If the law of attraction works does this mean that all I have to do is to imagine that I have something and it will come into my life with no effort on my part? For instance, if I want a new car and I visualise having it etc it will be delivered to me, paid for without moving from my chair.

I ask this because a lot of literature on manifestation talks of taking action to get something, which seems to mean that visualisation is about becoming aware of opportunites and acting on them rather than things appearing on my doorstep.

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Alan Crabbe

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You make it sound like the "imagine" act is an easy thing to accomplish.

When you are not in the vibrational vicinity of what you want, I can't think of anything more difficult than the vibrational effort involved in truly performing that act...especially for the first time.

Yes, all you have to do is "imagine" but it has to be the act of "imagine" to such an extent that what you "imagine" is more real to you than your current reality and, when starting out, that can be the most difficult thing that anyone can ever do in their lives.

It can involve putting to one side everything you have ever thought was true about your life up to now.

You must unlearn what you have learned

Yoda - 'The Empire Strikes Back'

People will spend many hours of their day everyday for years engaged in physical activities they dislike doing because they need to "make a living".

Yet when it comes to spending just the minutest fraction of that time engaged in vibrational work, most either will not do it or cannot do it.

Just read through many of the questions and answers on this site and you'll see how many people are "locked" into their current realities and, by implication, their current belief systems. They justify them, they rationalize them, they defend them, they treat them as something that is "just the way it is" for them.

Physical reality is actually fluid and responsive but, all too often, our habits of thought (beliefs) are not.

...many men and women have found to their sorrow that it is easier to control a kingdom than to control themselves.

But when you have learned to control yourself you will have found the "World Within" which controls the world without; you will have become irresistible; men and things will respond to your every wish without any apparent effort on your part.

Charles F Haanel - The Master Key System


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Jedi master stingray, in all seriousness, how can I 'unlearn' beliefs that I'm oblivious to?

(20 Dec '11, 13:30) Nikulas

You watch your emotions. When something occurs in your experience that causes a strong negative reaction within you, regardless of what it is, it is demonstrating to you that the "Broader" part of you does not agree with the thought that the "Physical" part of you is thinking in that moment. You could say that there is something to "unlearn" there if you wanted to continue to use Star-Wars-speak :)

(20 Dec '11, 18:29) Stingray

Thanks stingray. The problem I have with this answer and many self help books is that the onus of failure always seems to be on the user not the author. If they don't work then it is the persons belief system. If the wealth doesn't materialise it is because of negative energy around money and so on. There doesn't seem to be a way to test whether the system is at fault or the user.

(20 Dec '11, 21:37) Alan Crabbe

I disagree with the concept "Unlearn". If I find a "strong negative reaction" within me, I change my focus to something beautiful where I have a positive reaction. To me, it is "replace" rather than "unlearn."

(01 Mar '12, 08:07) Dollar Bill
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In my experience, it synchonizes things for you. You see, or realize opportunities more easily after repeated visualizations and it moves things in your direction. You still need to act.

I will give you an example. I wanted and needed a new car several years ago. I was in the middle of a divorce, and unable to get credit. In my state, both parties are forbidden to take on any further debts until the procedings are final. Meanwhile, my car was falling apart and it was costing a lot of money to keep it running. I also had moving and attorney expenses. Getting a new car in the ordinary way wasn't going to happen and I needed a new car to get to work.

I kept visualizing myself in a new car. I could smell it, I could feel the upholstery and I felt myself driving along the highway going to see friends and relatives in other towns....something which had been impossible in my unreliable old car of late. I saw the road signs and felt how nice it was to be driving a reliable new car again.

I persisted with the visualization, confident that the universe would open up the way somehow. I did nothing else toward finding a new car. I didn't look in the lots or in the newspaper.

Soon, a relative told me that he had lost his job and had just purchased a new car recently. It was only a couple of months old. He needed someone to take over the payments for him and take the car. He had heard that I needed a new one, but couldn't remember from who. You see, the wheels were turning for me! I started making the payments immediately (with no need to put any money down) and as soon as the divorce was final, I re-titled the car, insured it and assumed the loan without a hitch. I sold my old clunker, also without any trouble at all, and used the cash to finish my lawyer's bill.

The persistent visualizations really helped move everything along nicely. But I certainly had to take some of the actions myself. It did fall into my lap, but action on my part was necessary (and easy!) Does this make sense as an explanation of the proper balance?


