The Tibetan Five Rituals is a set of exercises that seems do-able enough since it only takes about 10-15 mins to complete each day. I just want to find out if anyone here does it regularly and are there really beneficial effects? Is it just good for health or will it also help me develop better chi?

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Pat W

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I recently started these exercises. They seem to be a great well balanced workout.A short workout to, great for anyone with a busy lifestyle:)

(31 Jan '12, 08:33) Satori
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I did them consistently for a few months and it had a tremendous beneficial effect in that time, though it puts a lot of strain on your back muscles so be sure to warm up if you do it first thing in the morning.

However, these rituals couldn't compete (in my view) with something else I came across about 15 years ago called Zhan Zhuang (translates as Standing Like A Tree) which I find fits better with my personality and is much more easy to do in places where space is limited (like hotels)...since you only need standing room and no equipment (like padded mats).

This involves just standing completely still in various increasingly-extreme postures for periods of up to 20 minutes at a time. I find myself literally buzzing with chi after doing this and it also clears up any energy imbalances in the body.

The other major benefit is that the daily practice of relaxing while putting yourself under extreme strain develops within you some unusual abilities to remain completely calm in crisis situations.

My favorite book on Zhan Zhuang (pronounced Jan Jong) is The Way of Energy


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Thanks for the informative links!

(25 Nov '09, 09:01) John

Thanks a lot! I've just started learning Tai Chi and we do have this standing meditation pose which I like a lot. I'm wondering if this is a variation what you are referring to.

(26 Nov '09, 01:15) Pat W

Oh, and Stingray, how do you know you're "literally buzzing with chi"? What's that feeling like? Are you able to affect things/people while in that state?

(26 Nov '09, 01:17) Pat W

Zhan Zhuang variations are the basic training for alot of martial arts so it is probably one of the poses you are using. Regarding buzzing, yes, my hands get red hot and I can feel energy pulsing through them - it is possible to affect people. I've actually knocked someone backwards once from across the room (unintentionally) with that energy from the hands, though I was building it up that time through a breathing technique rather than Zhan Zhuang. I don't go out intentionally to zap people with this energy so I don't know if it works reliably in that manner

(26 Nov '09, 07:26) Stingray

Wow, that's pretty impressive Stingray! Did you notice any other effects apart from the increased qi? edit: Just read in the wikipedia article that Ma Bu is a Zhan Zhuang posture. I've tried to do it as I've heard many good things about it, but even just bending my knees slightly I can't last five minutes without getting really restless and shaking like a leaf!

(31 Jan '12, 12:53) cassiopeia

@cassiopeia - It can take some weeks/months of regular practice to be able to stand for reasonably lengthy periods so I wouldn't feel too bad about it :) For me, the most noticeable benefit is the calmness under extreme pressure. That answer was from 2009 and since then I've also extended my practice into various forms of Qi Gong

(31 Jan '12, 13:28) Stingray

@Stingray - you seem to have a lot of time to do a lot of things! lol

(01 Feb '12, 01:59) kakaboo

@Stingray, do you still practice Zhan Zhuang, or do you do only Chi Energy Healing now? For someone like me who has never engaged in any Chinese energy practice, which would you recommend - go straight to Chi Energy Healing, or start with Zhang Zhuang? Thanks.

(24 Oct '14, 02:10) cod2

@cod2 - "still practice Zhan Zhuang, or do you do only Chi Energy Healing now?" - No and Yes, because they are not compatible. I would advise you to do your own research rather than rely on a recommendation from me. It's not a "this-one-or-that-one" thing. These practices require multiple years of committed effort and there are many alternatives to these. These are just my choices that suit (or have suited) me given the paths I've been down before. I can't speak for what's right for others:)

(24 Oct '14, 04:42) Stingray

Thank you very much for sharing with us that practice! I practice Vipassana meditation for two months and of course it include stillness and with that I can improve skills like patience. Do you think Zhan Zhuang can improve anxiety? You seem very experienced, do you know other techniques that could me help in that sense. Thank you in advance

(30 Oct '14, 04:47) vitos

@vitos - "Do you think Zhan Zhuang can improve anxiety?" - Certainly. I used to use it extensively when I was involved with high-stress activities, and felt calm and invincible during them. I ought to point out I engaged with these activities deliberately...I have that kind of personality :) As for other techniques, take a look at EFT for a quick-to-learn and easy-to-use solution:

(30 Oct '14, 04:57) Stingray
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