I have recurrent issues that I am often able to resolve, yet they continue to emerge. I find myself using techniques to get past them, but they resurface. Others seem to be gone with only a recurrent thought, "Gee, that used to bother me, but it doesn't anymore, strange it was ever a problem."

Recurrent Issue Example 1: Traffic! I find myself beginning to boil when I am stuck in traffic. When this happens, I remind myself to look for beauty. I look at the brilliant red tail lights of the other cars in front of me, the green, or amber or red traffic light, the sky, blue, grey or raining -- whatever -- and every single time the traffic opens up and I am moving along quite well.

But, I find that usually I need to think about looking for beauty. I still experience the frustration of being stuck and then remembering to use my techniques. I would rather this happened seamlessly and automatically, i.e., I no longer get stuck in traffic.

@stingray says that

Your vibration always stays where you last left it so if you leave it in a resistant place, you are going to carry on receiving vibrational matches to your resistant place...i.e. to something you don't want.

Your vibration stays where you left it

This is a new idea for me. I thought that if I distract my mind, rather than "working on the problem" that I would be able to neutralize the resistance. If I focus on the "problem", then I feed it and it grows.

So if

Your vibration always stays where you last left it so if you leave it in a resistant place, you are going to carry on receiving vibrational matches to your resistant place...i.e. to something you don't want.

And this appears to be what is often happening with my reactions to traffic, how do I leave my vibration in a better, less resistive state?

I am looking for a metaphorical answer in general, not just about this particular situation.

Some of these past resistive issues have been resolved.

Example of neutralized past issue: I once had a problem with road rage. Someone cut me off in traffic and I showed them what that felt like by zooming ahead of them and cutting them off! This often led to more and more extreme examples!

Now, I have no reaction beyond sometimes a mild curiosity about why I ever felt anger. My past anger responses have taken on a surreal quality, as though that was not really me.

I am using these examples only to illustrate points. In the traffic example, I need to use my techniques. In the road rage example it happens automatically and seamlessly.

So how do I neutralize past resistive issues?

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Dollar Bill


I spotted the " vibration where you last left it " too. I will be interested to see others take on this. I don't want to get too paranoid and start digging round for all my past problems and checking up if my vibrations left in a decent state or place. I will watch this post carefully Bill. Its a very relevant question .

(22 Sep '13, 09:04) Monty Riviera

well you could try to take another path to not be in traffic. if you still get caught in traffic you could look at other people in other car around you smile at them they could smile at you also and talk to you by the windows. it will take your mind somewhere else then the problem that you cannot solve since it is not your choice to create something that get jam and make many people unhappy. you could also change your mind set and try to use this opportunity to find solution to solve your-

(04 Oct '13, 00:28) white tiger

problem it is time used more wisely then getting #### off and wanting to kill every other driver that cuts you off, drive dangerously, does not respect the law and other people, and are causing even more traffic and waste of time. you know that it is strange that it always jam in the same spot and no one fix the problem. they could at least put some bathroom for the people waiting in the traffic, they could sell drinks food and put some entertainments

(04 Oct '13, 00:39) white tiger

it would already solve some of the problem that comes with the main problem traffic jam. any how enjoy the parking lot and know that you are not alone experiencing this.

(04 Oct '13, 00:41) white tiger

Good comments WT ... or he could update the sound systems in those vintage Cadillac cars of his. Perhaps a new Bose cd player that won't devalue the 'vintageness'. You could listen to this to change your vibes Bill.


and @Cory has a 30 min loop & another video posted here


Rock & Roll is great too.

(04 Oct '13, 05:51) ele

Thank you @white tiger and @ele - I like the idea of enjoying the parking lot and the video with Beethoven's 7th. That video really relaxed me.

I have a Samsung Bluetooth sound bar that is about 1.5 inches tall and three feet long. It put out 310 watts, and will fit under the back of the front seat, or on the back seat. It also has a powered wireless sub-woofer and a remote control. I can move this from car to car and play music by streaming from my smartphone.

(14 Oct '13, 07:58) Dollar Bill

@ele - my vintage cars are all in the 1950s and the only sound system was a vacuum tube am radio, even for Cadillacs, you would not want a modern CD player visible inside the car.

