So in the world of LOA is praying for something a paradox or the complete opposite of the LOA?

Is there any room for both of them and if so, how?

Any advice would be much appreiated.

Thank You.

(Sorry no cheesy tag line about loving all of you, haha!)

EDIT Not to confuse this question with this one

I agree with that question in that they are both forms of connecting to the universe.

My question is in LOA we act as if we already have something. In prayer we are asking.

These two are very different. How can they work together?

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@Vesuvius: Please see edit, that question does not address my intent of this question.

(12 Aug '10, 20:14) Back2Basics
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Gregg Braden wrote a book called "The Divine Matrix" and a DVD titled "The Science of Miracles". It's all there in a nutshell.

I smile brightly with love thinking of you all


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@Brian: Awesome, can you give me any insight to how they can be used together?

(12 Aug '10, 20:15) Back2Basics

There are different modes of prayer. There is an asking mode of prayer, but the mode of prayer I'm refering to is one and the same with the LOA. This mode of prayer is a feeling prayer of appreciation from the heart. The feeling is the prayer. The prayer consists of the feelings you would generate if the prayer had already been answered. These feelings are usually joy, appreciation and Love. When there is a drought, don't pray for rain because this acknowledges the absence of rain. Instead, feel the mud between your toes, and hear the children playing in the puddles. Thank You God

(12 Aug '10, 21:09) Brian

Even when you pray FOR something, the image comes to mind. As you hold that image, you believe that it WILL be yours. In the realm of LOA this would hold your desire in a perpetual future event, but because prayer summons faith you believe it has already been delivered. Creating too many rules can cloud the process and manifest undesirable effects. In a simplistic approach, feel with the HEART (literally) your desire manifesting. Continual daily practice will make the process effortless and near instantaneous.

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Good advice....

(30 Jan '11, 09:10) Back2Basics

Most think you have to ask in prayer, that is a baby Christian, an advanced Christian knows you do not ask in prayer you state the thing as already done and give thanks.

Therefore I say unto you, What things so ever ye desire when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.--Mark 11:24.

When you pray be in control and command and know that God has already answered the prayer, be thankful that it has already been done in Jesus name.

An easy way to see this is look at the prayers Jesus said, Mosses said and so on they stated a thing and knew it was and it was. When you let God come through you there is a strong boldness not your own, this is the real I AM that you humble yourself to let flow through.


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Very helpful thank you

(30 Jan '11, 09:10) Back2Basics

Glad to be of help :-D

(31 Jan '11, 06:37) Wade Casaldi
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