I know that one thing that helps in manifestations is not to think about what we need especially as it usually ends up in our focussing on its current scarcity. But when the need is really urgent all I can think of is how I can get this really urgently or what can I do to get my hands on this. I know this is precisely what I shouldnt be doing but I really can't seem to let go and just feel good. Any suggestions?

asked 01 Oct '10, 22:55

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I Think Therefore I Am

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(02 Oct '10, 05:38) Stingray

I really feel where you are coming from but you know you have to find something to take your attention away from what isn't manifesting. You can't ruminate on it and continue to notice the lack or scarcity without inviting more of that same lack or scarcity into your experience.

All I can suggest is to try to find some little thing,anything at all that helps you feel a little better. I know I'm only repeating what you've already heard before and what you already know yourself but quite often repetition can be the key.

From reading some of your recent posts I know you think your world is about to fall apart and I know this may not sound like any kind of consolation, but most people who have made a major breakthrough in their life experience have done so because of their world falling apart, so maybe you are on the precipice of something similar. Probably, not quite what you want to hear but there may be light at the end of the tunnel.

The only other thing I can suggest is going within and and asking the Divine,Source or God for help with this - ironically enough even on a spiritual journey we tend to take our questions everywhere else before we take them to the place where the solution will always be offered if we can just get still enough to hear it.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and I know a solution will present itself.


answered 02 Oct '10, 00:54

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Actually that's exactly what I have started doing asking God for help and te;ling Him this is his problem now not mine and it does make me feel better.

(03 Oct '10, 19:27) I Think Therefore I Am

@Michaela- comforting and true words. Yes, usually after people go through hell they experience alot of even more richness and appreciation in life

(29 Feb '12, 18:56) Nikulas

Where there is a problem there is a solution.

There is enough in this Universe for all of us.

How great is your urgent need?

Then take the appropriate action, and do the leg work to manifest your desire.

The Ball is in your court now, you must run with it, and you do not stop until you get to your destination. The faster you run the quicker you will get to your destination, and the LOA will deliver to you based upon your effort of urgency to meet your goal!

The answer is you want it now, then you must manifest it now! Good Luck!


answered 02 Oct '10, 08:10

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