Some people put a modern radio/cd player in the glove compartment.

One option is an Alpine CD/amp/radio that has an RF (radio frequency) remote. Unlike the usual IR (Infra-Red) it does not need a line-of-sight to access it. This means that the Alpine unit could be in the trunk. This would give

(14 Oct '13, 08:06) Dollar Bill

people here have been posting serious problems of depression, loss in love, lack of money... and you seriously are posting such a petty thing as being stuck in traffic?? lol.. seriously... get over it!

ok that was me initial thoughts... but i am sure that must be a pressing issue for you... so i do respect your question still.. do you meditate? if not i would ask you you to do that .. there are various meditations with music, with breathings etc etc.. try to pick something you are fond of..

(14 Oct '13, 18:37) abrahamloa

then when you already in the car and stuck in traffic you can use other methods suggested by people here.. best of luck!

(14 Oct '13, 18:37) abrahamloa

lol @abrahamloa so, so funny. Bill lives in a dif world than most of the ppl here. 'Easy World'. I'm sure many ppl would love to have his problems. You haven't met Bill yet. I'll give you a bit of history. Bill, or should I say Dr Bill phd, is a self made millionaire & collects vintage Cadillac's. Bill is a great story teller, partly due to his great sense of humor & age (70). He's been studying the Bible for years & a man of deep faith. He shares many of his experiences & life (A)

(14 Oct '13, 22:57) ele

(B) lessons with us. Bill is married to a much younger member of IQ who has a very delightful sense of humor & goes by the name @No Brainer. Bill & I certainly have disagreed at times. He's also not one to give a hoot about what anyone thinks of him. Here's a link you may find interesting; it includes pic's of his very cool cars.


(14 Oct '13, 22:59) ele

Bill, ha-ha I recall fm converters for cars in the 70's. When I read your question, I looked for sound systems which would not decrease the value of your car. I think I would get a bit testee stuck on the freeway in Atlanta w/only an AM radio. I like rock & roll when I'm driving & the louder the better & like SR says, Driving fast is what everyone naturally wants to do! You were born to live life in the fast lane! There is a 15 min red light due to construction in my area. It doesn't (1)

(14 Oct '13, 23:07) ele

(2) phase me at all. I sit back & listen to music. I've had ppl in my car who nearly came unglued. 2 min's felt like 10 & were adamant. If you are on my side of the construction, you're only a 1/2 block from a small old fashioned ice cream stand which many of us walk to, leaving our cars. If the light turns green while we are gone; no big deal. Drivers don't hesitate to go around us. Many ppl from big cities have no patience. Perhaps you need to get back to your roots every once in a while.

(14 Oct '13, 23:11) ele

@ele.. hmmm. that sounds fun walking over to ice cream stand in the middle of traffic..!! can i get a glass of wine too please? it raises my vibrations lol :-)

(15 Oct '13, 21:07) abrahamloa

@abrahamloa Actually you can if you are not driving, otherwise you should stick to a root beer float - yum. They own the liquor store too. Walk another 1/2 block & a Mike's Hard Lemonade tastes pretty good on hot sultry day.

(16 Oct '13, 06:30) ele
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I classify two categories of method for feeling better:

Distraction Methods are generally easier to learn and easier to apply than Clearing Methods, which can often involve a considerable time/knowledge/financial investment in mastering them.

So why not use Distraction Methods all the time then?

You can...and many people do.

It basically comes down to how much time you have on your hands :)

In a previous analysis of Distraction Methods vs Clearing Methods, the example I used demonstrated that you could invest:

  • 183 hours per year for using a Distraction Method
  • 20 minutes per LIFETIME for a Clearing Method

This is because Distraction Methods just distract you (obviously) from your issue for a while for you to feel better. But since your vibration stays where you last left it, as soon as the subject reactivates itself in your life, you now need to re-employ the Distraction Method in order to feel better again (for a while).

This seems like what you are experiencing with your Traffic issues...you are distracting yourself (for a while) from an uncomfortable vibrational stance rather than clearing it (for good).

Distraction Methods are good for subjects that you are sure will never (or rarely) recur in your life but otherwise not-so-good.

