but sometimes, God or Man throws me a curve ball and then I have to adjust where I am in Life.

You mention God throwing you a curve ball and having to adjust where you are in life. That adjusting is a manifestation in motion.

You think about the curve ball and get a feeling from it. That particular feeling is an e- motion -al manifestation. Your thought and feelings from the curve ball put your own personal energy in motion and you were finally delivered the manifestational outcome by your specific inspired action.

It really all boils down to our preferred definitions. One person may say "the glory of God has shined down on me." While another may see that expression as saying "the universe has matched me up perfectly with my thoughts and desires."

Whatever we choose to call the workings of life is a personal preference. I just know that those workings are in motion every single tick of the clock, good or bad.


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I guess I would have to say yes and no.

I know that I try to do the Will of God, and try to obey what He wants for me. I have the feeling that our journeys on this planet have more to them than just Manifesting our desires.

The thing here is that no one really knows what is the Will of God, and what God really wants from you. Can you really be 100% sure you know what is it God wants from you, if it/he really exists? What is the ultimate aim in life anyway? No one can be really sure..

Even now, no one can really proof whether manifestation is something that is possible except by experimenting and testing it for themselves.

It would seem like a lot of people put a lot of emphasis on "manifesting" on this site and that it represents the majority of the population, but that is never the case.. there are many people out there who do not know about the LOA, manifesting and yet still live a great and fulfilling life.


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Great answer! +1>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(18 Dec '11, 18:19) Jaianniah

Hello Jai, so what happens after manifesting and the LOA ? ... here is my answer ;

The comprehension of the law of attraction together with the intention to deliberately create my life, will finish by giving me access to the unequaled liberty which could only come about after the total comprehension and application of the art to allow.

Happy Holiday Season


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blubird two

Great answer. +1>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(18 Dec '11, 18:19) Jaianniah
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