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We all know that to change the circumstances in our outer life we have to work on changing from within first. Could you please give an example from your own life circumstance and what you did to change. If you say I meditated or I visualized please explain the problem and the visualization.

asked 05 Dec '11, 06:38

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Paulina 1

When I quit smoking I changed my belief that I was a "smoker". I was no longer a "smoker" .When the urge came I would remind myself that I did not smoke. I smoked for more than 20 years.
So I changed my belief,so this way of reminding oneself is a way to create change in ones life.


answered 05 Dec '11, 08:06

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Good for you and yes changing ones beliefs will change ones world and self.

(05 Dec '11, 08:40) Paulina 1

My answer? Bam: (Yes, I posted this video on two answers, because I think it suits both perfectly. ^_^)

And yes, I believe the lyrics of this song explains my beliefs pretty closely.


answered 05 Dec '11, 07:10

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Well I never thought this type of music would move me but I caught myself geting caught up in the vibe and tapping my toes to the beat. You are right Leo movement (exercise) of any form improves circulation, gets more oxygen and nutrients to the body and brain, diminishes depression and uplifts the mood especialy when done to catchy tunes.

(05 Dec '11, 08:49) Paulina 1

^^ Yep. Humans are very similar to animals and plants. All we need is a bit of food, some sunlight, some water, and some exercise to get it all flowing. ;) And don't JUST exercise your body: EXERCISE YOUR MIND! And your spirit as well. Do something good for someone who you see showing kindness to a stranger. ^^

(05 Dec '11, 19:23) Leo

a recognition that anger is truly a self-centered preoccupation,
energy used for self-pity is wasteful and careless,
wanting what i want and when is not that important,
imagining the reverence of life

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answered 05 Dec '11, 13:49

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You said it right Fred.

(05 Dec '11, 20:18) Paulina 1

well when you remove the veil of the minds it brings reward. because those things does not bother you annymore they are understood and put to rest. and eventually the truth will set you free. experience and enjoy.


answered 06 Jan '12, 01:37

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white tiger

Thanks White Tiger.

(06 Jan '12, 04:54) Paulina 1
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