I came across the following Abraham quote today on the AbeQuotes group and it brought to the surface something that I've been mulling over in my mind for many months now.

What we notice about most humans is that you don't get serious about focusing until it really gets uncomfortable...

Most people won't line up their energy until all other avenues [are closed off]..."well, drug me, and chop it off me, and cut it out of me. And if that doesn't work, THEN I'll change my vibration!"

As if changing your vibration is the more difficult thing to do.

Abraham-Hicks - Sydney, Australia - December 13, 2009

Let's take Manifesting Experiment 1 as an example.

The method effectively just says: put what you want on paper, put it in a box, let it go and what you want will find a way to come to you. And I've recommended to people to use it for anything and everything and just watch how precisely the universe responds.

But I wonder how many people are actually applying that simple experiment in that systematic way?

I know it works because I use it myself regularly, sometimes on paper but often electronically, and I get results that in the past I would have termed miraculous but today I just acknowledge as the natural operations of Universal Law.

But it's still very satisfying to know that our lives are not as random and chaotic as some would like us to believe but are, in fact, under as much control as we wish to have over them.

I have heard Abraham say in the past that the true joy and satisfaction of life comes about when you launch a desire for something, align with it (or hold the vision of it) and then watch the amazing lengths to which the universe goes in order to gradually bring it into physical reality.

And myself, having built up a considerable amount of confidence and trust in the Law of Attraction over the years, I can certainly agree with that statement. There is enormous joy to be found in launching a desire that you know for sure will manifest, and just watching in delight as the vibrational matches gradually lead the way to the full manifestation.

Virtually everyday I spend time playing with molding vibrations in the manifesting spreadsheet I've gradually evolved into existence over many years. I carry around a netbook computer these days whenever I'm away from home for a while just to play with it...creating your own reality can really be enormous fun. And, in those times when I push things a bit too far and end up in a mess, there is a huge relief (and positive release of life energy) to be found in molding a painful thought deliberately into a better place.

Abraham have said that when you reach the point where you can appreciate the launching of a new desire then you really will be living the joyous life you intended before you were born. I get snippets of that feeling of appreciation for new desires from time to time - not all the time yet, but it's getting there - and it is a deliciously wonderful, expansive feeling when it happens.

Given all that, I've been wondering for quite a while now why people resist using these simple vibrational methods when they can work so spectacularly well with relatively little effort.

To me, if there was anything you should spend your life mastering, it is this conscious molding of vibration because everything else you want in life flows naturally from this one single skill.

Yet I see very few people doing that - even people who I know and coach personally - and even (amazingly to me) people that have already experienced significant results from applying vibrational methods in the past.

I've come up with some theories as to why people have this resistance:

  • They don't really believe it will work so, at some level, they are not prepared to commit to it

  • They have been too seduced by the physical sensory world around them and their dominant focus is so locked into it that it seems uncomfortable (even pointless) to focus on a not-yet-manifested vibrational world instead

  • They have become habitually action-oriented to the point where action, even if it is painful, feels like the only way things can manifest

  • They are not ready for a change in their lives yet...they are clinging to the pain of the known in preference to the fear of the unknown that a change may bring

I've been in the situation myself in the past of not applying the vibrational methods despite knowing about them. My personal stumbling block, I believe, was not really trusting that anything this simple could really make so much difference. And, for me, the eventual turning point was a series of crises that left me no option but to start using these methods systematically and, as a result, getting blindingly-obvious clear evidence of the power of The Law of Attraction applied deliberately.

So I wonder sometimes if that's what it takes for people to take vibrational work seriously...a crisis?

Like the Abraham quote given at the start of this question, lining up energy is often the last thing people are prepared to try...and a crisis is often the only thing that will put people in that position of having nothing else to try.

I know this is an enormously long question but I think it is an important one since this resistance to vibrational work seems to affect alot of people.

