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Would you share it?

Would you keep it to yourself?

Do you think people would listen to your message, or would they be afraid of you and intimidated by your power, and probably end up murdering you?

asked 25 Dec '11, 00:38

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Kathleen Kelly ♦♦

well if they murder someone because of their fear they would be the one in a bad position do you not think?

(25 Dec '11, 01:11) white tiger

Well.. that depends on how you wanna look at it. Yea, they'd be in a bad position cuz they murdered you, but you'd be in a bad position because you'd be dead... I wonder, which person is actually in a worse position? =P

(25 Dec '11, 01:19) Snow

the one alive of course. because he is still trap in a body that will die. and he will have to answer to god.

(25 Dec '11, 04:27) white tiger

I believe that this is the true nature of "heaven" and "hell", both are eternally tormenting, because they are dramatically out of balance. The only "good" choice is the middle ground, taking the best parts from both and redirecting the bad parts at one another. Such is the method that one creates an infinite self dependent cycle. ^_^y

(25 Dec '11, 08:20) Snow
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And here’s an unusual answer :)

On the level of Spirit, everyone already knows all there is to know. However, in every particular lifetime it is up to each individual whether they choose to believe those people around them, who are already living by their possibly erroneous beliefs, or to listen to their own personal guidance and knowing concerning the nature of reality.

Once one logically realizes that: due to the One Consciousness, everyone does know everything. Then one is in a position whereby, if they so desire to, they can address every individual on the level of their soul; without any expectation that that person's conscious mind will grasp what's being said.

With the above in mind and to use the analogy of Michelangelo and his 'David' statue: I am in the process of chipping away the rock that is covering what has always been there, but has remained hidden from view, until such a time that I chose to begin to reveal the Masterpiece that is myself and is who I really am.

And now that the light is shining forth from within my being; it really does not matter what I say or do or do not say and do not do: light always chases away darkness.

Here's to each person on the planet, chipping away and revealing the 'David' which lies concealed within their being; bring the match-bearers forth

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answered 25 Dec '11, 06:10

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Hmm. Thanks for sharing. ^_^y

(25 Dec '11, 06:38) Snow

That's brilliant Eddie :)

(25 Dec '11, 06:42) blubird two

Finding "David" underneath all of this "Goliath" is extremely hard. At times it feels like we are all trying to find a needle in a haystack... There has to be an easier method to solve this problem. ^_^y

(25 Dec '11, 08:10) Snow

@ Snow, rather than 'trying' to discover who you are anyway and labeling that effort as a problem; look into the idea of simply appreciating all that you can, relaxing and enjoying your life, then everything that needs to will be revealed to you without any conscious effort :)

(26 Dec '11, 01:44) Eddie

Yes well.. I suppose my issue isn't finding out who I am... it's more that I know exactly who I am, and exactly where I am, and I don't like the latter not the former. ;)

(26 Dec '11, 05:45) Snow

Not to sound like a narcissist but I'm very happy with myself. I'm a good man, and I choose to be that way not because of fear of retribution from an angry or wrathful God, but because that is who I want to be in my heart, and so I am. That is all I need to know about myself to have fully "discovered" everything I need to know about me. The people AROUND me however, well.. Let's just say that I love everyone to death, I do, and I care about everyone, but sometimes the stuff they do concerns me. ^_^y

(26 Dec '11, 05:47) Snow

It's great to know who you are and loving yourself is a must. Have you looked into the idea that because physical reality is like a mirror, a reflection of who you are; by its very nature that includes everyone in your life? And they are reflecting certain aspects of you to you, to show you certain beliefs and definitions about life that you hold? And in so doing, they give you an opportunity to change those definitions and beliefs, if you so choose to do? It's ALL you :)

(26 Dec '11, 06:28) Eddie

Love your answer Eddie and yes it is very true.

(26 Dec '11, 08:34) Paulina 1

lift a stone and i am there. split a piece of wood and i am there.

(31 Dec '11, 02:36) white tiger
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giving the key so they can go experience it for them self. has for what they do not need to know they will find it out eventually so no need to tell. experience and enjoy.

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answered 25 Dec '11, 00:54

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white tiger

If I knew everything there is to know, then I would know how to avoid being murdered. Even with what I do know, I will only be murdered if I attract that into my life. If I choose to live in a higher vibration, I will not attract murder into my life. However, if someone aligns their vibration to someone whom they admire who was murdered, they may inadvertently attract a similar death.

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answered 25 Dec '11, 04:07

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Fairy Princess

Hmm. That last sentence I found particularly engaging. Thanks for sharing. ^_^y

(25 Dec '11, 06:33) Snow

Eddie is right that on the level of spirit we already know all there is to know and we can have access to this knowledge but for the sake of this question lets just say that all of a suddan I become conscious of all the knowledge in the universe what would I do with it?

Help humanity of course by giving the good knowledge in a writen form. The dangerous knowledge I would write in such a way that only those that are ment to understand will for after all I wouldnt want some fanatic political or religious groups to blow us all up to smithering.

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answered 26 Dec '11, 08:48

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Paulina 1

An excellent response.. much akin to what I would do if I were in that situation.. hmm. But that isn't all I would do, because any "code" can be cracked eventually. I'd also hide some of the answers elsewhere, so only those who truly cared enough to figure out the more "dangerous stuff" would put out the effort to do so, and while they did they would learn WHY this information must be kept from those who might misuse or abuse it.. ^_^y

(26 Dec '11, 10:02) Snow

paualina,it already has been done the way you said it. but our world does not operate by those guidelines and to date has systematically tried to burn or otherwise destroy the records

(26 Dec '11, 14:06) fred

so snow and fred by reading both your comments what is dangerous is allready told. has for snow the only code that cannot be brake is the code of experience that none have experience. yes i know that statement seams strange to you. take this saying for example: Jesus said, "Images are visible to people, but the light within them is hidden in the image of the Father's light. He will be disclosed, but his image is hidden by his light."

(02 Jan '12, 05:26) white tiger

white tiger, it is the least deteriorated written wisdom that most likely is still under wraps. the main reason for the tradition of mouth to ear transmission of what it is. That what is worshiped and prided today is but the relative truths professed by those who hold charge of the material side of being

(03 Jan '12, 06:29) fred
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