Do you try to balance all three aspects of your growth or do you tend to take one aspect for granted. How important is physical health on the other two? And for that matter how does one aspect affect the other two.

How do you balance the 3? Or do you put more importance on one more than others?

Thank you for sharing


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In a word, Yoga.



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For me, the spiritual aspect came first. As I began meditating, I was able to get myself out of the saddness over the loss of a baby and took on mental yoga. Two months into this, I naturally turned raw vegan. I thus had so much energy and enthusiasm within me that I went back to dancing and doing some yoga. I feel it is very important to balance the mind, body and spirit aspects of ourselves to make the most of what we have. Thank you, namaste


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"I Naturally turned raw vegan"...Love it!!

(07 Jan '11, 18:05) jim 10

Personally,I think it's equally important to balance all three Michael. We often take the vehicle we've been given ( our physical body ), for our journey here, for granted. However, when we don't feel good physically it effects how we feel mentally and as a result we tend to ignore our spiritual side and become fixated on the physical and mental problems we create.

When we begin to wake up and become aware of the spiritual side of our being, we also begin to become aware of how we've been operating in the physical and mental realms. With this awareness what hasn't been working starts to become clear, and what is out of alignment with our overall well-being (all three aspects of our being) no longer makes any sense to continue doing.

For me, personally, cultivating the spiritual aspect is leading to optimal being in the physical and mental realms. For the physical, I'm just naturally eating more nutritious food and I've been inspired to take up yoga ( helps with all three aspects of being) and I've always enjoyed walking. For the mental, I've become adept at catching myself before I slide into a downward spiral of thinking, and I'm now so aware of how I react in given situations so most of the time I don't react anymore but I'm able to respond instead in a positive way. For the spiritual, I meditate daily and this includes mindful meditation in my waking moments ( At least as much as possible ).

This site obviously helps a lot with growth in the mental and spiritual realms and I definitely find I am beginning to open up and surround myself with more like-minded people.


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Thank you Michaela, I for one have found that my "other well beings really started to take off after I started to REALLY take care of the types of food I put into my body. Which put the trio in a snow ball effect. Great answer.

(07 Jan '11, 14:56) jim 10

You're very welcome - Thanks :)

(07 Jan '11, 16:14) Michaela

Dude, I am not in charge of that. My job is to find out what I want and move towards that be happy whether I get it or not. The Source will let me know if I need to work on any smaller project to help bring in the above.


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Nutrition is the number one factor to a healthy body, mind, and spirit. So without you paying particular attention to what you are feeding your body with, none of the other elements will be able to work collectively to bring about the unique balance of a healthy physical, mental, and spiritual balance that you seek! So the secret is good nutrition all the way!


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As a certified strength trainer, and working to become state certified in fitness training, a avid studier of all subjects as all things are related somewhere, somehow, and a fierce follower of spiritual methods, my goal is to achieve Arete, the Greek concept of the highest level of personal achievement. So I lift weights, engage in combat style training (only to test myself), and integrate concepts of yoga. I learn as much as possible about anything I can get someone (or a book) to teach me (I prefer instructor guided learning when possible). I also spend a great deal of time studying Divine Laws and meditating and otherwise finding ways to express the principles of creation in my minute to minute daily life.

I believe that there are no rules to life or creation. There are only principles. The more principles one can adapt to the minutia of daily life, the more "successful" one will be. (Actually one just gains deeper levels of peace and fulfillment with the life one has, one just learns to appreciate the hidden blessings and graces in one's life)

Not sure if this was the answer you were looking for, but there you go.....I tend to go on a bit, hope I didn't bore anyone too badly or offend anyone.




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James Pace

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