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Here is a little technique that helps with creating the feeling of already having what you want, so you will get your stuff now (Here is what i mean by stuff :). This post is inspired by @Satori's post here to help with applying that idea. So first read it.

I call this method...

Timeline Jumping

When you think about your future, where is it? I mean this literally. Where is your future? My Future for example i feel is on my left side and my past is on my right side. Sometimes it changes and my future is in front of me.

It could be different for you. Your future could be on your right side, your past on your left side etc. It doesn't matter where it is as long as you can tell where your future is for you.

  • Now think of your desire as if it were far away in the future. You probably see a picture or have a feeling of your desire on your future side.
  • If you are a visual type then imagine yourself holding a handle over your head like in a bus or in a train. See yourself being pulled toward your future side. If you are a feeling type then feel yourself being pulled towards your future side. Or literally stand up and go into your future side.

alt text

  • Now you are in your future and the desire is manifested. Look at your "past" and see if you can distinguish the feeling between having it and not having it. How does it feel?

Do this every day. It gets even easier with practice.

Hope this helps:)

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@releaser99 the "stuff " link was great and lead me on to the "losing things"clip, laughed so much and Satori's post was excellent . Now I'm going to start playing with your Tec-U-nique ;-) thanks

(27 Dec '12, 21:02) Starlight

Err , I know this may be obvious to some , but just for today Sat morn...29th on the West Coast in the Great Down Under treat me as a blank canvass and tell me ..... how did you decide "where " those points past and future were physically located , love and laughter sent your way ;-)

(28 Dec '12, 21:22) Starlight

@releaser99 - Thanks, I like this! Especially your link about "stuff". George Carlin has a great way of stating things!

(29 Dec '12, 06:54) Dollar Bill

@Starlight - as I remember the NLP technique, think a moment and decide where you future resides. Can you point in that direction? or Can you walk in that direction? or Do you hear a sound of your future?

(29 Dec '12, 06:57) Dollar Bill
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Thank you, @releaser99! I will try this out :)


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