As I said, I'm still not really clear on why this resistance happens so if anyone has any perspectives, experiences or insights regarding this hesitation to use vibrational methods, I would be interested to hear them.

asked 27 Apr '10, 18:08

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You essentially answered your own question here:

To be able to ignore physical laws on a whim would negate the purpose of having this "limited" physical reality that causes us to focus so precisely.

It would be like trying to play a game or sport with others where each player is playing by different rules. And wouldn't that take all the fun out of the game? :)

(30 Apr '10, 17:34) Vesuvius

Thank you all for your insights

(02 May '10, 14:31) Stingray

@stingray you wrote that you use these tools systematically and i find this idea very valuable. because unfortunately i also only use them when i am in a crisis. how do you create vibrational work as a habit and bring these tools into your daily life? do you have a daily scheduele like "8:00-8:30 - breakfast, 8:30-9:00 focus blocks, 9:00-9:20 positive aspects/touchstones ... 17:30-18:00 - eft session" ?

(17 Oct '12, 03:34) releaser99

@releaser99- there are many people who do these vibrational exercises daily.. i n my family is an example. we do it daily..,without missing evn a day. like u know daily we have food, water..,we consume these things daily.., such are the vibrational exercises for us. n yup..i would say..,its in our daily morning schedule.like- u may say..we give 2 n half hours daily to this thing. n u see when u do this consistently,regularly..,u don't have any bad days to deal with. like- u might have heard of an example..if you thank god daily for evrything u have. the abundance will continously flowing into ur life.

(17 Oct '12, 03:58) supergirl

@supergirl thank you. very interesting to know that this can be a family routine also :) i think this is a great thing a family can do together. im sure the 2,5 hours are very worth it.

(18 Oct '12, 06:23) releaser99

@releaser99- yup..they are very worth..:))

(18 Oct '12, 06:50) supergirl

@releaser99 - The only way that I've found that works reliably for habit-forming is to do the habit creation as soon as possible after waking up. There is a window of opportunity after awakening where you can set up a routine for yourself and be able to stick to it consistently. I do all my deliberate vibrational work first thing in the morning and the rest of the day I just "coast" off that initial feeling-good impulse. I see the morning as the rudder of the day :)

(18 Oct '12, 17:42) Stingray

thank you for the insight. i am going to take a half an hour to do vibrational work first in the morning every day. and during the day i will choose a vibrational tool that inspires me to use it if feel like.

(18 Oct '12, 18:02) releaser99

@releaser99 - You're welcome and bear in mind that each day is "chained" to the last one, so the morning actually starts the night before :) See Getting into the Vortex takes up a lot of my time, which makes me feel bad later. Any guidance? for some further advice and tips

(18 Oct '12, 18:56) Stingray

OMG @Stingray, I was about to ask a long question, but what you've written reflected on many things I have been going through and it is an inspiration. I think you and I are so alike!!!

(22 Aug '14, 04:38) einsof
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In my own case, my resistance at times, has been a fear of failure. As was mentioned, vibrational work is often the last resort. And then if I failed.....to what else would I turn? You see? It was the fear of using the last tool in my "arsenal"!


answered 28 Apr '10, 00:16

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LeeAnn 1

I think for a lot of us the key words are trust and faith - we have to learn to trust and have faith and this can be a hard task for some. We become so conditioned and comfortable clinging to the old way of being that as you mentioned it often takes a crisis or huge wake up call before we realize we have to refocus and align our energy - for many people it literally becomes a case of do or die.

For me personally I had to reach a place of anxiety and panic attacks before I was able to step back and look at what I was doing to myself. Looking back now I can view that same fearful, frenetic energy as a huge gift because it caused me to look within and begin to re-align my energy and raise my vibration.Instead of a life of complacency, I am now growing and expanding daily and I wouldn't trade what I am learning for anything.

As anyone going through this knows it can be a long slow process and until one begins to feel and know they are making progress and results begin to show up, it can be all too easy to backslide and give in to the resistance. Persistence and making a decision to never give up are keys and nourishing our faith by practicing daily gratitude speeds up the process.