The simplest Distraction Method of all would be to simply turn your attention to something else when something uncomfortable pops up in your life...takes a few seconds to do that and there's nothing to learn :) And for something that will never recur, it's a superb easy approach.

An example of this would be Abraham's Pivoting Method where when something you don't want happens, you just ask yourself what you do want to happen instead and focus on that completely to distract yourself.

But for anything that recurs on a regular basis, the time management aspect of a Distraction Method (mentioned above) doesn't make it viable for those who lead busy lives or who get bored doing the same old Distraction Method time and time again :)

So why not use Clearing Methods all the time then?

From what I've said above, it now seems that one's best overall approach would be just to clean up everything resistant in your life and be done with it. You'd have some learning to do initially in order to clear properly but after that, in theory, nothing painful will ever recur and you can get on with a life of eternal happiness.

Sounds good, huh? :)

Unfortunately, there's two big obstacles preventing you doing that...

  1. Your physical life exists for the purpose of launching new desire...which means you can never reach a place (for long) where you'll be non-resistant on all your desires because your desires keep evolving as you live your life :)

  2. The Law of Attraction will bring you more of what you are focused on so if you are focused on clearing stuff up, the Law of Attraction will just find more and more stuff for you to clean up...forever and ever :)

Point 2 is the major stumbling block to doing deliberate whole life clean-ups. No matter how good an idea it sounds, you just cannot clean up your whole life forever.

alt text


The best approach I've seen so far to actually managing to pull off a whole life clean-up successfully (on a limited basis) is the Faster EFT Super Power Tap. See comments to In Faster EFT, why do we ask "How do you know" and not "Why"? That works because you don't spend much time digging through the bad stuff in your life (you only pick the major issues) and then you wipe them out in one go in literally a few minutes before you get too stuck in the vibration. The other semi-successful whole-life clean-up is Manifesting Experiment 4 but it is actually based on the Faster EFT ideas so it works for the same reason :) Neither approach will keep you "clean" forever though


Back to the main answer...

So Distraction Methods take too long in the long-run and Clearing Methods just get you trapped cleaning up forever?

Yep, that's about right :)

So what's the way out of this dilemma?

The way out is to utilize a very interesting property of Vortex alignment that I don't think is emphasized enough. Perhaps many people don't even realize it exists.

Think about it...if you are Vortex-aligned then the only things that you can be a vibrational match to in that state must also be those on a similar vibration to your Vortex. Make sense, doesn't it?

So how is it then possible for anyone In the Vortex to ever drop Out of the Vortex?

It seems like it should be impossible for anything to kick you out of the Vortex once you get there because the thought that kicked you out would have to be a vibrational match to the Vortex also in order to enter your reality at that time.

To understand what's going on, remember that Vortex alignment is just Abraham's analogy for a state of alignment between Physical and Higher Self...a state where Higher Self is flowing freely and strongly through the physically projected Self.

This means that the thought that kicked you out of the Vortex must have been inspired from your Inner Being!

Your Inner Being is basically telling you (during Vortex alignment) that in order to continue the Vortex alignment, the thought that is kicking you out is one that needs priority clearing.

In other words, your Inner Being is letting you know what vibration to clear next. It's presenting a clean-up curriculum. You don't have to do a whole life clean-up...you just have to follow where your Inner Being is pointing.

This is why in Manifesting Experiment 2 (Focus Blocks), I say to take note during the day of whatever makes you feel bad and clean it up later.

Ideally, you should be in the Vortex most of the time for this to work most effectively but the inner guidance is still pulsating there (less clearly though) even if you are not. And as you make Vortex alignment more habitual, it should become clearer and clearer what your priority clean-up obstacles are.

To sum up and to answer your question, you don't need to go looking to neutralize any "deep seated" issues, just take note of what makes you feel bad during the day, apply a clearing method to it at some later convenient time and then you'll automatically be gradually clearing up everything in your life that needs clearing up in an efficient, systematic fashion.


