Hi All,

I want to learn NLP and hence looking forward to your suggestions for the best book to get started with. Or any other resource which might prove to be helpful as I am just starting out.

I have been practicing EFT for a few months now but have come to understand that learning NLP would also provide me with significant insights.

Look forward to your suggestions.

Thanks so much :)

asked 02 Dec '11, 18:05

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Personally, I would class learning NLP from reading books in the same category as learning to drive a car from reading books :) Practical experience would probably be more valuable...just take a technique and play with it until you internalize it.

But since you asked...try...

I've not read them myself but Robert G Smith (Faster EFT) recommends them as good introductions to NLP.

The most practical NLP stuff I've ever learned in the past has been on training courses by Tom & Kim from Essential Skills. It's not really orthodox NLP and Tom's a bit of a foul-mouthed maverick at times but they do provide you with some remarkably useful abilities rather than just academic theory.


answered 03 Dec '11, 09:31

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Thanks so much Stingray :) I Know what you mean about learning it from a book, but yeah.. I wanted to get a starting point and you have suggested that to me. Thanks once again!1

(03 Dec '11, 13:22) Sourabh

I have read and recommend

If you want to go to the source of NLP, search Dr. Milton Erickson for some fascinating insights. Bandler and Grinder, listened and modeled Erickson and came up with the techniques they labeled NLP.

Some of my favorite books by Bandlr and Grinder are "Frogs into Princes" and "Tranceformations"

and please remember you can not not respond to your inner processes.


answered 12 Mar '12, 08:21

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Dollar Bill

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