Great question Stingray - I think pondering a question like this causes us to look and re-evaluate what we're doing, so thanks for that :-)

I look forward to reading other perspectives on this one.


answered 27 Apr '10, 20:57

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Hi Michaela, We share some similar ideas. Can you comment on whether you feel that we have total control of our destiny or are there other forces at work. In other words does the Law of Attraction works everytime or are there times when the Universe feels that what we are trying to manifest is not a good match.

(27 Apr '10, 22:08) Drham

Hi Drham - I used to think that the Universe was sending me different manifestations or experiences to teach me some kind of lesson but the more I began watching how I felt or where my vibration was at, the more I began to realize that what was manifesting was an exact match to that. I am still a long way from being an expert at the LOA but I do believe we are always in complete control of our destiny by the choices we make and our lives don't really begin to change until we realize and admit that and our manifestations are always a match to how we feel.

(28 Apr '10, 01:06) Michaela

People are very attached to the things that give them a sense of who they are.

If you ask someone, "Who are you?", they will typically respond with an answer involving their family or occupation. "I am a truck driver," or "I am a mother/father."

If you are a parent (and consider yourself a good one), you take pride in the fact that you have worked hard to provide an environment where your children flourish, and have taught your children the things they need to succeed in life.

If you have an occupation, you take pride in the fact that you work hard to do your job well, and did the things that were required to qualify for that occupation (like get an education).

At a deeper level, many people identify with certain character traits that they have had for so long that those traits have now become a part of them. "I have a sense of humor," or "I am intelligent."

The Law of Attraction takes that all away. It basically says that everything spawns from the Universe, that we are merely conduits for the Universal energy, that our thoughts become manifestations, and that we struggle in vain if we think otherwise.

It sounds like an inviting point of view, but it essentially removes all sense of ownership in anything except for our own thoughts (which arguably are the only things we really own anyway). It's tantamount to saying, "I have to work for it, but you don't."

That's infuriating. :)

In Hayward Hardware I had gone hunting back in the dim, needing three eighths-inch nuts and bolts and lock washers for the tail skid of the Fleet. Shimoda browsed patiently as I looked, since of course he didn't need anything from a hardware store. The whole economy would collapse, I thought, if everybody was like him, making whatever they wanted out of thought-forms and thin air, repairing things without parts or labor.

-- Richard Bach, Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah


answered 28 Apr '10, 14:41

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edited 30 Apr '10, 17:32

Vesuvius, I really liked your comment about our thoughts being the only thing that we own. It is a radical point of view. I need to contemplate that a bit more before I can comment.

(28 Apr '10, 20:26) Drham

Hi stingray, to answer your question,

1) I have noticed laziness on one part and

2) Not really understanding the main underlying principles involved in the law of attraction.

The latter can be confusing and frustrating to those trying to put it into practice. Many just give it up. A small group will continue until they reach the point of understanding the steps or mechanics of it.

Good question by the way.


answered 28 Apr '10, 15:15

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Frank 1

I feel that all the reasons as to why people resist doing vibrational work are mentioned above. Because basically, as always, it comes down to limiting beliefs and negative momentum.

However here is another perspective to ponder. I think that people who resist doing vibrational work simply don't know how to consistently have fun doing the processes. All those people don't resist enjoying their hobbies (e.g. playing video games or tennis) because they know how to have fun with them. They know the mechanics of having fun when it comes to those things.

What if one could "model" someone who knows how to have fun doing vibrational work? Wouldn't it make him more able to have fun doing processes like Focus Blocks? Wouldn't it enable him to be a "deliberate vibration molder" who enjoys doing vibrational work? Honestly, I don't know. But here is my "how to" anyway :)

I won't go into much detail because it would be too long of an article.

Here is how to have fun doing vibrational work (and especially Focus Blocks).

