I’ve done right for so long that doing wrong is difficult. Do you believe it is possible?

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Who is deciding what is right and what is wrong?

(27 Jan '11, 22:08) Stingray

You haven't given anyone a vote up for answering your question so the answer is Yes

(30 Jan '11, 09:24) Back2Basics

Whoops I mean the answer is no. Haha

(30 Jan '11, 09:25) Back2Basics

[sound of crickets]

(01 Feb '11, 20:33) Vesuvius
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When you make a decision to live a principle-based life, where you live your life based on a set of life principles you have established for yourself, you develop a decision-making process and habits of behavior that support those principles. Once those habits are established, it becomes easier to make the "right" decisions.

A number of people on this board have stated that there is no such thing as right and wrong, but I promise you they still have principles that govern their behavior. Treat people with respect. Tell the truth, whenever possible. Those are just a couple of the basic principles that I follow.

By having principles, you can live your life making basic decisions about what to do smoothly and quickly, without engaging in chaotic behaviors, or indulging in analysis paralysis. I believe that doing so makes your life more productive.


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Hey I think I am one of those people you are referring to, and "yes" you are right! I stand corrected.

(12 Feb '11, 12:35) The Traveller

People make mistakes all the time. Learning from our mistakes is a natural part of our growth process.

Many of the most successful business people became successful because they failed at a lot of things. Thomas Edison tried thousands of different materials in his first light bulb before he found a material that worked. When he was asked how he could tolerate all those failures he said, "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."


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Thank you for reminding us that there is no growth without failure. Besides, right is meaningless in the absence of wrong.

(12 Feb '11, 12:29) The Traveller

I think what you're maybe trying to say is that you've been in alignment with your higher self for so long that when you contemplate doing something that isn't in alignment with your higher self, you just don't feel good.

Of course it's possible that you could do something that isn't in alignment (wrong), but why would you want to if it leaves you not not feeling good? - especially since you've learned how to live a life that does feel good. '

If there's a little resentment about doing right for so long, maybe it wasn't in alignment with your higher self, but only you can answer that.


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Define "Higher self."

(05 Feb '11, 22:18) Constantine

The part of your being that KNOWS , and always remains connected to you source.

(08 Feb '11, 02:52) Michaela

Great answers! +1 for both.

(12 Feb '11, 12:30) The Traveller
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It depends on what you mean, since what might be wrong for you, might be right for someone else! So, my question is what are you doing that is wrong, and is difficult to do? What are you contemplating on doing, and why are you feeling uncomfortable in your mind?

The truth of any deed good, or bad comes from within, so, you will have to make a conscious decision as to what is the problem, and what is the correct approach to solve the problem?

A good place to start is to ask your self this question: Why am I feeling guilty?


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Through your response I am learning to trust my first impressions as well. Thanks ;)

(12 Feb '11, 12:25) The Traveller

Yes I very much believe that, it would be like tempting Jesus to steal, it would be ridiculous, he has no desire to steal something. So the wrong stuff just isn't even an option because it is not where you are in your spiritual growth.

It is like me if someone offered me drugs, that would turn me off so much I'd leave rather than hang around someone doing drugs. It is not even tempting not drugs, alcohol, stealing, murder even someone that swears a lot bothers me it is like sticking a pin in me every time I hear it in sentences.

So yes I do believe you can be so much above this wrong level that there is no desire for it yes.


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Wade Casaldi

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Through you answer I am starting to get the perspective from which the question was asked. Thanks!

(12 Feb '11, 12:37) The Traveller

How right is right?

How long is so long?

And saying "difficult" implies trying. Does it not? And if so why would you try to do wrong?

I know that I have not answered but your question only makes sense as a stement that you do not need improvement. I hope you find the question to the answer you are looking for.



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jim 10

What an insightful observation, it's beautiful!

(12 Feb '11, 12:38) The Traveller

Through repetition we actually create and carve new connections in our brain.

So yes, it will be difficult to the degree upon which you have conditioned yourself in the past. Now that may be hard to measure, so it is hard to determine how "difficult" it would be.

If we were in a court of law and the defense attorney was defending a convicted thief by saying, "my client has done good things his whole life, therefor it is unlikely he stole the item" it would help the case but not make it absolute.


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Subtle and brilliant!

(12 Feb '11, 12:41) The Traveller


(14 Feb '11, 20:28) Back2Basics

as already alluded to above, from where comes the mold of what is to do right.
and, yes we are faced with choices of what actions to take before we take them,
ae we attain the age of reason we become responsible for our actions,
are they accepted or rejected, approved or denied, or voluntarily ok with your intuition, yes, and if we choose one this time will it always be so when nexted confronted,
is it always pleasure?


answered 29 Jan '11, 00:15

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Your words have incredibly described the intangible!

(12 Feb '11, 12:46) The Traveller

from one fallen angel to another, thank you

(13 Feb '11, 12:55) fred

one can do good and still do wrong!as the saying go: the way to hell is paved with good intention! does the one doing good see everything as it is and make sure before doing good?


answered 27 Apr '11, 19:53

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