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edited 24 Sep '13, 07:13


@Stingray- Excellent answer. :) I now find doing the bare minimum of vibrational work, (just enough to allow access to the Vortex daily) the best approach for me. Yes there are other vague emotions/issues I'm aware of that I could "work" on but I find I don't need to. A lot of them just fall away by themselves. I believe this is because once you disidentify from an emotion (become aware of it) it cannot pretend to be "You" anymore and cannot remain unchanged:)

(24 Sep '13, 08:40) Satori

@stingray - Whew! Spot on! Your ideas come to me like old friends with joyful news. Like brown paper packages sent from Home. Good news, and I wonder why didn't I think of that? Your ideas, your work, make such simple, but very powerful sense. Thank you.

(24 Sep '13, 09:24) Dollar Bill

I suppose its a bit like washing your hands and face. You cant give them a massive wash and then go thru eternity never washing again. It needs to be done when your dirty, or regularly as a daily habit. Or a mixture of both.

(24 Sep '13, 10:09) Monty Riviera

@Stingray Great answer. Anyone who wants to learn how to create deliberately should read this answer carefully. Over the years I've often found myself wanting to clean up my whole life because I didn't know about the power of the Vortex back then. And after beating my head against a brick wall for years, I've finally realized that it's simply not possible to clean up the whole life :). So one's highest priority should always be Vortex alignment.

(24 Sep '13, 11:03) releaser99

Vortex first, and then do the bare minimum of clean ups to stay in the Vortex. @Monty Riviera I like your analogy. And deliberately looking for problems from the past to clean up would be like leaving your house to look for dirt to clean up in the whole world. You will find it everywhere, but you won't clean it all up in this lifetime :).

(24 Sep '13, 11:04) releaser99

"This means that the thought that kicked you out of the Vortex must have been inspired from your Inner Being!"

I like that. A random side question for anyone who has any ideas: clearing techniques like EFT tend to not have the desired effect on me: I've realized that they somehow (it may be the way I'm approaching it?) tend to make me feel MORE resistant, like I'm really pushing against the feeling. Does anyone else have this experience, and/or a way to apply more successfully?

(24 Sep '13, 15:47) corduroypower

@corduroypower You might want to combine (Faster) EFT with the Mc²Method. Feel your body sensations, describe and frame them and then tap while focusing on the tapping sensation on your skin. You might want to read the comments here too http://goo.gl/iBkXCd

(27 Sep '13, 03:26) releaser99

Wow Stingray that was perfect terminology - Distraction method and Clearing Method. I just posted 2 ways to deal situation on another website of course w/o using your 2 names for it and it was great to see you said same thing here!! And i thought if what i thought matched with Stingray then what i said was close to truth... lol

(27 Sep '13, 19:35) abrahamloa

Only thing with Distraction method is when your distraction is follwing your joy and passion then it significantly dims your original problem ... and actually that gets solved on its own.. (i have heard Abraham say that.... if you have 100 things you desire and 1 thing gives you joy then just focus put your mind on it and all the 99 things will also happen). .. and i have experienced this firsthand...

(27 Sep '13, 19:37) abrahamloa

so what i am saying is if your distraction is joyful and you immerse in that you dont need to worry about your original issue.

(27 Sep '13, 19:37) abrahamloa

@abrahamloa - "when your distraction is follwing your joy and passion then it significantly dims your original problem...and actually that gets solved on its own" - Yes, that happens quite a lot. If you can remain significantly Vortex-aligned, Distraction provides enough breathing-room for an issue to sort itself out. It's only really when you come across something that keeps kicking you out of the Vortex that you need to put some thought into how to tackle it i.e. Distraction vs Clearing

(28 Sep '13, 06:52) Stingray

@releaser99 @Satori - "do the bare minimum of clean ups" - This is really such an important point. It's so easy to think that one should focus one's life on doing vibrational work (and all these on-going clean-ups) but really there's not much to do once you get some basic ideas down and establish some habits of naturally feeling good. Then just a few minutes a day to touch the Vortex on a daily basis seems to be enough and then you just go live some joyful and adventurous life :)

(28 Sep '13, 07:16) Stingray

@corduroypower - If you are having problems, you should probably ask that as a separate question

(28 Sep '13, 07:23) Stingray

@Dollar Bill and all - You're welcome

(28 Sep '13, 07:23) Stingray

I haven't had time write on IQ much lately but it's posts like these that make me glad that I still check in regularly. This made so much sense to me right now and was exactly what I needed :)

(22 Oct '13, 14:14) cassiopeia

Should "where you feel good about a subject" be "where you don't feel good about a subject"?

