My healer asked me to visualize a perfect scenario in a crystal by projecting white light from 3rd Eye and Root Chakra for my daily visualization/meditation.

I mistakenly projected from my Sacral Chakra because I didn't realise the Root Chakra is lower.

Recently, I am starting to feel physical effects like weird stomach feelings below the navel.

Anyone experience this before?

asked 15 Oct '12, 22:02

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Barry Allen ♦♦

The Sacral and Root Chakras are so close together anyway that, unless you are highly sensitive, it probably won't make that much difference to the exercise.

What I would suggest, however, is to take note of anything that makes you feel uncomfortable and not just ignore it.

Discontinue that exercise (for now, at least) if it doesn't leave you in a good-feeling place. Pain does not tend to equal gain in metaphysical work :)

And, if you are working in conjunction with someone who knows what they are doing (you referred to "my healer"), why not tell them about your physical side-effects?

You are likely going to them for some kind of "healing" of something that you've already discussed with them, so they are probably going to give you better advice than someone casually reading a few of your general sentences on a computer screen :)


answered 18 Oct '12, 18:17

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