Hi...friends.. Has anyone here read the book by Brian L Weiss "Many lives..Many masters ..? and if yes.. then, what you all think about the messages given by master spirits?

Your answers will be appreciated a lot..

Love,light n blessings Your way..

stay happy..stay blessed..


asked 11 Jan '13, 01:48

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@supergirl I love this book and have read it twice but can you just remind me what the messages are - I remember they were really just about love and unity - a really gripping read!

(11 Jan '13, 10:56) Catherine

@catherine-thr are many messages. like- about having patience n timing..,they have said tht we cannot rush life according to our schedule. we have to have patience..and with patience and proper timing..,all things will come to us tht we desire., one more tht i can recall now is- "troubles lie on the surface, on physical plane..so, its better to go in deep meditative levels, whr all the answers are kept for us, then..,one more i can recall.."we are spiritual beings having human experience"..

(15 Jan '13, 02:20) supergirl

then..."there are always spirits around us to guide us.., n when we forget our life purpose..,God sends his master spirits to remind n guide us.., then, one more.."pain n hurt is only on physical plane..,so,if ur humans,njoy it wen it comes to u fr smetme cos when u will again become ur original "spritual beings"..ur will alwayz be happy..,cos spiritual beings are alwayz happy n in well being.

(15 Jan '13, 02:24) supergirl
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@supergirl I googled the book soon after you posed this question. read it in about 2-3 hours online .I had read a later book of his summer 2011(Same Soul, Many Bodies). The feeling in whole seems like it would be interesting to do regression therapy to see where one stands in the eternal journey. The messages from the master were / are quite thought provoking and at the same time reassuring to now that we go on...


answered 11 Jan '13, 18:43

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@ursixx-yup..i agree wth u., after readng this book..i am vry eager to do past regression therapy..,cos it speaks up a lot abt our present life too.

(15 Jan '13, 02:36) supergirl

@supergirl, I read the book about 8 years ago. I was lead to the book by an interesting and kind airline pilot who I met at a bar (off-duty, away from the airport). He sparked up a conversation with me about spirituality and said he felt moved to talk with me. I openly received his invitation to chat. Through conversation, he introduced me to Brian L. Weiss, who he said changed his life. Soon after, I picked up the book and I couldn't put it down. It induced and inspired lots of thought. I resonated with the idea of having many lives. The idea that we don't die, gave (and still gives) me a feeling that there's plenty of time, it's never-ending time, timeless in fact, so it's okay to enjoy the ride and surrender to what is and most of all: TO HAVE AS MUCH FUN AS I POSSIBLY CAN!


answered 22 Jan '13, 09:54

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actually..havng fun all the time is most important..,thank u @figure8shape..

(05 Jul '13, 06:25) supergirl
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