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I asked God for a place like this and within less than a week it manifested.

I so wanted to interact with people who thought and spoke along the same lines as me, so I would no longer feel alone in this world. I can see you've been here a long time, but it feels created just this week and just for me. Thank you all for existing! xxx

Why are you all so WONDERFUL?

Is this real?

asked 19 Dec '11, 11:00

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Barry Allen ♦♦

This site is so real. Outside every one think you are talking another incomprehensible language, it is so ecstatic to find beings from your plant, talking your own language No more YOU ARE DUMB! and no more PLEASE BELIEVE ME!!!

I love this site too, love the family here,

You are so wonderful too and you are not alone


answered 19 Dec '11, 12:39

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Thank you r0la, so true, talking my own language! :-)

(19 Dec '11, 22:07) Parammama

Welcome to the World of like minded minds.

(21 Dec '11, 00:04) The Knights Alchemy

I have been here for a while...I have learned many things, and met many wonderful people along the way. IQ is a wonderful place to be, indeed! I do not know where I would be without it- quite literally.

I believe that you have found a new home, a place of like-minded people, and that is good. IQ has brought me much knowledge, but more importantly, has made me think, which is also very good for me! I believe that you have received a very nice Christmas Present (assuming you are a celebrant of this holiday) and that the New Year will be bright and beautiful for you.

I welcome you and all the new people here to our "family", and wish you many more manifestations of Peace and Joy!

Blessings, Jaianniah

Christmas, 2011


answered 19 Dec '11, 13:31

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Thank you so much Jaianniah, a very nice Christmas Present indeed! :-)

(19 Dec '11, 22:02) Parammama

This site is whatever you want it to be ...

happy hunting


answered 19 Dec '11, 11:12

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blubird two

Thank you blubird!xxx

(19 Dec '11, 11:27) Parammama

I'm also glad I found this website. I used to hang around a lot on another forum - the old Steve Pavlina forums - although as time passed by, I felt I wasn't getting as much out of it. I wanted to improve my manifesting abilities and see results, but a lot of the posts there seemed to be from people who were stuck as well (like I was at the time), and it wasn't helping me. Also, I wanted to read more leading edge stuff than what was on those forums.

Just after Christmas, the forum owner decided to shut down the forums out of the blue. I was sad, of course, as I used to visit it frequently and it was a part of my life, but on the other hand I knew I was ready to move on too.

I found IQ shortly after that, and it couldn't have been more perfect timing. I really resonate with all the posts here - and the best thing is, that even though I occasionally spend more time reading about spirituality when I should be practising it (something which had been a problem on my old forum board), it's actually led me to spend more time practising. I've learnt a lot so far, and it's only been a month!


answered 05 Feb '12, 15:08

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Welcome to IQ. Don't believe everything, but most are wonderful. I too ask for God to hit me in the head with a 2 by 4. Very soon after I came to PST TEK which lead here. Blessings


answered 05 Feb '12, 15:30

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