Requirements of "having fun":

  • A physical human body which is incarnated on planet earth
  • Being able to feel emotions and a willingness to allow bad feelings through...
  • ...knowing that feeling bad won't kill you nor harm you
  • ...knowing that being willing to feel bad first is necessary to know where you are so you know where to go
  • A willingness to feel anger, hatred, revenge or blame...
  • ...through realizing it does not make you a bad or unworthy person to move up to anger, hatred or revenge on the emotional guidance scale... even if your parents or other "authorities" told you that it makes you a terrible, unworthy human to be willing to feel those emotions.
  • ... through realizing that it is part of being a human being to feel all emotions that exist...so you can allow yourself to enjoy the fun of moving up from feeling unworthy to anger, hatred or revenge (and yes, it does feel much better than depression, fear or unworthiness!)
  • Being able to do the processes (through practicing them at least a few days)

The process (or the mechanics) of having fun:

  • Do the processes to have immediate success, not to have long term-success (which will come as a by-product anyway). But what do I mean by long term success? Long term success is every form of success that takes you more than 1 or 2 minutes to achieve. You can have immediate success doing the processes by...

  • ...enjoying the immediate relief (usually takes a few seconds for each shot of relief)

  • ...monitoring your progress on the emotional scale and enjoying moving up (and giving yourself a pat on the shoulder for achieving immediate success) --> And as a by-product of the "I-want-immediate-success-mindset", enjoy being in the vortex eventually and appreciating everything

  • (Note: never do the processes primarily to get into the Vortex. Because it isn't an immediate result. It is a long term result because usually it takes more than 2 minutes. You only want to aim for immediate success which means it should not take more than a few seconds or 1-2 minutes at most!)

Probable stumbling blocks:

  • Sometimes it isn't that much fun in the beginning if you have a lot of subjects that are at the bottom of the emotional scale because they have a lot of momentum and they pull you down every time you think about them. However, move up 1-2 emotions a day and pat yourself on the shoulder. Because tommorrow you can move up another 1-2 emotions and so on... until you bring those subject to the top of the emotional scale.

  • Sometimes it isn't that much fun when you can't find statements that feel better when doing Focus Blocks. So either use general statements that others already came up with or/and learn the difference between general and specific statements.


answered 24 Jul '14, 16:50

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@releaser99 - I appreciate you sharing your perspective on this. As I read it, I realized that I would have had a lot more difficulty with thinking of all I do to raise the vibration I offer as "fun", if I had not had our @Stingray and yourself as well as others here constantly reminding me and modeling for me how enjoyable it all can be. I often forget to hold this view, then things invariably become heavy and difficult again till I remember I am in charge, and it is indeed a lot of fun!

(24 Jul '14, 17:50) Grace

@Grace I've come to realize that by writing these kind of things I actually remind myself of those things, because like you, I also forget what I learned and things become heavy. It's like I give myself advice on how to do all this stuff in my head, and eventually I give myself the same advice in a more specific, detailed and physically manifested way here on IQ.

(24 Jul '14, 18:32) releaser99

It stabilizes the advice that was given in thought form for myself and makes it tangible and concrete for me. I love that it helps you too :). Thank you for participating @Grace and happy molding:).

(24 Jul '14, 18:33) releaser99

@Grace - "if I had not had our @Stingray and yourself as well as others here constantly reminding me" - Actually, like @releaser99, I'm reminding myself of that with many of my answers directed at me. Sometimes others gain from observing those interactions with myself, sometimes not :) It's so easy to get seduced by the physical senses and start to kid yourself that everything starts and ends in the physical. Once you get stuck in that loop, you get dragged into playing the game of...

(26 Jul '14, 07:15) Stingray

@Grace - ...trying to control external conditions in order to be happy... an un-winnable game. What works for me to get around that is to make vibrational work a habit ...so I don't think and I don't forget, I just do it unquestioningly. It's just part of a daily routine, like brushing teeth. Once the vibrational aspect of one's life is solidly habitual, you can never really get too far off track from who you really are no matter what physical situations you find yourself.