(14 Sep '14, 09:24) einsof

@einsof - No, the sentence is correct as it is. You must find a way to be in a good-feeling state when you write the request even if the subject is usually an uncomfortable one for you.

(14 Sep '14, 12:19) Stingray
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I have recently started to use the 'Wouldn't it be nice if' method to tackle a "big" issue of mine when I was having trouble moulding my vibration around this issue using other vibrational techniques.

Surprisingly, I have found that this method is bringing me a lot of relief and I am feeling much better about the issue. It is such a simple method. So, worth giving it a go, you might see some good results from it.


answered 22 Sep '13, 16:36

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Pink Diamond


This is an underated technique - great for getting some momentum going on something that is hard to shift in a head on kind of way. Good to see you again PD.

(22 Sep '13, 17:09) Catherine

I think its under rated too. The momentum thing is spot on in my experience. It kind of " gets the ball rolling " for me. It often is the "beginning" to getting me out of a bad feeling place. I often start a Focus Block with one, or include them in there at some point if im feeling stuck.

(27 Sep '13, 13:16) Monty Riviera

What better metaphor than Santa Claus ,now there is a "past resistive issue". What did you do when you learned that there is no Santa Claus? You accepted, You modified your beliefs,You moved on.
Ho-Ho-Ho Merry Christmas!


answered 22 Sep '13, 04:23

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What? There is no Santa Clause? You MUST be kidding?

(22 Sep '13, 11:12) Dollar Bill

What an absolutely terrible thing to say @ursixx

I may have to cast my first downvote......

(22 Sep '13, 11:22) ele

The KISS principle states that simplicity should be a key goal in design, and that unnecessary complexity should be avoided.

(23 Sep '13, 01:24) ursixx

.. and Einstein said "if you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."

However, Einstein believed in Santa as do I. Here's a link explaining "why the belief in Santa is essential for success".


... and if this isn't sufficient proof


... all I have to say is this


(03 Oct '13, 23:23) ele
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Here's an Experiment for you to try.

Emotions are "Energy in Motion" and now days more than ever, the world is suffering from e-Motion sickness.

We as humans tend to deal with emotions in three ways. Either we express them (act them out, which BTW does not mean you let go of the emotion) we suppress or avoid them by pushing them back down inside, trying not to think of them and last, we medicate ourselves with all kinds of things like drugs, alcohol, shopping, food, getting even more busy, anything that will push it back down in an attempt to distract ourselves and bury the emotions, all of which are basically saying "No" to our emotions. But there is a fourth way. Release them. If you do this, emotions come up... and then go out of you and they're gone.

You see, the mind is just like a computer. When you have a program or virus in it that you want to delete, you click "Delete", right? And what comes up? A box that asks, "Are you sure you want to delete this?" The reason it asks is because it needs your permission to leave. What happens when you click "No"? The virus or program Stays in your computer. And this is what happens inside of us when we act out or suppress or medicate emotions. But when you click "Yes", it leaves. It's the same with us. When emotions come up, they want out. But you have to say "Yes" to emotions to allow them to leave.

But you can't do this from your head or with a thinking process. It has to be done down in your body where your emotions are, meaning it's a feeling process. So as you're sitting there reading this, I have an experiment for you to try. Here is a simple method of releasing that works very well if you will give it a try. It might take a time or two, but it will work.

Now the story about your emotion is just the story. It will stay as a memory. But when you release the emotions about it, the story no longer has any affect on you. Think of the feelings you have about driving or whatever feelings you have about something you would like to let go of. Let the feelings come up. As a beginner, to help you measure your progress as you release, close your eyes and let your head drop down toward your chest and put your awareness down into where you feel the emotion and notice how intense the feeling is. On a scale of 0 to 10, how intense is the emotion? 10 is the most intense and 0 is no problem. Just notice this.

