Since everything is One, and we create our reality with our beliefs, then wouldn't the Tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil be the same thing as The Illusion of Separation and/or the Illusion of Duality?

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Fairy Princess

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The Tree Of Knowledge and The Tree Of Life are two different trees spoken of in the Bible. One lead to the fall the other is for the return to God and that oneness. The end of the separation from God.

(07 Sep '12, 03:33) Wade Casaldi

Agreed, Wade. The Tree of Life was also called the Tree of Immortality, eternal life. Some wags have stated that when Adam and Eve gained the Knowledge, they were hustled out of the Garden before they could also find the Tree of Immortality while remaining in a physical state.

(07 Sep '12, 07:46) Dollar Bill

Oops, go with the question in the body. I will change the question.

(07 Sep '12, 08:00) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess lol we all have our "Opps" moments here! I know there are times when I have a great answer and Jai points out to me I misunderstood the question so my answer is for a completely different question than the one I thought it was. lol opps! :-)

(07 Sep '12, 08:05) Wade Casaldi

"Opps" and <grin> Looks like I misunderstood the original question also! But maybe, in light of the change from 'Tree of Life' to 'Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil," answered it anyway?

(07 Sep '12, 08:34) Dollar Bill

@Dollar Bill no, you read the body and answered appropriately.

(07 Sep '12, 08:41) Fairy Princess
(07 Sep '12, 08:51) Dollar Bill

@Wade Casaldi maybe the left brain, being our connection to time/space is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil or the Tree of The Illusion of separation, while the right brain, being our connection to All that is, is the Tree of Life.

(12 Sep '12, 19:12) Fairy Princess
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I see the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and Eve/Adam interaction as a doorway to the physical plain.

Yes. Illusion. Duality as compared to the oneness of our real non-physical, monadic existence. Illusion of separateness.

God clearly stated, "If you eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, you will die." The Knowledge.

They did gain this knowledge and came to this earthly physical illusory existence. It was not God punishing them, because you don't ever really die, it was God giving them, and us, a duality/physical plain to play with. And to let us develop an understanding of our Greater Existence.

In my own personal view, we will remain here until we desire (de-sire = of the Father) that Unity with God, that Unity means no longer putting anything between us and our Source, our Divine Source.

You want to know if your mission on earth is finished? If you are still here, it is not yet finished. --- Richard Bach

EDITED: In light of @Wade Casaldi's spot on comment I would like to add

There was some consternation when it was shown that the Hebrew name for Serpent was the exact same numerological value, thus the same vibration as the Hebrew name for Messiah.

When I speak of numerological values, I mean the Gematria in which the Old Testament was written.

This numerological/vibrational match could be interpreted as the Serpent that brought us into manifestation has the same vibration as the Messiah who brings us back to God.

Parts of the same two Trees. Same coin, different sides. To me this is all in our choices. We each made the allegorical decision to come here and experience duality and play with the physical plain.

One day we will make the choice that being one with God, is where we really want to be.

We will stop asking Santa to bring us gifts and we will ride Home with him.


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Dollar Bill

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@Dollar Bill; as usual right on the money answer ;)

(07 Sep '12, 02:54) ursixx

dollar bill, we may not be able to be one with God, since He is divine and we are but spiritual. what we learn is to be in synch with His plan for human beings, or together as connected.

(07 Sep '12, 12:45) fred

numerical value of 358,you should eat from the tree of truth from witch all the other tree came from. often the truth is to much to handle,but only the truth can set you truth there is no duality,darkness is the only division and duality.

(08 Sep '12, 14:56) white tiger
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