(26 Jul '14, 07:27) Stingray

@releaser99, @Stingray - Sorry, I missed your comments till now. :)

(23 Aug '14, 23:05) Grace

@releaser99 - Yes I do understand what you mean about writing advice here stabilizing the thoughts about what we all know we need to be doing. It feels that way to me too. I always feel and do better when I come back to IQ. :)

(23 Aug '14, 23:05) Grace

@Stingray - It is so easy to return to the idea that physical cause and effect rule my world. The old "logic" of that seems always to be insidiously creeping up on me... And yes, habit has to be the best way to maintain my balance. If I think about it, I can easily rationalize that I don't need to do vibrational work today; after all, I feel fine.... ;)

(23 Aug '14, 23:08) Grace

It sounds silly to say, but it was a bit of a surprise to be reminded that even the two of you still "work" at this daily. I think that somewhere in me I believed that you had both grown above and beyond, and simply know it all now, though that makes no sense, as you taught me how to do these daily practices from your own experience...

(23 Aug '14, 23:09) Grace

...I am suddenly seeing that is that separating of myself from the people who I admire and try to emulate that keeps me apart from those very people, and therefore somehow keeps me from reaching as high as I may be capable of. I'm not sure if I'm expressing this clearly... it feels like I just broke through another of my old walls that held me down. :) Cool! Thanks again guys!

(23 Aug '14, 23:09) Grace
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Hi Stingrary, I would like to share my perspectives on this because I have been giving a lot of thought to this lately. I have been asking myself the question - If I know better and I can do better then why am I settling for less.

I have become convinced that the law of attraction is not as simple as we would like to make it. I believe that there are other factors that influence the law and that is why it appears to work sometimes and does not at other times. I have tested this myself. I find that I can attract many things into my life with barely any effort. Sometime I just think it and it appears like magic. I believe from my own experiment with the law of attraction that in life some things are not meant to be and no matter how hard you try to move the vibrations it just will not happen. The important thing for us is to be able to recognize the things that we have control of and let the others go.

I have very good mind control. I can hold a thought for as long as I want to. But I find that it does not work for everything.

Another idea that I have been pondering is that maybe where we are is a vibrational match in itself. And in that case we are all where we are supposed to be from that perspective. So its not because we do not want to try or do not want better for ourselves but maybe thats just it. Sometimes we are stimulated to move forward based on need (something happens in our life) and for others it may sometimes be just a desire to grow. From my experience I feel that the Universe finds a way to get us to move when it recognizes that we have become static. I trust my instincts to guide me and let me know when to push and when to let go.

I have also been wondering if the law of attraction is an evolutionary process. You have to believe and conceive at a certain level before you are able to advance to another level.

I have another question as well. If we allow ourselves to be guided by good values and principles and basically follow the golden rule. should that not be enough to attract goodness into our life. Isn't being a good person enough for the Universe? Sometimes I feel like I have to work (concentration) too hard to get the life that I deserve while others just seem to get it naturally with little effort. What is going on here?

I guess I have more questions than answer but I would like to hear what others have to say about the subject because it is of interest to me.


answered 27 Apr '10, 20:38

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I think one of the reasons why people resist vibrational work is because it takes them out of their comfort zone, or their habitual vibration. Their whole reality is a reflection of that dominent vibration. Its existence relies on that vibration.

Actually I think more people actually resist what follows the vibrational work, more than the vibrational work itself.

The clearing away of the old reality to make way for the new one could cause situations and feelings that could be interpreted as bad. But it is just actually a necessary requirement to allow the new reality in that exists on that higher vibration.

We are always in the process of attracting a new reality for ourselves. Everything thats happening in our Present moment is valid and a requirement to allow in what were attracting and intending.

Once we look at whats happening in the Present moment as a requirement and fully Accept it, we smooth out these transitions and life begins to flow with ease :)


answered 17 Oct '12, 05:17

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edited 18 Oct '12, 04:26

Hi Stingray I hope you'll find it useful to carefully think about this text from all angles ...