Now, with the first experiment, feel the emotion for a moment and then just say "Yes" to it. Pause just a moment... and again, with all of your attention on the feeling, say Yes again. And then say Yes again. Pause. And say Yes again. And with purpose and intention, say yes again. Say it like you mean it because you are addressing an intelligent part of yourself and it is aware of your intention. It wants you to let this feeling go and You want it to go. So give it your permission and say Yes to the emotion again. And say Yes again. Just say "Yes" to this emotion slowly and with intention about 8 or 10 times. The trick is to really connect with this feeling on an emotional level. This is speaking it's language and just like you or anyone else, when you feel understood and accepted, you respond much more agreeably.

Now, check and see how intense the emotion is. It should be less and lower on the scale. If so, you have just released some of it. It doesn't release all at once this way, but a little at a time AND it makes your intention to release it very clear to your inner self. Plus it only takes a minute to do this. Is it worth a minute of your time? I think so.

Now for the next experiment. With eyes closed and your head and attention down toward the feeling, focus on the remaining emotion and remember, you are dealing with a part of your intelligence. It is aware of your intention to let it go. So ask this feeling, "Would you like to leave?" and notice how it feels when you ask this. Very likely you will get the feeling that Yes, it would like very much to leave. Then say this, "Feeling, I love you and I give you permission to leave" and imagine a window over the place in your body where you feel it. Open the window and like smoke in a smoky room, let the emotion escape out through the window. Remember, emotions are energy in motion. What's more, they respond to your intentions. Give it permission to leave, open the window right over where you feel it and watch as it blows away with the breeze. Give it all the time it needs to completely escape. Just allow it to go.

Raise your head and pause for a moment and notice how you feel about that thing you felt all that emotion about. How does it feel now? It should be significantly less or even gone. If you sense that there is any still remaining, focus your attention on it and do the same thing. Ask, "Would you like to leave too?" Wait for the response which will likely be "Yes". Say, I love you and I give you permission to leave too." Open the window and watch as it drifts out and away with the breeze. Again, notice how you feel. You will likely feel much lighter or even completely free of that feeling.

Very soon you will be able to do this without putting your head down. You will develop a new relationship with that part of you that holds all of your emotions about stuff in life. A relationship of trust and respect. A new level of communication between your head and your heart that opens the way for all kinds of joy in your life. Eventually you will even be able to do this while you're driving or in the grocery store or at your job, about all kinds of emotions in your life. And no one will know that you are doing it. This is an inside job and can be done anywhere and only takes a minute to do.

The more you do this, the better and faster it works. And it will leave you feeling lighter and lighter. Love yourself and say "Yes" to your emotions. Let them escape. This is a lifelong tool you can use to let go of negative and bothersome emotions. Do this every day for all kinds of feelings that you don't want to have any more and it will improve every area of your life. Just sit quietly and bring up the menu of your life and emotions about it and choose something to let go of. Be willing to allow yourself to "Feel" your emotions rather than avoiding them so that you can take back your beautiful life. That way you can let them come up and release. It's a whole new way for you to handle your emotional life. Accepting responsibility for them and letting them go is very empowering. It will eventually give you back many gifts that were lost along the way. Enjoy your life as it was meant to be enjoyed. Blessings.

What you read above is the beginning parts of a much more in depth training called The Release Technique with Larry Crane. Look it up. I have it and I absolutely Love it. Has been an incredible help in all areas of my life. And I'm not the only one. Look at just a few testimonials here... http://www.releasetechnique.com/testimonials/


answered 22 Sep '13, 16:21

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I've been using EFT (the Emotional Freedom Technique) for years on exactly this kind of issues with incredible results. I've taught it to many people and they all have integrated it into their life. It's just amazing. My wife got rid of her fear of flying in one session (about 30 seconds?) 5 years ago and never got it back. Please try it. It's free, easy to learn, fast to do and it opens up a world of possibilities.

