Stingray talks about "consciously releasing resistance" in a few times on this site such as here. Consciously releasing resistance to him basically is by making use of certain processes to clean up your vibrations.

Does the body has any way to "unconsciously" release resistance then if you do not do any of these processes at all? And what is the main difference between "unconsciously releasing resistance" and "consciously releasing resistance"? By main difference I mean anything, any kind of difference, like the advantages and disadvantages of each, etc..

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Through my understanding of the Zon we can tell our brains to do things for us then forget about it while the subconscious goes to work for us. This is similar to telling your right brain to find a name for you that you have forgotten, or a lost object you have misplaced.

We can say for example something needs healed handle it for me. I need to release something handle this for me etc...

We have an ability to program our brains to set it and forget it. It does the work for us in the subconscious. We do this when we try to find an answer until we say, "I give up!" When we finely give up, we release it to be done for us. This happens to writers who have dreams that answer questions, this happens to us when we find just the right book that seems to just happen to be what we needed and coincidentally happened upon us when we needed it.

Our subconscious is working all the time, put it to good use.


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well to answer your question you can be conscient about some resistance and chose to ignore it. but if you do this the resistance remain in you at deepper level(in your mind uncounsciously) so you need to meditate and understand the meaning to put it to rest. if you can do this it will not come back again has a resistance.example: someone is being stupid toward you, you can ignore it, but he will come back again and again, and each time you will need to ignore it again. but if you understand the meaning it is solve for you so next time he comes you will not have to ignore it again(you will know why). and you could even tell the person do you like to be stupid like that because of this x. then the person will stop because it is the truth. if he continue it is because he does not want to see the this case he only prove it each time he act stupid. experience and enjoy.


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Hi Kakaboo, To consciously release resistance means you are aware of releasing resistance weather you are geting out of your own way or consciously deciding to not resist whatever you have been previously resisting.

To subconsciously release resistance means you are not aware of it as it is done on a subconscious level and this can only happen if you release resistance consciously and repetitively until the subconscious accepts this and acts on it.

The differance is that for the release of your resistance to work it has to reach the subconscious level. You can't reach the subconscious level until you have done so consciously. Your true resistance release must work once the subconscious has accepted it as true.


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