"An old farmer, mature and seasoned, one day was very angry with God. He said to God in his morning prayer

"I have to tell it as it is -- enough is enough! You don't understand even the ABC of agriculture! When the rains are needed there are no rains; when the rains are not needed you go on pouring them. What nonsense is this? If you don't understand agriculture you can ask me! I have devoted my whole life to it. Give me one chance: the coming season, let ME decide and see what happens."

It is an ancient story. In those days people had such trust that they could talk directly to God, and their trust was such that the answer was bound to happen.God said,

"Okay, this season you decide!" 

So the farmer decided, and he was very happy because whenever he wanted sun there was sun, whenever he wanted rain there was rain, whenever he wanted clouds there were clouds. And he avoided all dangers, all the dangers that could become destructive to his crops; he simply rejected them -- no strong winds, no possibility of any destruction to his crops. And his wheat started growing higher than anybody had ever seen; it was going above man's height. And he was very happy. He thought,

"Now I will show him!"

And then the crop was cut and he was very puzzled. There was no wheat at all -- just empty husks with no wheat in them. What happened? Such big plants -- plants big enough to have given wheat four times bigger than ordinary wheat -- but there was no wheat at all. And suddenly he heard laughter from the clouds. God laughed and he said,

"Now what do you say?" 

The farmer said, "I am puzzled, because there was no possibility of destruction and all that was helpful was provided. And the plants were going so well, and the crop was so green and so beautiful! What happened to my wheat?"  

God said, "Because you avoided all the dangers it was impossible for the wheat to grow. Growth needs challenges."

Challenge brings integrity; otherwise a person remains hollow, empty. If all facilities are provided for you and there is no danger in your life, you will remain hollow and empty. God gives life with all its dangers."

~ Transcribed from a talk by Osho


answered 28 Jul '14, 01:31

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Because they have a bunch of desires they're clinging to that run counter to it. I say we always get what we want regardless of whether it's pleasant or not. On some level, we are perceiving some benefit in clinging to our old preferences and that is why prefer to avoid vibrational work. One of the key preferences that we cling to is physicality - you'll see this if you meditate. As you realize, that everything you experience physically (: including your body, emotions, the so-called external world etc. :) corresponds directly to your state of mind then you will be more inclined to do "vibrational" work. Until then you feel that this "vibrational" stuff is all fluffy and not "solid" or weak etc. It requires awareness and that comes from meditation and/or philosophical contemplation helps up to a point (: remember reason follows you, it is a tool and flows from you, is not independent of you :) which I suppose arises from wanting (: and therefore manifesting :) to many unpleasant things or some curiosity.


answered 22 Aug '14, 06:27

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I think this is an excellent question Stingray! I think it could apply to any vibrational work really. I know for myself it seems similar to Biorhythms I have peaks where I hit on something and it is like golden! I could not mess up, everything is so easy, but then other times I get to the opposite end of the spectrum and feel like I was only fooling myself. I even get this way about God.

I think it is because when you feel beaten down you don't feel like getting back up again. It takes effort to get back up, it doesn't take effort to fall down. Now here is a little spark of enlightenment that just popped into my consciousness, what if falling down where good and getting up bad, or what if gravity were reversed. Then getting up would be easy and falling down hard, lol that feels good!

I learned that through Avatar EPC that the meaning of anything is the meaning we choose to believe it has. So if we change falling down to be a good thing and getting up to be the bad thing now instead of the natural or dominate thing being life sucks, the natural or dominate thing is life is wonderful. It takes effort to get up and have life be miserable, it is better to stay down and have life be wonderful! lol WOW!

I really needed to answer this question, flip it and make it natural the easy thing to do.

This inspired my own question here.


answered 28 Jul '14, 10:52

Wade%20Casaldi's gravatar image

Wade Casaldi

edited 28 Jul '14, 18:00

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