This is the official website of the guy who invented it, with a free tutorial: http://www.emofree.com/

There are countless websites and youtube videos today teaching variants, but in my case the original "recipe" works best. For others, other variants work best. Find whatever resounds better with you.


answered 23 Sep '13, 04:34

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I've also used and taught EFT for many years. And because I was so into it, I paid little attention to other methods, until I finally saw Faster EFT come up often. So I checked it out and was Very impressed. So much so that I began teaching it instead. Go here for a wonderful and much simpler variation on EFT. Robert Smith has over 700 free videos available on Youtube teaching Faster EFT. Sign up for Roberts free Fast start video series. Very worth your time. http://fastereft.com/

(23 Sep '13, 05:21) Rindor

Thanks Rindor :)

(23 Sep '13, 10:25) maugi

Your thoughts, feeling, and emotions etc are all energy, hence cannot be neutralized. What you can do is diversion. [eg. when you have tooth-ache, you hear about a very good news—something like you got 1st Rank in the school. At least for sometime, you do not experience tooth-ache] Similarly, when you have greater values in your life, deep-rooted feelings which stem form lesser values will go down, dormant! Greater value means: turning to the source of all values. We all come from God, through our parents; and He only deserves our love; because all others will be snated away from us by time—relatives & friends, assets, even our own body—will disappear after some time. Hence have an everlasting bond with our Heavenly Father, through meditation. • Meditation is an inner mental exercise which helps to relax and cool down. With practice, relaxation for a long time is easily possible. It just depends on the type of meditation that is regularly practised. • One of the oldest meditations is called ‘Rajyoga’. ‘Raja’ means the king or the Supreme. And ‘yoga’ means union or connection. Hence the ‘highest on high’ connection is called Rajyoga. This highest connection can only be with One Supreme Light, God the Supreme Soul. • This meditation creates a personal and a very loving bond between the souls and God who is the Supreme Father and the Supreme Mother. • Those, who enjoy ‘Raja yoga’ meditation, know the art to connect with the One the Supreme Soul – who is the eternal Father and the eternal Mother. They experience all relationships with Him and experience the true meaning of love, peace and happiness. • The practice of this meditation is based on His teachings as the Supreme Teacher. The first method is to consider yourself a soul and remember God as the Supreme Soul. Firstly, we remind ourselves of our original and eternal self and secondly of the qualities of the Supreme, the Source of all power and energy. • Rajyoga purifies our mind and liberates from the limits of different, forms of impurity or body consciousness, thus transforming the self into a pure and charitable soul and experience super-sensuous joy. This transformation is needed to become worthy to enter the Golden Age. • The connection with the Supreme fills us with spiritual strength and helps to be positive in all situations. To maintain this strength, we require a daily connection so that our energy is constantly replenished. For this every day or every hour for two to ten minutes, practise to sit in silence in the remembrance of the Eternal Sweetest Supreme Father. Remember Him, who is the Ocean of Love and purity. As we sit under the canopy of His Love and protection, it washes away all our sorrows and gives us a sense of spiritual fulfillment. • His love cleanses and purifies us. His remembrance incinerates all the past sins and negative traces inside the soul, and deep-rooted emotions which have been left by negative karmas of the past. It also helps to heal the inner wounds left by ego, fear, sorrow, hatred, anger or jealousy and experience the inner beauty of peace, love, purity and bliss; of the spiritual being. This transforms our vision and attitude towards the self and others, thus making ourselves worthy of belonging to the new world, the Golden Age – a world where all (those who are worthy) souls are naturally soul-conscious and 100% pure and perfect. As we change ourselves, we attract good vibrations towards us, even people around us will beging to behave with us nicely. Tdjaum “AT” gmail.com


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T D Joseph

@T D Joseph, can you please explain your technique of Raja yoga meditation? Many thanks.

(23 Sep '13, 10:20) lozenge123

Hi, Here i am giving you a link, from where I learned

http://www.brahmakumaris.com/rajayoga-meditation.html Thanking you Joseph

(23 Sep '13, 10:33) T D Joseph

beautiful..answer..,thank you so much for sharing :))

(24 Sep '13, 01:59) supergirl
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I am a broken record. But this technique has been really helpful to me: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/82413/the-most-effective-meditation-technique-ever

What I've realized from working with that technique (tl;dr, observe your feelings neutrally instead of shoving them away) is that a huge number of things I said to myself were total lies, papered over my actual underlying belief. For instance, in your traffic example, for me (this may be different for others), if I felt very irritated because I was stuck in traffic, and then I tried to go straight to appreciating the lovely things around me, I would fundamentally be lying to myself. Trying really hard, certainly, but... not being authentic. I think that just splits or muddies up your vibration, changing very little. Plus, I often felt confused about what I was actually vibrating - I thought I had to be vibrating "Traffic flows easily", because that's what I was gritting my teeth through affirming, whereas of course reality simply continued to match my fundamental, underlying belief/vibration, making me feel like I didn't really have any influence over my reality.

