I decided to try meditating. I sat down, achieved perfect posture, closed my eyes, and started breathing quietly through my nose. I began to see a jungle, and I.. was a tiger. I was perched on a tree, looking around at the jungle floor. For some reason, I had a very depressing thought of deprivation, sadness, almost as if I felt bad for someone. I almost teared up. Any explanation?

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mike mahon

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You are clearly getting in touch with your creative self, that part of you that thinks holistically, emotionally and visually.

During the normal waking part of your day, most people's rational, linear thinking part of their mind is in charge. The creative mind still contributes, but it is relegated to the background. During meditative states, the creative mind is allowed to come out and express itself, directly.

Only you (or, more specifically, an inner part of you) knows what the highly-symbolic images and emotions mean. These images and feelings are highly specific to you, so no one else can interpret them for you, except in the most general way.

If you want to know more about what these experiences mean, you can try getting behind the images and emotions by using a technique like Focusing.


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Lol Its the Year Of the Tiger


answered 26 Sep '10, 06:35

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christy CEnnergy Lyove

It may be a flash back of living as a tiger in a past life.

In such bodies one does experience those emotions and life like that can be very lonely since so many other creatures are fearful of on*emphasized text*e.


answered 25 Sep '10, 20:03

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Michael Beloved

Wow you seem to have very vivid imagination! The brain can produce very realistic images during the dreams, there's no reason why it can't do same during meditation. I wouldn't get too hung up on the cool experience though. It's just another dream.


answered 27 Sep '10, 20:54

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