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LeeAnn 1

Very well said. The only thing I would encourage you to stress that one must not "demand" things from the universe, otherwise the universe may respond in a manner other than what we expected. "Requesting", "hoping", or "believing" that God will deliver what you need when you need it is a good thing, but trying to tell God that it is time for you to receive something and not deferring to his divine plan is hazardous. Just my two cents however, take it for whatever you wish.

(20 Dec '11, 05:07) Snow

Thanks LeeAnn yes that does make sense but seems to leave the manifesting part as merely becoming aware of opportunities out there and acting on them. This doesn't mean its not effective but seems to mean that these things are already there and we lack awareness of them. However this is not the same as saying that we attract these things into our life by focusing our energy.

(20 Dec '11, 21:26) Alan Crabbe

Black Dragon, you are right. I never demand. I request and release. That seems to work best.

(20 Dec '11, 23:10) LeeAnn 1
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Welcome to the site Alan.

Following are ideas and processes that I have learned (remembered) and now practice in my life. First of all, it is very difficult or maybe even impossible to make visible the things that you say you want, unless you are also passionate about them.

If you, a) only casually want something while, b) you assume how and when it will materialize in your life; you won’t see it because you do not possess the correct recipe in order to make it manifest.

All things exist as potential here and now, but without the energy of passion and intention, you are not necessarily giving enough energy, through intention, to vibrationally activate those things; so you may not see them manifest (become visible) in your life.

For the sake of explanation I have re-worded your question:

So all I have to do is to imagine that I have something – that I am passionate about - and it will come into my life with no effort on my part?

When you are excited and passionate about doing anything, no effort is required because you love it, right? If you are truly passionate about a certain kind of vehicle (and you are not caught up in negative beliefs), it is easy to focus on it and to visualize or imagine yourself driving it, right?

Physical Mind
Once you are clear about your desire; get into a meditative or quiet state of mind and give your intention and focus, in your imagination or visualization, to you actually driving this vehicle and feel as you will feel once this vehicle is yours. In other words both see and feel the end result. Use as many physical senses as you are able to in your imagination.

When you do this correctly for 15 minutes or less, you have successfully activated the vibration of this vehicle within you, you have become a vibrational match to your own idea, to your own desire. That is all the intention, imagination and visualization work you need to do.

Higher Mind
The next step in the manifestation process is out of your physical mind’s hands; it is in the domain of your higher mind or higher self. There is nothing for you to do, except to relax and allow your higher self to send guidance to you in the form of intuition, inspiration and feeling.

This guidance tells you what steps you must take in order to make your desire manifest in physicality. I call these steps inspired action. But you, as your physical mind, have to get out of your own way. Do your best to be free of worry and doubt concerning all aspects of your desire and know that it must manifest, because you have done all that is required of you in order to bring it forth into your physical reality.

“The event you imagine must not be forced but allowed to happen.” Neville Goddard

So yes: Once you have worked out and understood the recipe, all you have to do is imagine that you have something and it will come into your life with no effort :)

The more you insist on a particular way or method or time in which your desire must manifest, the less allowing you are being and the less in alignment with your higher self you are. The more out of alignment you are, the less you will be able to receive the guidance from your higher self. Thus, the longer your manifestation will take.

The three main sources I use for ideas concerning deliberate manifestation, in the order in which I discovered them, are: Neville Goddard, Abraham-Hicks and Bashar

Happy Deliberate Manifesting :)


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Thanks Eddie.something always clicks when i read your answers:)

(22 Dec '11, 16:45) Satori

Thanks from me to Eddie, your on my A list.

(01 Mar '12, 23:59) Tom

My source speaks of tese things, start here


then work ur way through these


good luck, alooooot of info but it is all worth while,

love n light



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TReb Bor yit-NE

"Physical reality is actually fluid and responsive but, all too often, our habits of thought (beliefs) are not." Stingray

"All things exist as potential here and now, but without the energy of passion and intention, you are not necessarily giving enough energy, through intention, to vibrationally activate those things; so you may not see them manifest (become visible) in your life." Eddie

Default belief systems can and do hold us where we are. Our "expectations" easily hold us in thrall. I began with simple expectations -- that I would find a nearby parking place. As this became a consistent reality, other things began to fall into place.

There is a balance between desire and manifestation. But what is out underlying desire? The manifestation, or the connection with Source? Do we get joy from the thing, or our connection, our bonding, our increasing conscious one-ness with Source?

Manifestations are the byproduct, not the goal.


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Dollar Bill

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