Whereas if I can say, and really feel: "UGH. Traffic, what a drag!" and allow myself to feel that feeling and stop resisting it, I am then often able to move to something like "Well, one way or another, I'll be there pretty soon." It just takes the sting out of it to make peace with the feeling of where you are. And then next time I'm in the car, my authentic vibration is somewhere around "Eh, it's not so awful, really", and then if I can be in that place without resistance, it's not so far to "Hey, this traffic is definitely smoother than it was this morning!", and so on.

I know people like Abraham definitely talk about how making too-big jumps doesn't really work, but for some reason I was unable to understand and apply it in practical ways until finding this method.

Also - I tried to ignore problems like this away for a number of years, and I've concluded that maybe I just don't have the mental focus to make that work or something. Because I'm never really able to totally ignore something that really bothers me in a chronic way, so I'm just pumping more "Ahhhh, traffic!" out into the universe. So I feel like the only thing to do with recurrent issues that come up a lot is to dive in and make peace with the feeling you have right now, and then LOA can bring you slightly improved thoughts and feelings, and so on.

Just my 2 cents.


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Hi @Dollae Bill "How do I neutralize deep seated recurrent resistant negative issues?"

The short answer is that you can't but you can resolve the issue as you spontaneously discovered yourself. What do I mean by all this? Let me explain;

If energy cannot be neutralized but you have the impression that it can be then something is making that illusion to appear to be true, it's the mind that creates this tllusion.

There are many assumptions in the question that are commonly accepted as being true, they are however very enticing illusions that arouse hope, interest and desire, so really it's a non question, there are words such as neutralize, negative, resistance which are part of a much larger enticing illusion, an illusion fabricated by the mind based on erroneous beliefs.

@T D Joseph points out "your thoughts, feeling and emotion are all energy, hence cannot be neutralized", and I would like to point out that thoughts, feeling and emotion are all energy and energy just "is", exactly as notes of music are distinctive and easily recognizeable sounds and just exist as vibrations there're ni negative nor positive unless we judge them as good, bad, negative positive. Judging something is giving it a label and the very fact of sticking a label on something not only modifies the original raw vibration but creates a modified vibration, an illusional vibration.

You say @Dollar Bill "I once had a problem with road rage. Now I have no reaction beyond sometimes a mild curiosity about why I even felt anger. My past anger responses have taken on a surreal quality as though that was not really me"

When you mention that you think of "beauty", the "red", "amber", "green" traffic lights, the "blue" sky, the "grey", the "rainfall" and every single time I'm moving along quite well for me this sequence is flagrant. The vibration that you send outwards you automatically recuperate in the environment. It's obvious to me that the colours and sequence red, orange, green, blue, grey signifies the spontaneous rising of kundalini energy, vertical energy, expansion of consciousness as opposed to horizontal "earth" energies. I too have experienced this phenomenon many many moons ago :) One of the seven keys to understanding natural magic, or rather what appears to be magic, is "virtual concepts become real"

In other words without realising it you have spontaneously altered your beliefs and found how to resolve the issue in hand, that road rage in the physical environment where things take place on the outside, is not you, you are on the inside. Thinking of "beauty" raises your vibration to a higher plane which effectively bypasses the mind's illusionary mechanism allowing the raw vibration to be separated from the learned label "anger is a negative emotion" issue.

You'll come to realize that pure raw "inner space" emotions just "are" and can be welcomed and appreciated as they are, absolutely no need to modify, reframe, clean-up, ignore, release, manage, etc them.

You'll come to realize that emotions in outer space that is, in the physical environment or "story space" can be positive and negative in a "story" such as the Santa Claus story invented by humans. In a story a great variety of emotions flow together and whether they could be considered individually as negative or positive becomes irrelevant, the flow of emotions as when listening to a great symphony of music all blend into a joyous and pleasureable experience.

have fun :)


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